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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 1 of Tower of God, “Ball,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The world of Tower of God holds many countless mysteries and legendary artifacts. Among them is the Black March, the sword that Bam is lent in the debut episode of Tower of God in order to take on an incredibly dangerous and unfair trial.

Shortly after entering the Tower, Bam is told to take a test that will decide if he is worthy of climbing the Tower and reuniting with his precious friend, Rachel. During the test, the Black March awakens and releases the spirit of a beautiful woman. This sentient being speaks with Bam and effortlessly finishes the test for him. On the way up to the Tower’s second floor, she embraces him and whispers advice in his ear before disappearing once again.

While Bam may not yet realize it, the Black March is one of several man-made tools scattered across the Tower, known as Ignition Weapons. Unlike regular swords, Ignition Weapons are fused with a living soul. When ignited, they release an immense amount of power. Ignition Weapons are considered incredibly rare inside the Tower, especially within its lower floors. When Bam reaches the next floor, one of his competitors immediately senses the weapon’s immense presence — as well as the power of another weapon being used far across the field.

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Ignition Weapons have a will of their own, as shown by the Black March’s affection and empathy for Bam. She chooses to ignite for Bam but not for her owner, Yuri, since he happens to be her type. She also shows intelligence by breaking the ball for Bam so he can pass the test, and later, by giving him some wise words about reuniting with Rachel. While she is initially surprised by his humble wish, she quickly takes a liking to him.

While ignition can be an immense help to its user, it can also be a detriment. The Black March has never ignited for Yuri — simply because she didn’t like her. Moreover, she tells Bam that she will only lend him her strength “just this once,” implying that even he doesn’t deserve to ignite her again. This means that people who use Ignition Weapons can’t always rely on being able to release their full potential.

Luckily, the Black March is an incredibly powerful weapon on its own. As shown by Yuri’s surprise at the Black March’s ignition, she never expected that Bam would be able to activate it. Instead, she presumed that its normal strength would be enough to face a beast as dangerous and immense as the White Steel Eel. Moments later, she is left shocked when the non-ignited Black March fails to pierce the ball that Bam must break to pass his test.

As the person who owns the Black March, Yuri is a more powerful and experienced inhabitant of the Tower than Bam. Moreover, she is a “Princess of Jahad,” according to the Tower’s caretaker. While at first, her presence is unwelcome on the first floor, the caretaker changes his tune when he suggests she lend Bam the Black March. He calls it a “legendary sword of Jahad” and suggests that it could help Bam face his seemingly-impossible test. However, Yuri’s companion quickly exclaims that only a Princess of Jahad should wield the Black March. He adds that if anyone else were to use it, there would be an execution.

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This brief exchange reveals that there is a lot more to the Black March than it seems. There is some connection between Yuri, King Jahad and the Black March that goes far beyond its powers or even its ability to ignite.

If Bam hopes to ascend to the top of the Tower and reunite with Rachel, a weapon as powerful as the Black March would certainly be a powerful tool in his favor. Unfortunately, it seems he can’t fully control it yet. Moments after Bam reaches the Tower’s second floor, he is nearly killed while the Black March lies idly at his side, despite him calling for its help. There may also be danger in him possessing the legendary weapon. As Yuri’s companion said, the punishment for lending it to someone who isn’t a princess is death. The Black March has the potential to propel Bam further past the Tower’s floors, but using it could end his journey just as easily.

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Within moments of entering the Tower of God, Bam receives a legendary weapon. What's more, this weapon is alive — and it's taken a liking to him.

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