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James Howlett and Eddie Brock have a lot in common. Both have bonded with the Klyntar symbiote known as Venom. Both are incredibly popular anti-heroes known for brutal tactics when dispatching evil. Wolverine and Venom have also crossed paths and fought on more than one occasion.

However, when looking at their mutual advantages and weaknesses, as well as see how those strengths and vulnerabilities apply to their numerous confrontations, a question arises of who is the ultimate anti-hero. That can be determined by looking at who wins more often: Wolverine or Venom.

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Wolverine is undoubtedly the more experienced fighter, having lived and served in multiple wars. He’s a bruiser, known for taking on more powerful adversaries and defeating them. He can shred any creature in range with his claws, which he can heat to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, though doing so severely weakens his mutant healing factor. His heightened senses allow him to react quickly in a fight and he can also bounce back from just about any blow.

However, Venom is physically stronger. Wolverine’s reinforced, Adamantium skeleton allows him to effectively lift over 800 pounds, compared to Venom who can lift over 50 tons. On his own, Eddie Brock can lift around 700 pounds, which makes his base strength comparable to Logan’s. The symbiote can also be manipulated to create weaponry or organic venom from his fangs.

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The Claws and Webs story took place in Marvel Comics Presents #117-122, featuring the first major crossover between Venom and Wolverine. They are dragged into what appears to be the Dream Realm by the villain Nightmare. Venom seems to believe Wolverine is responsible for what’s happening, so they fight.

Venom very quickly pins Wolverine down and overpowers him, though Wolverine does manage to break free and toss Venom aside. However, the fight ends fast when they hear someone screaming. After dealing with some illusion, Venom sucker-punches Wolverine and impales him on a tree, like a scene out of Logan. From there, Venom tortures Logan by tearing his flesh apart. Venom leaves Wolverine for dead, after which Wolverine gets back up and tackles Venom over a cliff, into a raging river and waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall, Wolverine gets up while Venom is unconscious.

Venom had the edge the majority of the fight, but the ultimate winner is Wolverine.

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Venom: Tooth and Claw is one of numerous ’90s Venom miniseries wherein he fights Marvel characters like the Juggernaut. In Tooth and Claw, Venom and Wolverine are forced to team up to fight a villain named Dirt Nap. Dirt Nap is a mutant with the ability to assimilate people into himself and take on their forms. Dirt Nap has absorbed someone precious to both Eddie and Logan, but while Venom just wants to tear Dirt Nap apart, Wolverine knows there’s a way to save everyone.

Confrontations between the pair are brief since, for the most part, they’re working together. They even use their fighting to lure the villains into a false sense of security and attack. Ultimately, the fight goes to neither, since there is no definitive winner.

Venom and Wolverine have fought multiple times in games, with most never offering a definitive winner. Games like Marvel vs. Capcom or Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects pit the two in fights all the time, but the winner is mostly a determination of the player’s skills. In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, the symbiote overtakes Wolverine, which isn’t the same thing as winning a fight, necessarily. However, there is one major exception.

In Ultimate Spider-Man, Venom confronts Wolverine at a bar. While Wolverine is able to throw Venom through a wall and into another building, ultimately Venom beats down Wolverine. Venom wins.

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In 2018’s Venom Annual #1, Venom and Wolverine get into a bar fight early on in Venom’s career as a villain. This fight takes place after Claw and Webs, since Wolverine remembers fighting Venom before. Venom barges into a bar, looking for Spider-Man, but Wolverine gives him a hard time. The two fight, with Venom keeping Wolverine at bay with large weapons constructed from the symbiote and Wolverine continuously charging at him.

While both walk away fairly alright, Venom deals more physical damage to Wolverine. Logan manages to break Venom by shrugging off everything he did to him and always coming back, dismissing Venom’s grudge against Spider-Man as childish and absurd. This leaves Venom humiliated and he walks off. The victory goes to Wolverine.

The final fight is a brief confrontation in Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1. Venom encounters Wolverine in the jungles and the two start to brawl. However, while Venom does have Wolverine on the ropes, Eddie actually gives up halfway through and allows Wolverine to deliver the final strike. Wolverine ultimately wins but only because Venom surrenders.

Based on the evidence, the overall winner in a fight between Wolverine and Venom is Wolverine.

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Venom and Wolverine are two of the most loved anti-heroes around. However, which one is the better fighter?

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