What Does Pot Of Greed Do: 10 More Hilarious Yu-Gi-Oh Memes Only True Fans Understand

And they say there’s no sufficiency for man’s greed. The Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise is home to many different monster, trap, and spell cards, but few spells are as recognizable as the smiling greed Pot of Greed. Its effects during a duel are simple, the player can activate it to draw two cards from their deck.

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Between its frequent use in the anime and the characters over-explaining what it does, memes were bound to happen to feature Duel Monsters’ favorite green pot. If these memes can’t help anyone figure out what Pot of Greed does after all this time, then there’s a good chance nothing will.


Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering usually doesn’t mix. Despite both being massively popular and successful trading card games, the way to play them both differ from each other. But memes seem to bring all fans together and this “special” magic card does just the trick.

If editing a Pot of Greed to be its own Magic card wasn’t already perfect enough, the description beneath the photo kicks things into overdrive with an overly long and complicated explanation for what Pot of Greed does. It’s a lot of text for what can be summed up as “just draw two cards”.


Some people have a type, that’s for certain. Everyone has wanted to be their crush’s ideal match and in this meme, that girl’s looking for “a guy who’s dark, mysterious, and nobody understands”. Who would’ve guessed that Pot of Greed could fit that?

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Going over the checklist, it seems this meme might be onto something there. “Dark”, check. “Mysterious”, also check. What about “nobody understands”? Well, considering how many times its effects need to be retold, the bottom caption speaks the truth on that front. As they say, “there’s a lid for every pot”.


Pot of Greed’s effect is listed on the card in only one sentence. There doesn’t need to be any more than that, yet something so simple continuously requires explanation in the anime, to the point where it would be understandable if someone got confused about it.

This meme requires more the one look, taking the thumbnail of a Youtube video that just begs questions for what “it actually does?” even means. The kicker for this one is the screenshot from The Big Bang Theory underneath, that feels relatable to anyone who sees and eyecatching thumbnail like that one.


Fans of the anime Kaguya-sama: Love is War have definitely taken a shine to the bubbly Chika, to the point where she’s become the face of quite a few memes herself. In terms of Yu-Gi-Oh! related memes though, there might be no better use of Chika than this.

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The editing is top-notch and fits so well in this one, making it look like Chika’s actually ready to duel with the typical overly dramatic body language that’s always in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. Now if only she could get the rest of the student council to play Duel Monsters.


Ironically, there might be as many Star Wars memes as there are stars in a galaxy far, far away. unsurprisingly enough too, with all his iconic lines, Emperor Palpatine has been the subject of a good chunk of them too.

This meme sees the Dark Lord of the Sith marveling over Pot of Greed, and that alone makes it something hilarious. Coincidentally, the Emperor’s smile does resemble Pot of Greed just a little bit. There might be no other card that could capture the Sith Lord’s likeness quite like this.


Many regard Avatar: The Last Airbender as one of the greatest animated shows of all time and with fame comes memes. Throughout the series, Iroh has been a great well of wisdom, especially for Zuko, but this version of one of his best speeches outs a smile on the faces of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.

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Iroh giving Pot of Greed’s effects as one of “the big questions” pretty funny when given that wise sagely tone. Though it seems the characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! have to constantly be reminded of it, so perhaps Iroh was onto something there. “Big questions” indeed.


The Pharoah isn’t the only one who overexplains Pot of Greed. This hilarious meme sees Jaden, from Yu-Gi-Oh! GXoveranalyzing the explanation of Pot of Greed with complex formulas.

It’s not hard to imagine Jaden being confused by something simple, though one has to wonder if this is a realistic depiction of how the characters in the anime perceive every card’s effect (not just Pot of Greed). It’s funnier when you consider that Jaden has Pot of Greed in his deck too. It seems that what goes around comes around.


Avengers: Endgame was an amazing movie after years of buildup and a treasure trove of memes too, with this being one of them. In this rendition of the “Hulk Gives Ant-Man a Taco” meme,  the angry green giant is played by Pot of Greed who gives Ant-Man two cards.

This an incredibly clever use of this popular meme template and the edits on Hulk himself, make this meme so much better than captions could have ever made it. Looks like this time Pot of Greed was feeling a little generous.


Cheating seems to be a common thing in the game of Duel Monsters. From Pegasus using his Millenium Eye to Yugi always getting outside help, cheating is debatably frequent in the anime, but Bakura may have cheated without the use of a Millenium Item.

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Bakura uses Pot of Greed and, as usual, explains the effects while clearly not being able to count. Instead of two cards, he draws three prompting the captions to declare Bakura a cheater. It could have been an animation error in this scene, but the proof of cheating is clear as day. This is probably why they have to keep explaining Pot of Greed.

1 HE DREW 25


Talk about a setback. In the game of Uno, drawing twenty-five cards would be a surefire way to lose, but avoiding it may be harder than it looks in the “Draw 25” meme.

In this version of the template, the condition is to not say what Pot of Greed does. It seems easy at first unless your name is Yugi. The look in the man’s eyes as he holds a ridiculous amount of Uno cards is as hilarious as his head of Yugi hair that got edited in. He just couldn’t resist the urge.

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But what does Pot Of Greed do? This running joke among Yu-Gi-Oh fans has granted us these 10 beautiful & funny memes for you to enjoy.

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