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Most anime fans will find it easy to relate to one character or the other in a show, but rarely do they admit to feeling represented by a villain in the story. While we naturally prefer to look at ourselves in favorable lighting, villains are still representative of the worst aspects of humanity pushed into extreme examples.

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Everyone has a bit of good and bad in them, though. As such, there is no shame in having flaws and less-than-positive characteristics like the many anime villains out there—so long as you don’t border on criminal. For the sake of embracing the darker side in all of us, here are some anime villains that you might share some traits with depending on your zodiac.

12 Aquarius: Gaku Yashiro (Erased)

While Erased did not shy away from providing characters that all fans could agree on being terrible people, nothing compares to the mastermind behind the anime’s plot. As a teacher, Yashiro may have had a charismatic air, but his hidden nature was far more reflective of Aquarius attributes put to malevolent use.

Opportunistic and in need of a good challenge, Yashiro exhibits such characteristics in his crimes as can be seen through his ability to always pin it on someone else. It is the same calculating and thoughtful nature of an Aquarius that has allowed this villain to avoid being caught for so many years until someone else outsmarted him.

11 Pisces: Zeref (Fairy Tail)

While he is known to have been the evilest mage at some point, what we see of Zeref in Fairy Tail‘s present time is a calm and gentle mage who prefers isolation. While those characteristics are prominent among the Pisces zodiac, Zeref also exhibits the martyr mentality of some Pisces as he attempts to atone for his sins. While he is the main villain of the series, it would be hard for a Pisces not to empathize with this character or his sad motivations behind isolation.

10 Aries: Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

While usually an Aries’ confidence and determination are looked upon favorably, the Dragon Ball Z antagonist pushes such attributes to extremes that render him arrogant and prideful most of the time.

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Vegeta exhibits the most prominent downfalls of an Aries, as well as his aggression and violence. Though he is more merciless in his temper due to his Saiyan nature, the Prince of Destruction manages to grow less cruel as the series progresses, proving that there is room for hope for the coldest of villains. Therefore, while Vegeta may make Aries zodiacs uncomfortable in the beginning, he portrays the zodiac’s attributes with better motivations by the end.

9 Taurus: Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

While the Angels are often looked upon as the villains of the series, Gendo is undeniably complicit in the apocalypse’s instigation. Not to mention, his treatment of human lives doesn’t necessarily reflect any heroic ideals.

Despite that, he still possesses many of the characteristics of a Taurus in his devotion and uncompromising nature. We see Gendo remain adamant in his plans and choices, even when it means many casualties and harm to his own son throughout the series, and that is reflective of a Taurus’s persistence with their goals.

8 Gemini: Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)

With a gentle and kind demeanor coupled with a love for books, Bleach‘s Aizen might seem like the perfect representation of the best parts of a Gemini in the start.

However, it is often said that Geminis have a dual nature, and this captain has shown fans two completely different faces during the show’s run. While one can say that his hidden nature is reflective of a Gemini’s depth of character, Aizen’s ambition and intelligence are more clearly exhibited characteristics which he shares with the zodiac.

7 Cancer: Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill!)

When most people think of Cancers, they think of their moody and emotional nature, but they often forget that this zodiac’s loyalty and tendency for manipulation. One anime villain who is is reflective of those attributes is none other than Esdeath of Akame Ga Kill!.

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While it’s hard to look past her sadistic nature, Esdeath has a lot more depth to her. She may not have the same emotional range as a Cancer, but she exhibits much of its loyalty to family and subordinates. Even her motivations stem from placing such value in her father’s philosophy.

6 Leo: Hisoka Morow (Hunter x Hunter)

Hisoka is one of the more eccentric antagonists found in Hunter x Hunter despite the anime’s variety of villains. However, while he leans more towards the image of a sociopathic court jester, there are many similarities between Hisoka and Leos.

Humorous and cheerful, those positive attributes of this zodiac are uncomfortably present in Hisoka’s personality, even during acts of malevolence. Not to mention, the Magician also has shares in a Leo’s qualities of selfishness and self-centered nature.

5 Virgo: Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

Virgos have a deeper connection with humanity than other signs, and, while it usually makes for an empathetic personality, we can see what would become of that humanist nature if fueled by misanthropic values in Psycho-Pass‘s Shogo Makishima.

In the same manner as a Virgo’s, Shogo’s goals and philosophies are well-defined, and his approach towards achieving them is calculated and methodical. Additionally, Shogo shares his intellect and love for literature with this zodiac, as he often quotes dystopian literature, as well as Shakespeare. Overall, this antagonist is one who deviates from Virgo’s desire to seek goodness in humankind, as he openly welcomes the savagery and cruelty of humanity.

4 Libra: Light Yagami (Death Note)

While the main character of most anime is someone who possesses heroic qualities fitting of a protagonist, Death Note does not shy away from breaking conventions by telling the story through the antagonist’s point of view.

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Light Yagami perfectly encapsulates the characteristics of a Libra under a tyrannical mindset. Light is extremely charismatic, which fools many of hs acquaintances, but, beneath that exterior, he is quite obsessed with his own personal justice. This Kira, however, is more extreme with his methods of bringing his idealized world view to life.

3 Scorpio: All For One (My Hero Academia)

The My Hero Academia villain may be subdued currently, but, like the scorpion, even if his claws rendered useless, his stinger is sure to provide a threat.

Scorpions are known to be great leaders as well as skilled manipulators. In that respect, All For One is perfectly representative of that nature. In fact, this villain’s manipulation runs so deep that he remains somewhat indirectly in control of everything that unfolds within the League of Villains while in captivity. Additionally, there is something to be said of a Scorpio’s jealous nature when it comes to the villain’s quirk-stealing abilities.

2 Sagittarius: Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

Junko’s character can come off as overwhelming for anyone watching or playing Danganronpa for the first time. While her true nature may seem to be consistently manic, there is more to her character which is reflective of a Sagittarius.

While her darkly humorous nature and enthusiasm are characteristics of a Sagittarius, her personal philosophies and methods of implementing them are closer to the nature of a Sagittarius, albeit misanthropic. Junko believes that despair is the only thing that could engage her, and she proves herself capable of achieving her goals of spreading it through her convoluted murder plots. In many ways, her actions reflect the conviction and determination of a Sagittarius.

1 Capricorn: Kureo Mado (Tokyo Ghoul)

Generally, most Tokyo Ghoul fans hold a very unfavorable opinion of Detective Mado, and it comes as no surprise given his actions. What notably makes this character reflective of a Capricorn is his vengeful nature.

We come to find out after his demise that detective Mado’s sadistic thrill in killing ghouls is derived primarily from his wife’s death at the hands of the One-Eyed King. When matters do not include the subject of ghouls, however, the detective shares a Capricorn’s discipline and good management, as can be seen in his interactions with Amon.

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Though Japanese culture often associates blood type with personality, we're here to discuss the zodiac signs of these 10 prominent anime villains.

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