Venom 2: 5 Things About Carnage The Sequel Needs To Have (& 5 It Can Leave Out)

The upcoming sequel to 2018’s Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, is set to debut one of Marvel’s most evil supervillains — Carnage. Woody Harrelson is scheduled to play the character against Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock.

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For the Spider-Man villain’s cinematic debut, there are several things that fans wish to happen with Carnage. The movie simply needs to have them. There are also many aspects of the character’s history that the film can feel free to leave out. Here are five things about Carnage that need to be in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and five things it can forget about.

10 Needs To Have: Bonded to The Bloodstream

Although nowadays, symbiote in the Marvel universe come in all kinds of different colors, this wasn’t initially the case for the Carnage. It was born black just like its predecessor Venom.

What made Carnage red was that the symbiote bonded with Cletus Kasady’s bloodstream. Not only did that change the color of the symbiote, but it also made the bond between the two beings all the stronger.

9 Can Leave Out: Shriek

One time, during one of his many escapes from prison, Carnage met a supervillain who would later become his longtime sidekick/ girlfriend. Her name was Shriek.

While Shriek is certainly one of the more fun characters in Carnage’s lore, she doesn’t need to be in the movie. It would be better if she popped up in a sequel after Carnage has established himself.

8 Needs To Have: Brock’s Cellmate

After being separated from his Venom symbiote and imprisoned, Eddie Brock became cellmates with the murderous psychopath Cletus Kasady. It was when the symbiote came to break Brock out that it made a spawn.

This spawn ended up bonding with Cletus Kasady. This origin for Carnage has helped define the two characters’ relationships with one another for their entire comic book existence. Not including it in the movie would be a travesty.

7 Can Leave Out: Stronger Than Venom and Spider-Man Combined

What makes Carnage unique from the other Marvel symbiotes is his strength level. As Venom’s spawn, Carnage is even stronger, and perhaps one of the strongest symbiotes in all of Marvel Comics.

Venom took all of Spider-Man’s powers and slightly enhanced them. In turn, Carnage is stronger than both Venom and Spidey combined. Although that’s a fun fact, you don’t need to include it in the movie.

6 Needs To Have: Spider-Man / Venom Team-Up

When Carnage first became a problem for Spider-Man, the wall-crawler knew he couldn’t take him on alone. So, he enlisted the help of one of his greatest enemies: Venom.

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Fans everywhere are dying to see Venom and Spidey on screen together. Having them team-up against Carnage is an absolute must.

5 Can Leave Out: Ultimate Carnage

The Ultimate version of Carnage was a very fun, interesting approach to the character. In this alternate reality, Carnage is actually a clone made from a mix of different DNAs, including Peter Parker’s.

While it is an intriguing take, hardcore fans of the character are dying to see the original version on screen. Cletus Kasady can not be denied.

4 Needs To Have: Venom’s Spawn

Carnage came from Venom. The two characters will be inextricably linked for their entire existences because of this very fact.

To leave that connection out of Carnage’s cinematic debut would be a crime. In order to stay true to the character, it needs to be made crystal clear that the Carnage symbiote was spawned from Venom.

3 Can Leave Out: Toxin

The Carnage symbiote followed in its predecessor’s footsteps by having a spawn of its own. This symbiote, known as Toxin, went on to become a minor Spider-Man character that people do not talk about much anymore.

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Given how unimportant Toxin has become in Spider-Man and Venom lore, he can and should be totally out of the film. He’s just not that important.

2 Needs To Have: Spider-Carnage

At one time, Spider-Man (who was actually Peter Parker’s clone, Ben Reilly, at the time) was bonded to the Carnage symbiote. Together, this amalgamation created Spider-Carnage.

While the duo didn’t last long together, their team-up made for one of the most popular and talked about moments from the Spider-Man comics in the 1990s. Everyone loved Spider-Carnage, and to see it happen on the big screen would be all the more amazing. Let’s just hope that, if they do choose to do Spider-Carnage, they can pull it off.

1 Can Leave Out: Darkhold Prophecy

In his titular solo-series, Carnage was placed at the center of a prophecy involving a dark god and the supernatural Darkhold book. While it was a great story, it doesn’t really need to be included in the movie.

This movie should be all about Cletus Kasady’s origins and how he became one of the most sadistic, powerful villains to ever plague the Marvel universe. Bogging down the story with tales about the Darkhold prophecy that he is a part of would only make the audience unnecessarily confused.

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Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a highly-anticipated sequel. There's a lot about Carnage we need on the big screen but some stuff can be left out.

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