Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes Who Can Travel Through Time

Traveling through time is the ultimate ace in the hole when it comes down to superhero battles and plenty of DC and Marvel super-powered beings, including some anti-heroes, are gifted with this powerful ability.

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In some cases, these heroes’ time-manipulating skills are the side effects of talents that, in and of themselves, have nothing to do with journeying to the past or the future, like super-speed for example. Any damage taken or mistakes that were made are irrelevant in the presence of these ten powerful superheroes who can defeat their enemies and right their wrongs by going forward and backward through time.

10 Flash

The fastest man in the DC universe, Barry Allen — The Flash is so quick that he is capable of traveling through time. That gives him the power to alter timelines just like in the Flashpoint story in order to restore the world to its normal state. Furthermore, he can even go beyond that and travel across what is known as hypertime — the stream of multiple timelines, which allows visitors to hop from one reality on to another.

9 Doctor Strange

The Doctor doesn’t really need the Time Stone as shown in the MCU in order to time travel. The Master of the Mystic Arts is capable of manipulating time without it, in a variety of ways through his formidable magical capabilities. Strange is able to stop time, slow it down or he can just travel to the past or the future. Despite his remarkable skills, he still requires a significant amount of concentration in order to pull this particular trick off.

8 Superman

Young Superman, back in the Silver Age of comics, was able to travel through time. His later, more grounded version, was deprived of that skill probably so that his opponents can be more of a threat to him.

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The less experienced Clark Kent, however, known as Superboy during the Pre-Crisis period was just a casual time-traveler who could simply move faster than light, affect his past and future self and occasionally, take people with him for the ride.

7 Timeslip

Rina Patel discovered her one and only power by accident, which started her on an adventure that led the unsuspecting college student to the New Warriors. Timeslip can travel to the future or the past and manipulate time in basically every other way. If Patel wants to be faster than a foe, she slows time down. If she wants to fast-forward to a moment in the future, Rina simply speeds it up. This ability also allows her to be super fast (in the eyes of others).

6 Cable

Nathan Summers can manipulate timelines through his psionic powers. Cable is able to transport himself as well as other individuals to any point in time and he can stay there temporarily (from a few minutes to years).

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Summers is also capable of going through this special type of travel in his astral form (his spirit detached from his body). Although Nathan used the ability once and it was extremely difficult, there is no certain proof that he is incapable of doing it again.

5 Iron Lad

Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad) from Marvel’s Other Earth (Earth – 6311) brought peace to this particular version of the planet and its history after arriving through time-travel. His armor is quite similar to Tony Stark’s and shares many of his Iron Man suit’s features. The one difference is that Iron Lad’s armor allows him to create temporal divergences, which let him manipulate time and travel through it. Richards also has a ship featuring that same ability.

4 Godspeed

DC’s Godspeed can travel through time with the assistance of Barry Allen’s Cosmic Treadmill. The device allows August Heart to jump into the timestream and move to whatever point in the past or the future he prefers. All of that is possible because of his Speed Force connection that grants him a number of other superhuman abilities such as enhanced stamina, strength, reflexes, healing and dimensional travel.

3 Bishop

Bishop is a mutant of considerable talents and he is a master of energy absorption but one other very special ability of his is time travel. The member of the X-men is a capable time-traveler because of the Forge cybernetic arm that Bishop claimed as a replacement of his lost limb.

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The prosthetic is equipped with a technology, which allows Lucas to time-jump and move so quickly that he appears to be super-fast to the individuals that surround him.

2 Booster Gold

This particular DC superhero doesn’t have any special powers of his own – his strength is derived from the artifacts that he stole from a future museum. Gold’s power suit makes him quite a formidable being. One of its many uses is the so-called Time-travel circuitry or Chronokinesis, which is more or less the upgraded version of time travel since it also allows the user to manipulate the timestream from a distance.

1 Green Lantern

The Green Lantern Power Ring grants the wearer with many abilities but one of the most powerful and yet, somehow less popular ones is time travel. Naturally, more willpower is required for farther trips into the future. Hal Jordan, in particular, has definitely proved his mental toughness and spiritual resilience since he has successfully explored as far as the 70th century. Also, the Power Ring allows the Lantern to communicate with other individuals that are from a different point in time.

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Time travel is one of the most powerful abilities a superhero can possess, and these ten comic book heroes all showcase this awesome ability.

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