Twilight Zone Drops Season 2 Trailer, Premiere Date | CBR

Jordan Peele’s acclaimed revival of The Twilight Zone is coming back for a second season as early as next month.

CBS All Access has released the first trailer for the second season, showcasing the anthology series’ all-star cast as they each face their own unsettling tales on the fridges of human imagination. The network has also announced Season 2’s premiere date of June 25.

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From Morena Baccarin’s character being trapped in a world in the middle of a systemic reset, to Joel McHale and Christopher Meloni each confronting situations that defy the conventional applications of time and logic, Season 2 is quickly shaping up to be every inch as atmospherically surreal and thoroughly creepy as the inaugural season.

Produced by Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg, Season 2 will run for 10 episodes and find Peele reprising his role as the series’ host. The first season premiered April 2019 and renewed that same month, inspired by the original 1959 television series created by Rod Serling. With each episode presenting different fantastical tales, some are warmly surreal while others are outright terrifying.

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Hosted and produced by Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone returns for Season 2 June 25 on CBS All Access.

The star-studded first trailer for The Twilight Season 2 is here, revealing its premiere date while teasing a new anthology of surreal stories.

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