Valiant Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Things About Bloodshot's Body, Explained

Valiant’s Bloodshot is a death-defying, undying action hero, filled with false memories, nanites and rage. With seemingly endless combat experience, superhuman physical traits and a healing factor that just doesn’t quit, there are very few threats in the Valiant Universe that could truly put him down. Whether he’s sliced, diced, blasted, or beaten up, Bloodshot’s sure to get back up and return the physical favor tenfold. For being microscopic, the nanites grant their host a myriad of tricks and tools that make him the ultimate killing machine.

Here’s a look at what Bloodshot can do with his nanites and how the experiment that grafted them into his body permanently changed his physiology.

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Bloodshot gets his superhuman physical prowess from nanites injected into his system through an experiment conducted by Project Rising Spirit. These nanites heavily augment his abilities and increase his strength, speed, durability, endurance and reflexes to far beyond that of a normal human.

Regular combatants essentially move in slow motion compared to Bloodshot’s quick actions, while his strength easily dwarfs even trained athletes. This all compliments his already incredible martial ability, which is bolstered by years of programmed combat experience.

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Bloodshot also has an advanced healing factor courtesy of the nanites. This allows him to come back from blows that would completely decimate others. For instance, in Bloodshot #1 (2012), he is seemingly killed after being struck head-on by a missile when he jumps out of an aircraft. His charred, splattered remains are taken by his attackers, but in what is likely less than an hour’s time, his body completely regenerates.

As long as his nanites are not otherwise impaired, they’re guaranteed to work overtime to help him recover from harm as soon as it happens. The physical reconstruction aspect can also be used for stealth, as the nanites grant Bloodshot biological malleability. In other words, he has low-level shape-shifting abilities that allow him to imitate the appearance of others. It was also suggested in the original Valiant continuity that Bloodshot was a psiot with a preliminary psionic dexterity, which allowed him to survive the nanite procedure in the first place when so many others had died.

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The nanites grant Bloodshot a high degree of control over technology and himself. He can use them to hack into nearby machines in a 10 to 30 foot radius, commandeering anything from radio signals to computers — even vehicles. He can also access information databases, which provides instant access to anything that he needs to know. Interfacing with and relaying this information seamlessly, he can use it to further increase his fighting prowess. This can be done through quickly learning and copying fighting techniques or adopting certain strategies in the heat of battle.

A further physical/technological ability is a sonic scream, which is produced through a low-frequency ultrasound emission. An initially unknown power is the ability to disperse these nanites and spread the “Bloodshot Virus.” Through this, Bloodshot can actually control and meld others who come under the nanites’ sway. The result otherwise is a horde of mindless killing machines.

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Bloodshot’s name derives from one of the more prominent physical results from the experiment. Unless he consciously alters them by way of the nanites’ transforming abilities, his eyes are permanently, completely red.

This is another extension of his physical augmentations, with his senses being immensely heightened. He can see far beyond the normal sight range of a human, and his eyes also have their own HUD that scan any and all objects to determine their features as well as threat level. He also has an ingrained photographic memory. Bloodshot once used these skills to compare the exact facial features of a woman in one of his implanted memories to driver’s license photos in the area, finding an exact match.

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Despite his uncanny ability to heal from some of the most extreme injuries possible, there’s one scar that no amount of time can heal for Bloodshot. On both sides of Bloodshot’s head are two parts in his hair which resemble lightning bolts. Though they may look like a style choice, they are a constant reminder of his treatment at the hands of Project Rising Spirit. His head was depilated in the lightning bolt symbols of the project’s lab and then his head and body were strapped down for the nanite procedure. Even after his hair grows back, the scars are still prominent, adding to his Frankenstein-esque appearance.

Project Rising Spirit’s experiment leaves Bloodshot’s unaltered skin chalky and white, giving him a ghostly appearance. There’s never been an explanation within the Valiant Universe as to why, though real life scientists have offered suggestions. One is that, being permanently pumped and primed for battle, Bloodshot’s body prioritizes his nanite-filled blood flowing to biological functions besides skin pigmentation, making his skin quickly lose its color.

Contrary to popular belief, the large red circle on Bloodshot’s chest is not meant to represent the flag of Japan. In actuality, it is simply a huge scar sustained from the procedure, after a tube injected the majority of the nanites into Bloodshot’s heart. Perhaps due to the incredible blow being dealt before the nanites gave him his powers, this physical damage has never completely healed. Though these physical markers may remind him of the horrors inflicted upon him by Project Rising Spirit, he uses the several gifts that the nanites grant him to turn his curse into a very bloody blessing.

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Here's a look at what Bloodshot can do with his nanites and how the experiment that grafted them into his body permanently changed his physiology.

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