Tower of God’s Regulars & Irregulars: What They Can Do & Why It Matters

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 1 of Tower of God, “Ball,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the first episode of Tower of God, Bam steps into the mysterious Tower where he is referred to as an “Irregular.” While this word doesn’t mean much sense on its own, it soon becomes clear that there’s something special about Bam. Headon, the caretaker of the Tower, gives Bam an especially dangerous test to prove his worth, while Yuri and Evan, the two travelers who came down to meet him, are surprised by his humble appearance and lack of special powers.

In stark contrast, the moment Bam ascends to the next floor, an announcer refers to his competitors as “Regulars.” It’s clear that these two words have a lot of weight inside the Tower. As for what separates Bam from the others and makes him an Irregular — that status was decided from the moment he entered the great doors to the Tower of God.

When Bam encounters Yuri, she describes an Irregular as “an outsider who has entered the Tower by opening the gates on their own.” While this may sound relatively unordinary, the Tower is not a place that can be entered through normal means. The Tower itself is, to some extent, a world of its own with no access to the outside. Little is known about lies beyond its walls and no one knows how to leave the massive Tower. However, on a rare occasion, someone from the outside finds their way in. These individuals are called Irregulars.

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In the first episode, we witness both Bam and his friend, Rachel, enter the Tower through its massive doors. While Rachel goes in willingly, Bam seems to be pulled inside after her. This makes both of them Irregulars inside the Tower, even if one of them may have been far more enthusiastic about it than the other.

Outsiders, or Irregulars, are treated differently inside the Tower than everyone else. Yuri and Evan come to judge Bam purely on the speculation that an Irregular entering the Tower is an exciting event — and Evan is even wary about getting involved with an Irregular. Headon also shows some fascination with Bam, and despite giving him a nearly-impossible test, he claims that he believes an Irregular would be able to pass it. To Yuri and Evan’s surprise, that’s exactly what Bam does.

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On the next floor, Bam is introduced to the others who aim to climb the Tower, formally known as Regulars. Unlike the strange and mysterious Irregulars, Regulars come from inside the Tower. More specifically, Regulars are people chosen to take the tests on each floor required to reach the top. Regulars come from all across the Tower, including most of its many floors, which has led to a lot of technological and ethnic diversity inside the Tower.

The individual who selects these Regulars is none other than the caretaker himself, Headon. Every Regular seeking to ascend the Tower was once approached by Headon and offered the chance to take its trials. Those who accept his offer are teleported to a separate section of the Tower, known as the Inner Tower, dedicated to testing Regulars on each floor.

Since their potential is already acknowledged by Headon, Regulars are allowed to skip the first floor’s trial and begin their adventure on the second floor. As we get to see, Unchosen Irregulars like Bam must first prove their worth to Headon by passing his special test on the first floor before they are sent to join the Regulars on the second floor.

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Regulars and Irregulars are given special privileges during their tests. For one, anyone is allowed to commit murder during a test — and that’s exactly what many of the Regulars do once the second floor’s test begins. Bam is seen struggling to accept that he may have to kill someone in order to ascend the Tower and eventually reunite with Rachel. However, surrounded by 399 Regulars who would kill him without hesitation, he may have no choice. The people around him will do anything to reach their greatest desires at the top of the Tower, and the people running the tests are more than willing to allow it.

Irregulars are granted the same privileges as Regulars, according to their current floor. Because of their outsider status, they are often regarded with curiosity and envy. Moreover, Irregulars are even held exempt to some of the Tower’s strict rules, but only in specific instances. For one, only an Irregular can enter the Tower’s doors and take Headon’s special test. If those who passed weren’t allowed to take part in the Tower’s trials with the rest of the Regulars, then an Irregular would never be able to climb the Tower.

Regulars and Irregulars both play an important part inside the Tower. Both groups want nothing more than to reach the top of the Tower and achieve their greatest wish. To do so, they’ll have to conquer the Tower’s floors one-by-one and prove themselves worthy of ascension in each of its tests. However, while Regulars are given standard treatment during their trials, Irregulars are sometimes allowed to go around the Tower’s rules. Their status has made Irregulars a source of wonder, and their appearance inside the Tower is considered nothing less than a great event.

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The first episode of Tower of God introduces the fierce Regulars and mysterious Irregulars. Here's a breakdown of the roles these two groups play.

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