Ultimate Marvel: 5 Heroes More Powerful Than Their Mainstream Versions

The Ultimate Marvel Universe started out with a sense of grounded realism that made the fantastical high concepts of the Marvel Universe more approachable. For most of the heroes of the Ultimate Marvel Universe, this cleaner, simpler continuity meant that their powers were generally lowered than their more established counterparts in the regular Marvel Universe. Thor wasn’t zipping through space getting in moon-destroying battles, and the Hulk wasn’t leveling mountains in ever fight.

However, that doesn’t mean every Ultimate Marvel character was weaker than the character that inspired the, and some were far stronger than their mainstream versions. Now, we’re going to take a closer look at some of these Ultimate Universe powerhouses to see just how powerful they really are.

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Quicksilver is one of the most infamous characters in the Marvel Universe, but that’s necessarily a good thing. Even years after his last appearance, his infamous incestuous relationship with his sister Wanda proves to be a frequent point of criticism even years after the Ultimate universe’s end. What often gets swept under the rug is that Quicksilver’s character was still pretty cool, and he seems to be faster than his Marvel Universe counterpart.

Ultimate Quicksilver was the fastest speedster on his planet, able to race across continents and oceans in mere seconds. The mainstream version is often far more inconsistent, and Marvel’s official guidebook statements underplay his speed to the point of barely being supersonic. By contrast, the Ultimate iteration is easily hypersonic. He tells the villain Hurricane that he was breaking mach speeds when he still had pimples and runs the opposing speedster past exhaustion and into disintegration. However, all of that barely made Pietro break a sweat. Now, that’s fast.

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For Marvel’s main Captain America the Super Soldier Serum that made him into a superhero honed his body to the peak of physical perfection, exemplifying the absolute apex of what Olympic athletes can accomplish in all areas. Whether it’s the highest jump as a high jumper or the fastest sprint in recorded history, Cap takes the gold in all areas.

However, Ultimate Captain America he goes well past the peak human and into superhuman territory. This Captain America has traded blows with the Hulk, lifted massive trees that crushed cars and once knocked out the Juggernaut in a single punch. In stark contrast to his counterpart, Ultimate Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum was never said to make him the peak of physical perfection. Instead, it just straight up made him a super-soldier, and that meant going above and beyond what any soldier could imaginably achieve. That “A” on his head definitely doesn’t stand for “underachiever.”

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Poor Colossus rarely gets a chance to shine on the X-Men like he should. Despite being the team strongman, more than a few supervillains have easily taken him out in order to establish themselves as a serious threat to the audience. Over the years, there have been surprisingly few instances of Marvel’s main Colossus getting jaw-dropping displays of strength, but that’s just not true for his Ultimate Marvel counterpart.

Ultimate Colossus swam a nuclear submarine that weighed thousands of tons from the bottom of a body of water to shore, once tossed a giant-size Sentinel into the air and even beat the heck out of Thor for ten minutes. Ultimate Colossus was a legitimate physical force to be reckoned with on the X-Men, and his durability was nothing to snub your nose at either. Once, Wolverine even cut out his heart, revealing a hunk of metal on the inside of him, and what was Colossus’ response? He ripped off Wolverine’s adamantium leg off and kept fighting.

Colossus wasn’t the only Ultimate X-Men to get a major power boost, either. While the mainstream Kitty Pryde has had a long history of maturing and learning to better use her powers, the Ultimate Kitty Pryde could do things that Marvel’s regular Kitty Pryde still can’t do today. Ultimate Shadowcat has all of the same phasing tricks that the Marvel Universe version has, like phasing through objects, disrupting machinery and walking on air.

However, Ultimate Shadow could actually increase her density, which amplified her strength and made her punches rock all the harder. She could send goons flying through walls and knock the wind out of other superhumans, and she wasn’t afraid to do so under her guise as Shroud. On top of everything else, Ultimate Kitty’s instincts and speed were finely honed. A sniper once failed to hit her with a bullet because she phased so automatically upon hearing the gunshot.

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The versions of Mister Fantastic in the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe could not be more different from each other. Both started out as largely the same character: the beloved leader of the Fantastic Four with elastic powers and super genius for the good of humanity. However, Ultimate Reed Richards went down a different path and became the supervillainous Maker. Yet even before then the Maker’s differences proved a lot more fundamental.

While regular Reed Richards still needs to breathe, sleep and eat, the Maker quickly evolved past biological necessities. It seemed that his body was an elastic material through and through that no longer required sustenance. His powers proved to be a lot more extreme too, early on learning how to focus the lenses of his eyes to increase his vision and then later on learning to split his entire body into several duplicates who could all fight and coordinate on their own. He may be a far worse person than the main Mister Fantastic ever was, but there’s just no denying that his powers are far more effective.

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Some Ultimate Marvel heroes weren't as strong as their Marvel Universe counterparts, but these X-Men and Ultimates heroes pack a much bigger punch.

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