Tower of God: Anak's Secret Is Revealed – and She's Out for Blood

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 of Tower of God, “Position Selection,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

The grueling Crown Game wrapped up without any winners in Tower of God‘s last episode — but plenty of losers. One of them was Bam, who is now weapon-less thanks to his forced bet with Anak, the green-skinned Princess of Jahad. Now, in Episode 6, “Position Selection,” with two legendary items from the 13 Month Series in her arsenal (the Black March and Green April) Anak is free to continue her warpath. And this time, she’s looking to steal more than just steel.

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Since crossing paths with Endorsi in the Crown Game arena — a member of Rachel’s mysterious team — the word “imposter” has been following Anak around, and now, thanks to Endorsi, the reason why is finally brought to the story’s foreground. Endorsi, as it turns out, is also a Princess of Jahad; however, her “sister” Anak is not — she’s actually more like a niece. After dancing around one another throughout their downtime preparing for the fourth test, the pair are given the chance to air their dirty laundry out in public during another game. This game is designed on the back of the assignment of battle positions to each team, of which the two Princesses are assigned “Fisherman.” As is befitting of the close-quarters combat required of the role, participants in this training match have to knock each other from the top of a series of towers until only eight remains.

While Endorsi concentrates on thinning the field, Anak only has eyes for her. Endorsi, however, isn’t as keen to engage her one-on-one without her Green April, viewing their fight as being beneath her otherwise. Meanwhile, Khun — who has been assigned the Light Bearer position — is busy with his own training, which involves gathering and shining a light on key, strategic information. His research on each of his fellow Tower-climbers eventually leads him to pull up Anak’s file in the Tower’s database where he makes an unsettling discovery. Not only does the file tell him that Anak has already ascended the Tower and become a Ranker, but Anak is also… dead.

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Back in the Fisherman’s game, Anak finally gains the upper hand by enhancing herself with Shinsu to bait Endorsi into engaging with her. As Endorsi sends her crashing into the ground, a glimpse into Anak’s memories provide context for what Khun found out: the real Anak was a Princess of Jahad, slain — according to her orphaned daughter — by the other Princesses. Under her mother’s name, the girl we’ve come to know as Anak tells Endorsi that her true goal for climbing the Tower is to seek out and kill anyone who bears the name Jahad as revenge.

This means that Yuri, the Princess whose Black March is now in Anak’s possession, will also be a target should she ever catch up with Bam. Princesses of Jahad aren’t bound by any real sisterly blood, they’re merely the most capable recruits selected by the king from the Tower’s most elite families. A sisterhood of knights, in a sense. If Anak gets her bloodthirsty way, their order could be the last of its kind.

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The latest episode of Tower of God brings the true identity of one the anime's most powerful character's to the surface.

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