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The video game industry has always evolved at a rapid rate. Video games went from the crude 3-D polygons of the original PlayStation to the hyper-realistic graphics of the PS4 in just 20 years. The industry also grew exponentially over the last few decades, becoming bigger than the movie and music industries combined. More A-list actors are appearing in video games than ever before and while this appeals to many people, some video game fans don’t like how Hollywood actors are replacing original characters in the starring roles of video games.

Movies and video games used to be two separate entities. Now, the line between the two forms of entertainment is getting blurred. Actors have always always voiced characters for video games, but only a select few have had their likenesses featured in the game itself. Many had small side roles, played a character in a licensed movie game, or were hidden, unlockable characters.

It was extremely rare to see an actor in the leading role of a video game unless it was a film adaptation. This seems to be a thing of the past, as more actors make their way into the video game world.

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One of the best things about video games is the introduction of iconic, original characters. Mario, Master Chief, Commander Shepard and Lara Croft are just some of the great original video game characters. Each one has their own unique look and personality, which can’t necessarily be said of characters based on famous actors.

When people think of movie characters, they usually think of the actor playing them. People imagine Keanu Reeves when they think of Neo from The Matrix because they share the same physical features. If Neo were an original video game character, he would likely have his own set of unique characteristics.

Creating original characters offers developers much more creative freedom than recreating characters from movies or television. Developers can create characters in any way they choose: Everything from their facial features to their mental stability can be changed to the developer’s liking. This freedom could be diminished if actors continue starring in video games. Developers can tweak the actor’s looks, but the character still has to look like the actor, since they’re being featured in the game.

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Many gamers play video games to escape the realities of the world. A lot of people enjoy profound fantasy worlds full of imaginative creatures and creative lore. Some video game fans don’t enjoy seeing real Hollywood actors in games because it limits their immersion.

Movies are a less immersive experience, but video games allow players to take charge of a hero or villain while they fulfill their objectives. This is what makes the mediums unique from each other. If World of Warcraft or Skyrim had a bunch of celebrities running around instead of original characters, they would be very different experiences.

Original characters have always been an important part of video games. While seeing a favorite actor in a game is fun every now and again, they shouldn’t replace original characters. Seeing new and exciting fictional characters like Nathan Drake and Solid Snake help give video games their charm. If actors continue taking leading roles in games, many characters will start resembling each other, which is ultimately a detriment.

Saying actors shouldn’t take leading video game roles regularly may be controversial, but it’s worth talking about. Famous actors providing voices for video game characters is great, but putting regularly putting them in leading roles maybe a little too much. There is a good chance video games wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for iconic, original characters.

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It seems that adding famous actors to video games is the new trend in the industry. Heres why keeping original characters in games is so important.

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