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The recent run on Venom has introduced a number of new concepts and characters to the Marvel Universe, and an upcoming issue of the series is set to bring in the mysterious Virus. Now, artist Juan Gedeon has revealed new artwork of the villain.

Gedeon posted pages from Venom #27, which was written by Donny Cates, on Twitter. Colored by Jesus Aburtov, the art features Eddie battling the mysterious Virus. “From Venom 27! By [Cates] [Aburtov],” Gedeon wrote in his tweet. “Read it while listening to Bloody Roar’s or Dorohedoro’s soundtracks.”

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Virus was originally slated to debut in the Free Comic Book Day issue of Venom. The character appears to be a symbiote, yet sports an armored suit similar to War Machine’s. Why he is pursuing Venom is yet to be revealed; however, if these pages are any indication the Lethal Protector won’t go down without a fight.

Venom #25 is slated for release on May 27. The issue will conclude the “Venom Island” story arc, which sees Eddie traveling to an island he once inhabited to stop Carnage from infecting his body.

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Artist Juan Gedeon has posted images from an upcoming issue of Venom that teases the wicked web-slinger's new foe: Virus.

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