Tower of God: Khun’s BEST Weapon Is Making Everyone Fall in Love With Him

Despite carrying only a briefcase and a knife, Khun is proving himself to be one of the biggest power players in Tower of God. Not only is he dangerous because he’s always 10 steps ahead of his opponents, but perhaps more than that, it’s his charisma that makes him a formidable competitor.

Possessing a cool self-assuredness, Khun has a personality that naturally lures people in, and this ability makes him a valuable ally and friend to have. Let’s explore the ways Khun has effortlessly charmed himself into people’s hearts in the anime so far.

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Throughout the anime, Khun has made a point to arm himself, not always with weapons, but allies who can help him get on the path to victory. During the second floor test when everyone was frantic to become part of the 200 who would move on to the next floor, Khun — who hates following the rules — chooses to make his own instead. Instead of killing as many of his competitors as he can, he decides to find “strong and interesting allies.”

But it’s not until Episode 5, “The Crown’s Fate,” that we really see how brilliant Khun’s strategy was. After Khun, Bam and Rak successfully manage to steal the crown and seat Bam on the throne with it, they have to come up with a way to survive the next few rounds of people coming after Bam and the crown. Easier said than done, right? But, to everyone’s shock, they actually pass one of the rounds without lifting a single finger thanks to the three sleeper agents Khun made alliances with back in the second-floor test.

During the second floor test, Khun and his newfound friend Bam, also found themselves in a tight spot when Rak refused to become teammates with them. Even after they formed a team, Rak still wanted to fight “the black turtle,” Rak’s nickname for Bam. Khun managed to appease Rak with a chocolate bar and a truce was formed. Then, when Hatz and Shibisu were struggling to complete their task of making 10 friends in a week, Khun schooled them on the art of making friends (and consequently, influencing people).

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As a Light Bearer, Khun has access to information on the people on the battlefield and, using that to his advantage, he gives some tips to Hatz and Shibisu on how to bribe/influence Anak and Endorsi into being their friends since he read up on the two when he was completing his training. While Khun probably had his own reasons for helping Hatz and Shibisu out (like hearing Hatz grit out a begrudging “thank you), it can’t be denied that Khun has remarkable skill at making friends.

Just look at Shibisu blush!

We get a further glimpse of just how cunning Khun’s mind is and just how far he’s thought ahead in the aptly-titled, “Khun’s Strategy.” In this episode, Khun is Team A’s leader and strategist in the Tag test. With Khun at the helm, it doesn’t seem possible for his team to lose considering how smart he is. But Team A do indeed lose after Quant steals Anak’s It Badge — just when it looked like Team A had the game in the bag.

At first glance, it looks like Khun’s lost for the first time. But in reality, he duped Quant into falling victim to his strategy when it’s revealed that he betrayed Team A and lost the game on purpose so his real team — the names on Shibisu’s friends list — would get enough hints on how to defeat the Ranker and win the game themselves. Khun may have lost the battle, but he’s planning on winning the war.

This even gave birth to the meme “Getting Khunned,” which refers to when people think they’ve bested Khun only to realize that they played right into his hands. Whether it’s all for the sake of manipulation and he’s just doing this to climb up the tower, or it’s truly genuine, no one is safe from Khun’s charms.

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Whether it's from genuine affection or keen strategizing, Khun is becoming everyone's favorite blue turtle in Tower of God.

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