Upload: The Season Finale Brings an Unexpected Character to the Digital Afterlife

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Upload, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Following the Season 1 finale of Upload, fans were shocked to see who came to Nathan (Robbie Amell) in the poverty-stricken afterlife known as the 2 Gigs. There, people didn’t have much data so food, clothes, and just about anything needed for survival were scarce, which is why after Nathan called Nora (Andy Allo) to save her from a killer, it was no surprise he used up most of his data and would be rendered frozen.

However, his ex-girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) shows up and gives him a gig to spark him back to life, but as she reveals she uploaded too, Nathan freaks out and immediately freezes again. That’s because he realizes Nora’s dead, leaving us wondering exactly what led to her coming to the afterlife.

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Well, it’s unlikely she’s visiting because the moment she says she “uploaded,” that means her essence is in the digital cloud, searching for a heaven with the man she can’t let go. Immediately, speculation has it that Upload took a morbid turn and that Ingrid may have committed suicide. She was depressed, and not even therapy was working out for her, so we can see her thinking this is a way to live together with Nathan for all eternity. After all, she rushed to have him uploaded to Lakeview to keep as her slave until she died so we just can’t put it past her to speed the process up. Admittedly, it’s a very dark turn if this is indeed the case because suicide shouldn’t be glorified as a way out to reconnect with a loved one.

Another option is that seeing as her dad’s conglomerate appears to have used the code Nathan offered them to build Freeyond (a play on the Beyond app he was working on with his bestie, Jamie), the cover-up could have cost Ingrid her life. It appears the group had Nathan’s car rigged, which caused the crash that killed him, and that they sent that same henchman to murder Nora as she uncovered the memories too. This same goon tried to destroy Nathan’s hard drive as well when his mom had it so we can see the group deciding to terminate Ingrid as well. Oliver, Ingrid’s dad, was seen speaking to a mysterious person on the phone over Freeyond’s app and its successful launch, so the conglomerate could be sick enough to deem his family as expendable. For all we know, as Oliver has always had a testy relationship with Ingrid, he may be part of her murder as well, resting comfortably knowing she’ll be a lesser pain in the butt in the afterlife.

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Of course, Ingrid’s incapable of being an adult so there’s also the chance she might have had an accident and died. She could have easily had it in her will to send her to wherever Nathan was, which means that while she wanted a happy ending at Lakeview with him, she’s prepared to bite the bullet and spend the afterlife together at 2 Gigs. She has money so she can afford much more luxurious items there, and there’s always the chance she’ll convince him to return to Lakeview.

Nathan might actually want to go back to track Nora, however, after she fled New York with her casual fling, Byron, having survived her assault. What’s also worth noting is 2 Gigs underwent a power cut in the final episode of the season, so clearly someone’s still looking to delete Nathan, which means he and Ingrid might have to head to Lakeview as they’ll be more protected there. It’ll be interesting to see if they patch things up, though, as she honestly does love him, all obsessive behavior aside, and he might be hurt by Nora ditching him.

Created by Greg Daniels (The Office), Upload stars Robbie Amell, Andy Allo, Allegra Edwards, Zainab Johnson and Kevin Bigley. The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Season 1 of Upload ends on a very gruesome note as fans are still trying to decipher how exactly a major character ended up in the digital afterlife.

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