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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Upload, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s Upload ends on quite a chilling note as Nathan (Robbie Amell) tries to recover from the truth about him being killed and sent to the digital afterlife at Lakeview. Throughout the season, he thought his best friend Jamie (Jordan Johnson-Hines) screwed him out a business deal to create an afterlife app of their own so poor people could make their own heaven rather than pay exorbitant fees for an afterlife.

But as secrets unravel in the season finale, “Freeyond,” Nathan reveals that his own worst enemy has always been himself. Unfortunately, this has dire repercussions for the “angel” or customer care agent that fell in love with him, Nora (Andy Allo.)

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An upgrade to the system reveals Nathan’s fractured memories, which show that he went to his girlfriend’s dad, Oliver (Barclay Hope), to sell the code behind Jamie’s back. He betrayed his best friend so he could cash in, since Jamie didn’t want to sell to Oliver and his tycoons for fear of losing control of the program.

It seems like Oliver’s conglomerate had Nathan killed to cover up tracks, as it released the project known as Freeyond — a clear shot at Nathan’s Beyond — knowing Jamie couldn’t do a thing about it.

Now that she knows the truth, Nora isn’t safe anymore either. The mysterious henchman — who rigged Nathan’s car and killed him  — tries to kill her after by invading her apartment. By this time, Nathan’s moved to 2 Gigs, a heaven for poor people, but he hacks the real world using an icon — a tech stick — that he stole from a Lakeview tech guy,

Nathan saves Nora, who ran into an elevator, by causing the elevator that the henchman was in to crash, which kills the attacker and ensures that the woman he loves stays alive so he can find a way to reunite with her in the afterlife.

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Nora returns home and tells her dad, Dave (Chris Williams), about Nathan’s shady ways and how she can’t trust him anymore. However, her father reminds her that people make mistakes and that Nathan loves her. After visiting Lakeview as a guest, he asks her to give Nathan a second chance. However, Nathan doesn’t reply when Nora calls to say that she loves him, since he finished using his data in 2 Gigs to save Nora.

Although he’s frozen, Nora is mad, because she thinks that he’s left her hanging. Knowing that she needs somewhere to go and thinking she can’t rely on Nathan, she frustratingly departs New York with someone else, Byron (Matt Ward), which leaves the audience uncertain if she’s stopped having feelings for Nathan and is trying to rekindle things with Byron.

Shockingly, Nathan’s girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), has shown up at 2 Gigs. After he broke up with her, she cut his funds off, which forced him to move from Lakeview to the only afterlife he could afford. She gives him one gig, though, so he could celebrate with her as she reveals she’s uploaded too. He immediately freaks out from the news, thinking too hard and using the gig up in the blink of an eye.

While it’s not clear if she was killed for knowing the truth or if she killed herself, Ingrid is dead, and she’s set to be his one and only. Now, the pair could end up heading back to Lakeview to sort out the relationship, even if Nathan may have moved on. However, there are more urgent matters to attend to, as the season ends with the lights cutting off in the heaven, which means that someone could be trying to shut that afterlife down for good, thus deleting Nathan forever.

Created by Greg Daniels (The Office), Upload stars Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley. The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Season 1 of Amazon's Upload ends on a chilling note as Robbie Amell's Nathan figures out who stole his app and endangers the people closest to him.

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