Valkyrie: 5 Reasons Why Jane Foster Is Our Favorite (& 5 Reasons Why MCU Valkyrie Is The Best)

Depending on if you’re a fan of the MCU, or a fan of the comics, your idea of who Valkyrie is may be vastly different. Unless you’re a fan of both, in which case you know exactly where we’re going with this.

The Valkyrie of the MCU is a determined warrior who has seen and gone through so much. She’s strong and sassy, and can hold her own with the rest of the heroes around her. The Valkyrie of the comics is the one and only Jane Foster, who picked up the mantle once all of the other Valkyries fell in battle.

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Both are incredibly different, but that’s not a bad thing. They bring different things to the table, so to speak. What we’ve done here is gone ahead and listed five reasons why Jane Foster is our favorite, and five why it’s MCU Valkyrie. Read our arguments, and then decide for yourself.

10 Jane Foster: She’s Fought and Bled for This Mantle

Jane Foster has given jobs, blood, and life for what she does. She fought and bleed as a human woman, as Thor, and now, as Valkrie. She was one of the few who stepped up when the War of the Realms was building. And she didn’t let her humanity (or her ill health) stop or slow her down when the war hit cataclysmic levels.

The truth of the matter is, Jane Foster is willing to give up just about any part of herself if it means she’ll get to do some good in the process. There’s something to respect in that, don’t you think?

9 MCU Valkyrie: Her Sass

Let’s be honest here: the Valkyrie from the MCU has some of the best sass we’ve seen in a long time. She’s stubborn and frankly doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks or does. Granted, much of that comes from a history of trauma, but we’re just going to move on for now.

Chances are pretty good that when you picture her character, one of the first scenes you’ll think of is the time she chugged a drink in order to get Thor out of her face faster. Or the time she took on Loki. Or countless other times she stood up for herself (or just didn’t care).

8 Jane Foster: Her History

Jane Foster has gone through hell and back in recent years. She has steadily created something more for her character. Including picking up one of Marvel’s most famous mantles (hint: Thor). And it cost her so much in the process.

In fact, she literally would be dead, if not for Odin himself stepping up and doing the right thing. In response, she picked up the mantle of Valkyrie, because there was no one left to do what needed to be done.

7 MCU Valkyrie: Her Backstory

Speaking of the past, Valkyrie’s past is one of fascination and pain. She is and was a Valkyrie, one who clearly had people she loved and cared about. It’s the reason she’s alive today when most (if not all) of the others are part of the past.

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Valkyrie’s backstory makes her who she is. But it’s also a compelling reason to care about her. Okay, it also gave her an excellent reason to hate Hela, and want nothing to do with Asgard either. But those are all important elements that make up who she is, don’t you think?

6 Jane Foster: Showcasing the Task of the Valkyries

Jane Foster’s run as Valkyrie has gone a long way in showcasing what exactly it means to be a Valkyrie. Not just the warrior side, but every other side that comes with it.

After all, Valkyrie’s are the heralds for the dead. More accurately, they care for those that died in battle. All fans knew that, but there’s a difference between knowing it and seeing it. Jane Foster has made a point of showing the fans what that means. And what it costs.

5 MCU Valkyrie: She Kicks Butt

If there’s one thing you can count on with Valkyrie, it’s that she’s going to kick a lot of butt. She’s a fierce fighter, one who is both knowledgeable and confident. We’ve seen her go up against untold odds in several fights now. And each and every time she’s managed to come out on top.

There’s something in the way she fights that is so impressive. It’s not just that she’s tough or strong. It has more to do with the fact that she completely throws herself into the fight. There’s no holding back. No hesitation.

4 Jane Foster: The Determination She Carries

Meanwhile, Jane Foster is arguably one of the most determined characters you could find in the Marvel Universe. Given all of the characters we know, that’s saying something. We’ve seen her complete many an impossible task, and it’s all thanks to the fact that she won’t give up.

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Heck, her time as Thor should showcase that trait well. She knew fully well that picking up Mjolnir was steadily killing her, and yet she refused to stop. Even when Doctor Strange himself had a few words with her on the subject.

3 MCU Valkyrie: She Could Drink Thor Under the Table

Remember earlier, when we mentioned Valkyrie’s famous scene of chugging a drink? Let’s talk about that some more. Thor was both surprised and impressed by that, erm, talent of hers. We repeat: Thor was impressed.

That speaks a lot about her drinking prowess. The fact of the matter is, she could probably drink Thor under the table. Or at least give him a run for his money.

2 Jane Foster: The Sense of Risk and Weight

If there’s one thing Jane Foster’s series has done, it’s shown us the cost, risk, and weight of her actions. Especially while she was Valkyrie (though the same can be said for her time as Thor). Every action has a cost and a reaction. This has been shown time and time again in her series.

Just look at one of her more recent plot arc, where she was forced to save death herself. There was real pain behind the decision she had to make. Real reasoning. With it she showed the differences between her thought process and the thought process that comes with being a Valkyrie.

1 MCU Valkyrie: She Doesn’t Take Sass From Anybody

We mentioned earlier that Valkyrie doesn’t care about what other people think of her. That’s true. Because of that, she is not willing to take sass or judgment from anybody. Except for perhaps herself, so she seems to be her own worst judge.

Frankly, we love that Valkyrie doesn’t take sass (or criticism of any kind) from anybody. Though she can certainly hand it out! It’s part of what makes her so entertaining to watch.

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Jane Foster is the Valkyrie in Marvel comics, while the MCU has its own Valkyrie. Both are great, but which is the best?

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