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I continue a month’s worth of I Love Ya but You’re Strange’s (as a sort of “April Fool’s” month) with a spotlight on DC Super Stars #10 (by Bob Rozakis, Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin), based on a suggestion from reader Bruce P.!

The concept of the issue is that married villains, Huntress and Sportsmaster are debating on whether Huntress should become a superhero or not. Part of her reasoning is that the heroes always find a way to win. He decides to push the issue by coming up with a way to test that theory, by interrupting a series of superhero and supervillain fights and kidnapping the participants and forcing them to play against each other in a game of baseball.

The game is tied going to the top of the ninth inning, when Sportsmaster decides to quit with the rule that no team could use their super powers, and so the villains begin to use their powers, but even with that advantage, the superheroes take a three run lead on a clutch, bases loaded walk by Batman, followed by a two-run single by Green Arrow…

However, the power usage finds Green Arrow tagged out, leading to the bottom of the ninth…

Hilarity basically ensued until Plastic Man sealed the game by using his body to pretend to be a base, leading to a villain failing to touch third base, leading to him being tagged out! Cheating their way to victory!

The villains and heroes are sent back to their original situations and, of course, the heroes won all of those fights, too…

As an amusing bit, here’s the entire play-by-play of the game…

Someone really should do a video of a sports announcer calling this game, right? Everyone’s stuck at home somebody should get on that!

Thanks to Bruce for the suggestion!

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See the time DC's superheroes defeated their villain counterparts by cheating at baseball!

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