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When five young people stumbled upon a spacefaring robotic lion in Voltron: Legendary Defender – and journeyed to find four more – they became the paladins of Voltron. Destined to become the protectors of the entire universe, the paladins included capable fighters and strategists like Shiro, Keith, and Lance. The paladins also included intellectual powerhouses like Pidge and Hunk. Hunk in particular became the heart of the team thanks to his desire to find non violent solutions first and his willingness to compromise.

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Despite his usual pacifist nature, Hunk didn’t avoid the fight completely. As the paladin of the yellow lion, that would have been impossible. His gentle nature is just one of the reasons he became a fan favorite. Even as a favorite, there are still questions fans have about him.

10 Was Hunk His Real Name?

It’s never made clear in the Netflix series if Hunk is a nickname or the character’s real name. That’s not the case for every version of Voltron’s story.

A comic book series released by Devil’s Due revealed that Hunk wasn’t their version of the character’s real name, but a nickname instead. The character’s real name was revealed to be Tsuyoshi Garrett in that version of the story. Hunk was an ironic nickname handed to him by his four brothers because he was the smallest of the family – though he dwarfed the rest of his team.

9 When Was His Birthday?

In the universe of the series, the characters never had a lot of time to celebrate. As a result, birthdays didn’t come up often. Hunk’s birthday, however, was revealed in a Facebook message from the show’s official account.

Hunk was born on January 13. For those who follow astrology, that would make him a Capricorn. Capricorns are typically goal-oriented and hard working, which definitely fits with Hunk’s focus on his tasks. Hunk, however, was a natural optimist, which wouldn’t quite fit with a Capricorn’s more realistic (or often pessimistic) viewpoint.

8 How Was Hunk’s Samoan Heritage Revealed?

The Netflix update to the Voltron franchise made sure to give the paladins varied backgrounds. Shiro was Japanese and Lance was Cuban, for example. Hunk was Samoan and African-American.

His Samoan heritage was mentioned in interviews and on twitter by his voice actor Tyler Labine before it was ever revealed in the series. His Samoan and African-American heritage was later revealed in The Paladin Handbook, published to give more information to fans of the show.

7 How Old Was He At The Start Of The Series?

When the series first began, the ages of the different characters wasn’t entirely clear. Promotional information only listed the main characters as “teenagers.” As it turned out, they weren’t all the same age even though four of the characters were all cadets at the Galaxy Garrison.

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Again, Tyler Labine mentioned Hunk’s age as 17 in interviews, and he wasn’t wrong. The Paladin Handbook later confirmed that Hunk was 17 at the start of the series. That was interesting for a lot of fans because Pidge was only 15 when she started at the Garrison, making some wonder just how old people had to be to join the Garrison.

6 What Was His Favorite Animal?

One thing that handbook did for fans was provide a lot of interesting details in the form of a character quiz. At the end of the book, questions were “answered” by the paladins. They provided a lot of insight.

One of those posed was what animal the paladins would like to be sealed into a sleeping pod with. Allura was sealed in with Altean mice and wound up able to telepathically communicate with them. Hunk chose a dog. Now, not only did that likely mean that Hunk loved dogs, it also means he’d love to have a conversation with one, which makes perfect sense. Dogs are friendly and loyal companions, not unlike Hunk himself.

5 What Did He Do To De-Stress?

As a paladin, Hunk faced a lot of threats to his well being. He was personally affronted, however, by a lack of good cooking in space. He took it upon himself to learn how to cook with foods from other planets since he was already so well versed in cooking from home.

Cooking and baking became a way for Hunk to de-stress in the series. It wasn’t simply fun, however, but a serious skill. According to official descriptions of the character, he had an encyclopedic knowledge of Earth’s spices.

4 What Was Hunk’s Biggest Fear

Hunk went through a lot over the course of the series. He faced down bad guys on a regular basis, got stranded in the middle of space with no food, and was separated from his friends for extended amounts of time. When the series began, however, he didn’t know any of that was coming from him, and his biggest fear was a more common one.

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Hunk was afraid of heights. Known as acrophobia, a fear of heights is actually held by about 5% of the Earth’s population. Hunk had the benefit of a cool flying lion to help him get beyond his fear, something the rest of the acrophobics don’t have in real life.

3 Where Do Fans Know Hunk’s Voice From?

Tyler Labine is better known for his live action roles than his animated roles, but fans might recognize his voice from one other big animation project. Labine was the voice of Brock Pearson in Monsters University.

The high-energy fraternity member really loved his Scare Games in the movie. Though the two characters were pretty different, fans would likely have recognized Labine’s voice since the Pixar film released three years before Voltron became available to stream.

2 Who Did The 1984 Hunk Share A Voice With?

The modern voice of Hunk might not be known for his voiceover work, but the 1984 voice definitely was. Lennie Weinrib gave voice to Hunk in the 1984 version of the story.

Weinrib was in just about every television show produced in the ’60s in guest roles, but it was his voice work on H.R. Pufnstuf that got him into less visible roles. He became the go-to voice artist, working on characters for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Dr. Dolittle, and Hanna-Barbera projects for the many Flintstones and Scooby-Doo series that were produced. He even voiced different Batman characters in the 1970s series.

1 What Does Hunk Have In Common With His Beast King GoLion Counterpart?

Like many similar concept series (Power Rangers, for example), Voltron was inspired by a Japanese series. In this case, the same animation was used for an English language series, but names were changed when it was dubbed into English – along with some personality traits.

The Hunk of the original Voltron series wasn’t quite as explosive as his Beast King Go Lion character Tsuyoshi, but they did have quite a bit in common. They are both incredibly strong, good with children, and they both share a fear of heights, just like the modern-day Hunk.

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Hunk is an intellectual powerhouse on Voltron that fans love, but they still have a lot of questions.

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