Tower of God Drops a Huge (and Hilarious) Hint About Bam’s Monstrous Power

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 2 of Tower of God, “Three Four-Hundredths,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

Two episodes into Tower of God‘s first season leaves us none the wiser about what its protagonist’s true strength is. We know that Bam is an Irregular — a rarity amongst the Tower’s Regular population — and that he entered the Tower without being chosen by Headon, the caretaker, to undergo its rigorous tests in order to ascend to the top. We also find out in the first episode that he’s deemed worthy enough by a princess to be given a weapon that only royalty is allowed to wield.

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In the second episode, “Three Four-Hundredths,” we get a little taste of Bam’s non-offensive skills when he artfully distracts the battle-thirsty Rak Wraithraiser long enough to save his and Khun’s (his new ally) skins. But it’s not until the arrival of a fourth test that we glimpse just how great Bam’s latent power as an Irregular is; a moment that is exciting, terrifying and… oddly hilarious, all at once.

The survivors of the third test’s kill-or-be-killed, mass battle divide into groups of three and are met by Test Administrator, Lero-Ro. The black-spotted Lero, disappointed by the results of the cull, enforces the extra test to shave the numbers down even further. To do so, he harnesses Shinsu/Shinsoo, a “divine water” that permeates the entire Tower in various forms, and sends an entire tidal wave of it crashing toward the startled Regulars. The group is scattered like bowling pins by the force. Their task is simple: get through the wall of water, pass the test.

Khun, who forged a partnership with Rak and Bam, assesses that while himself and the large, reptilian man should have no trouble, a perceived weakling like Bam — who Khun is only interested in because of the legendary Black March Bam carries — will struggle. He needn’t worry, though. As soon as the words leave his mouth, Bam’s voice pipes up, sheepishly pointing out to Lero that he was the only one not to be pushed back by the Shinsu. He asks if he should move back to where everyone else is standing on the other side of the water wall. Even someone as cool-headed as Lero can’t hide his surprise, telling Bam that he’s already passed.

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In case there was any doubt about just how impressive this is, Lero later further demonstrates how dangerous Shinsu can be in concentrated form. When one of the Regulars challenges him for throwing an extra, difficult test their way, Lero quickly silences him by wrapping him in the water. “On the 30th Floor,” he tells the choking boy, “you’ll have to endure Shinsu like this daily. You were simply not chosen.”

Bam’s timid nature clearly belies a powerful potential that, in his head, Lero compares to that of a “monster.” Despite this dark undertone, the scene is an unexpectedly funny way to signal how much more there is to Tower of God‘s mild-mannered hero than meets the eye.

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Tower of God unexpectedly turns a big reveal about Bam's hidden potential into the second episode's funniest moment.

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