Wakanda: 10 Most Important Places From Black Panther (& Their Significance)

When your country is hidden from the outside world and its history is mired in mystery and intrigue for those aware of its existence, it’s easy to say that there are places native to your country that aren’t known to the average individual. Especially when these locations hold some form of significance to not just your home, but the creation of it.

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Such would be the case for Wakanda, the fictional home to Marvel’s Black Panther. From religious, technological, and even enemy territory, Wakanda and its surrounding areas are wonders of splendor and valleys of vile in not just the comic book world, but the real world as well.

10 Jabari Village

Home of one Black Panther’s greatest adversaries, M’Baku, the Jabari Village is the focal point of the Jabari Lands where the White Gorilla Cult practices their worship of the Ape God, Ghekre. Outlawed by Wakandan society, the tribe has been a rival group of the presiding Panther Cult, that contrary to the 2018 Black Panther film adaptation, had a burning hatred towards the Panther Tribe and would never have any intention of helping the Black Panther or his people.

The tribe’s greatest warrior, M’Baku, or as he’d later come to be known as, Man-Ape, gained increased strength when he killed and ate a white ape while bathing in its blood.

9 Techno Organic Jungle

Used to test the Fantastic Four in their first encounter, the Techno Organic Jungle is a creation by the Black Panther after he traveled the world gaining his education. Combining the Wakandan lands organic jungle with Vibranium technology, a benevolent techno-organic virus manifested to allow nature and machine to coexist in consonance.

When the Panther God Bast, in humanoid form, was angry with him for being derelict in his duties, T’Challa used the jungles various traps to fend him off and temporarily defeat him however once made to submit, admits he must do better for his people, regaining Bast’s faith in him.

8 Warrior Falls

The revered location of historic Wakandan battles, Warrior Falls is the ritualistic battleground where T’Challa, and Black Panther’s past, test their worth as king to any opponent who wishes to challenge them for the throne.

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After he and his family are ousted for being duped in aiding Ulysses Klaw in his effort to loot Wakanda’s Vibranium reserves, the formidable and vengeful villain, Erik Killmonger, would go on to employ an effort to usurp the throne by battling and defeating T’Challa at the location. Unfortunately for Killmonger, this would be the location of his death once T’Challa is nursed back to health.

7 Black Tower of M’Kumbe

After being stationed in Africa for Emperor Caligula in 32 AD, Roman soldier Flavius Scollio was tasked to investigate an irregular phenomenon that was discovered to be a crashed alien spacecraft. Killing the alien inhabitants inside and donning their armor, Flavius was given increased longevity & mental manipulation abilities.

Using his newfound abilities, Flavius constructed the Black Tower of M’Kumbe on the outskirts of central Wakanda, where an ancient Rome like kingdom was enclosed atop it. Over the centuries, Flavius Scollio captured any unwary Wakandan’s and made them his subjects, till the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four defeated him in their encounter.

6 The Wall Of Knowledge

A solid stone barrier sculpted to look like the Egyptian God, Amman Ra, is the linking point between Central Wakanda, and the Necropolis, Wakanda’s City of the Dead. It is believed that the well located directly in front of the entrance is where the heart of Amman Ra was stored and hidden.

This is also where the first, or depending on who you talk to, the second Black Panther was chosen by Bast to protect the knowledge bestowed upon him and protect Wakanda and the Vibranium meteorite that had crash-landed in the land

5 The Necropolis

Wakanda’s City of the Dead, The Necropolis, is the burial grounds of past Black Panthers. After having his power stripped away, T’Challa traversed the Necropolis, and once encountering the Panther God Bast, was bestowed with abilities similar to the ones he had, but with a higher, more fine-tuned edge of having the strength and knowledge of all past Black Panthers, becoming King of the Dead.

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In the lead up to the 2015 Secret Wars, the reformation of the Illuminati, a covert organization of the world’s smartest minds, was initiated to asses the colliding of universes, and the Necropolis was the meeting grounds of the group.

4 N’Jadaka Village

Located in the Western Foothills of the Kinamasi Region of Wakanda, & the original home of Erik Killmonger, N’Jadaka Village was retrofitted with advanced technology when Killmonger returned after his banishment. Becoming a force rivaling that of Wakanda’s prominent cities, T’Challa saw the villages desire to secede from Central Wakanda a potential threat and lead an invasion of the territory where their advanced weaponry was seized.

T’Challa allowed their existence to continue but the locations name change becoming permanent. N’Jadaka Village takes more modern and urban concepts of infrastructure to their architectonics while its sister cities are more traditional.

3 Mena Ngai

Long before the technological marvel of Wakanda carried such the name, lived the small African tribe of Mena Ngai. After witnessing the arrival of what would be the crashed Vibranium meteor that formed the Great Mound, the tribes leading warrior, Bashenga, investigated the rock and came to the discernment of the potential of mining the space metal.

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However, the mystifying properties began to mutate some of the tribesmen into “demon spirits” and they began terrorizing the tribe, in which Bashenga prayed to the Panther God for strength to defeat them. In return, Bast guided him to the heart-shaped herb which instituted the Panther Cult and established the nation of Wakanda.

2 The Royal Palace of Wakanda

Located in the Wakandan capital of Birnin Zana, the Royal Palace of Wakanda is home to the Black Panther and his or her family. A massive technological fortress, the palace is heavily guarded, with the exceedingly skilled personal guards of the throne, the Dora Milaje, fending off any threat posed to the king that he could not handle on his own.

In the film adaptation of Black Panther, Birnin Zana is referred to as the Golden City and the palace is known as The Citadel.

1 The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda

In the run of Ta-Nehisi Coates Black Panther, the character’s mythos was drastically reinvigorated when a group of Alpha Flight explorers was sent by T’Challa to find the origin of the Vibranium meteor that had crash-landed in the Wakandan nation 10,000 years ago.

While exploring the Vega System, a temporal anomaly sent the crew to the past, where they founded a new empire named after their homeland. Over the next two thousand years, the empire would come to expand more than 5 galaxies, conquering planets with massive Vibranium mines, as opposed to the idea of being isolated as held by the Ancient Wakandan’s of Earth, and not involving themselves in conflict.

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Wakanda, the fictional home to Marvel's Black Panther, is filled and surrounded by important places with incredible significance, power, and beauty.

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