Valiant Head Says Its Superheroes Are Perfect for Martin Scorsese

For years, the comic book movie industry has been dominated by Marvel and DC. However, Valiant Comics is now looking to get into the mix.

Speaking to Deadline, Valiant Entertainment boss Dan Mintz says he believes that his comic book properties can hold up against Marvel on the big screen because Valiant is willing to do things that Disney and Marvel are not.

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“Disney is the IBM of the entertainment industry…it’s just really big and very difficult to be,” he said. “They can’t stand on anti-establishment. They’re not raising the pirate flags, so to speak.”

“They do great stuff, but there is a very defined lane. There [are] certain things that Disney won’t do because they’re Disney…and there are some things that Valiant is going to do because it’s authentic to who we are. All the Marvel movies are great, but I’m saying is…if they’re network TV, we’re HBO. If they’re PC we’re Mac,” he added.

Mintz believes that the characters and themes the Valiant Cinematic Universe plans to tackle would even appeal to Martin Scorsese, who leveled harsh criticisms about Marvel films back in late 2019.

“If there was a [comic book] movie he was going to direct, it would be a Valiant movie,” he claimed, “because the characters relate on that level.”

Valiant released its first film based on its characters earlier this year with Sony’s Bloodshot. The film was initially planned to kickstart the Valiant Cinematic Universe, but Paramount purchased the rights to the next installment, Harbinger, potentially killing the idea of a shared universe. The future of the franchise is currently up in the air.

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Valiant Entertainment boss Dan Mintz believes that Martin Scorsese would enjoy the comic movies his company is developing.

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