When Lightning Lass Decided to Pretend to Be Her Dead Twin Brother!

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I continue a month’s worth of I Love Ya but You’re Strange’s (as a sort of “April Fool’s” month) with a spotlight on a bizarre plot point from the Legion of Super-Heroes feature in Adventure Comics #308 where Lightning Lass tries to become her own dead twin brother!

The story (by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte) was soon after the shocking death of Lightning Lad, a death SO shocking that the series kept alluding to the fact that Lightning Lad wasn’t REALLY dead almost as soon as he died (as a prominent character being killed off in a superhero comic book series was practically unheard of at the time).

So therefore, when Lightning Lad seemed to come back to life out of nowhere during one of the Legion’s regular visits to his grave, you wouldn’t be too surprised if you were a reader, since the book really seemed to want to bring him back to life…

Sun Boy, though, had some weird suspicions about Lightning Lad, specifically about whether he still had his lightning powers. Note that Sun Boy consistently refers to Lightning Lad as “he” throughout the story.

Anyhow, Sun Boy doesn’t want Lightning Lad to be kicked off of the team for lack of powers, so he cleverly uses his powers to help try to fool the others into believing that Lightning Lad still has his lightning powers…

However, later in the story, Lightning Lad has to use “his” powers and shockingly to Sun Boy, he DOES have his old powers!

We see WHY this is so shocking – because that ain’t Lightning Lad! It’s a female subsittute!

However, it is Lightning Lad’s twin sister, Lightning Lass, who decided that she should pretend to be her dead twin brother for…reasons.

The Legion admit her to the team as herself and it’s funny how different she looks in the last two panels…

And, of course, Lightning Lad DOES come back to life in a few more months.

What a nutty little story.

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