What Is Prophecy, the Next Game from the Developers of Smite?

Fan of the popular free-to-play online battle arena game Smite may be interested to hear about the developers next project, Prophecy. Prophecy is a top-down strategy game from Prophecy Studios, a new, independent studio which split off from Hi-Rez Studios to focus the title. Using many of the team members who worked on games like Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale, Prophecy Games also brings Hi-Rez Studio founder Erez Goren as the company’s new CEO. These development veterans are responsible for bringing the world of Prophecy to life.

Like Smite, Prophecy uses the gods of various pantheons from ancient mythology as playable characters, licensing them from the older game. Here, they go head to head in multiplayer auto-controlled combat. Prophecy Games claims that each match will play out differently because the game does not have a static meta. This means players can build their team of gods to best suit their playstyles and watch them wreak havoc on enemy teams.

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Gameplay in Prophecy consists of an auto-battle system. Players don’t need to do anything during battle phases, but they will have to use their heads in between battles to gear up their gods for the next round of combat. Character building happens within a 60-second timer between rounds, and the battle round ends when enemy teams are eliminated. Battle rounds can also be completed by running out a 60-second timer, and the team with the most characters remaining on the field wins.

At the beginning of each match, players will choose a leader god. This character will act as your team’s general with their passive abilities. Once your leader is selected, you will spawn in the battlefield where the prep phase can begin. During prep, players can buy upgrades and additional units.

Every leader and their troops will have specialized stats to upgrade and manipulate, so players will need to learn what each character brings to the team. While Smite players will recognize many of the Prophecy‘s characters, not all of them have the same abilities in this game. After prep is complete, the battle starts. This cycle will repeat until the match is won.

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Of course, since this is an online game, you can play with your friends by creating custom lobbies. For those looking for a challenge, the game has a matchmaking ranking system that will handle player matchmaking.

At this time, Prophecy is still in the early access phase. Interested players will need to sign up to receive an invitation code for the game on Steam. Currently, the game is only playable on PC in North America and Europe, but Prophecy Games is working towards supporting additional platforms and regions in the future.

Like Smite, Prophecy is a free-to-play game with monetized cosmetics to come in the future. Smite is fairly reasonable in its monetization, allowing players to pay $30 to unlock all current and future gods, so it’s likely Prophecy will take a similar approach when the time comes. For fans of Smite or ancient mythology, Prophecy may be the next great game to experience.

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Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of Smite, have spawned another studio, Prophecy Games, who is working on a new game using Smite's characters.

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