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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Upload Season 1, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s Upload is one of the most thought-provoking sci-fi series in recent years, coming off a bit like a high-tech version of The Good Place. After Nathan (Robbie Amell) dies as some part of a conspiracy, he experiences a digital afterlife at Lakeview, a hotel-esque heaven, while trying to figure out why he was murdered. More so, he wants to know who stole his code that would allow the poor to experience similar benefits when they die but for free.

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However, as he falls in love with his customer service agent, Nora (Andy Allo), aka his “angel,” a couple of plot holes arise as they start piecing together the truth about his fatal car crash.

The villains of the series are kept mysterious, with the show suggesting Nathan’s best friend, Jamie, set him up and screwed him out of the code. It’s actually revealed Nathan backstabbed Jamie and tried to sell it to his girlfriend’s dad, Oliver, and his tycoons. But what really makes this a flawed arc is how the perps tried to wipe his memories to kill him.

They go through many roundabout methods with the same henchman who killed Nathan then found trying to dump the hard drive containing Nathan’s digital essence into a fountain to fry it. However, the villains were earlier found deleting memories from Nathan’s code, so they simply could have deleted his entire presence then and there. Lakeview wouldn’t have been able to stop this as the mysterious figure had access to Nora’s computer for the entire show.

Furthermore, the villains short circuit the server room at Lakeview in the real world later on, when all they had to do was place a bomb and destroy the drives physically. We have no clue why they kept messing with the code and trying to freeze the servers if they wanted Nathan dead. This oversight is what leads to him getting all his memories back when the system’s upgraded in the finale. This is all for drama and plot convenience so Nathan could be kept alive.

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The same henchman is tasked with killing everyone who’s privy to Nathan’s memories. This means Nora’s first on the list, and after she saved Nathan’s hard drive, the goon comes to her apartment knowing she has all the secrets of his employers. Nora has to die before she can corroborate Nathan’s story about his death yet when he enters he doesn’t even wield a weapon.

It’s pretty silly to see him then moseying around the kitchen, finding a knife, then wasting time by snooping around outside to make sure the coast is clear. Seriously, which villain doesn’t work with their own weapon for an assassination? What makes it worse is when he enters through her window, she’s on a virtual reality headset talking to Nathan, distracted and oblivious. Had he walked with a knife or gun, it’d have been the easiest of kills.

She gift-wraps the hit for him, and even if he didn’t use weapons, he could easily have strangled her at that point. The tech visor has her immersed and as vulnerable as ever, making Nora a simple target to convert to a victim. The way he hides after getting a knife, buying her time to spot him in the mirror, also makes no sense. It’s done so she could escape and start a chase with the thug, allowing Nathan to use his hacking skills to save her from impending doom and so a love triangle with Ingrid can persist.

Created by Greg Daniels (The Office), Upload stars Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley. The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Season 1 of Amazon's Upload is a thought-provoking exploration of a particular afterlife, but it has a couple of plot holes.

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