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Both The Purge and Treadstone have been canceled by USA after their second and first seasons, respectively. The move comes after a programming shift in USA’s schedule.

USA is apparently moving away from ongoing scripted series toward more live and unscripted programming. The Purge and Treadstone were fairly costly and viewership decreased over time; The Purge, in particular, saw its viewership decrease by half during its second season. In the age of streaming, more premium scripted series are often relegated to streaming or channels like HBO, so it makes sense for USA to pursue other avenues.

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Based on the popular film series of the same name, The Purge is set in a world where crime is legal for 12 hours once every year.  The second season dealt with the aftermath of Purge night, as several survivors are drawn into a conspiracy. James DeMonaco, who created the film franchise, served as an executive producer with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes banner.

Treadstone is based on the Jason Bourne film franchise and focuses on several sleeper agents who, like Bourne, were part of the Treadstone program. Heroes creator Tim Kring served as executive producer and writer on the series, while Ben Smith served as executive producer and showrunner. The entire series is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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(via Deadline)

USA has opted not to move forward with future seasons of The Purge and Treadstone as part of a shift in network programming.

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