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From animals to crooks, DC superheroes have had a host of sidekicks in all shapes and forms. These heroes come in such variety, in fact, that there is no shortage of personalities with which fans of all sorts of backgrounds can relate.

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While these sidekicks, like their mentors, are stars in their own right, they are also very comparable to actual star signs. From Aquarius to Capricorn, there is a sidekick for you no matter what zodiac you are. So, in appreciation for decades of great DC sidekicks, let’s take a look at which of these heroes you’re most like based on your star sign.

12 Aquarius: Roy Harper (Speedy)

One of the longest standing superhero sidekicks in DC comics, Roy Harper was introduced in the 1940s as Green Arrow‘s teen sidekick. While the young man had many developments within the comics from becoming a father to turning into a drug addict, much of his personality has remained consistent and Aquarius-like through it all.

Fun and loving but also independent and brash, Speedy displays the most prominent of Aquarius traits in most of his renditions. Additionally, the unconventional superhero struggles he is put through allows for a more broad-minded character that has a wider perspective on things than his peers due to the first-hand experience.

11 Pisces: Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad)

Calm and collected under pressure, Aquaman‘s sidekick representation of the Pisces zodiac may be a bit on the nose, but it is still very accurate. If you needed more evidence past affiliation with the water, Kaldur’ahm’s responsibility and careful planning are both reflective of this zodiac’s characteristic wisdom.

Not to mention, from what we see within the Young Justice series, the young superhero is quite mature which may sometimes make him seem distant to others or boring in comparison.

10 Aries: Stephanie Brown (Batgirl)

One of many renditions of Batman‘s female sidekick’s, Stephanie Brown has long been a fan-favorite in the Bat-family for being a character audiences can identify with – more than others, at least. With her confidence and bold nature, she’s also someone Aries zodiacs can relate to.

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Not free from her downfalls, though, we see Stephanie display other Aries qualities of aggression and a short temper. However, her strong sense of justice and determination keep this sidekick on the good side, unlike her father.

9 Taurus: Mia Dearden (Speedy)

Another rendition of Green Arrow’s sidekick, Mia Dearden is subject to the same unrelenting lens of real-world problems just as her sidekick predecessor Roy was. With a traumatic backstory and her fair share of betrayals, this Speedy is fit to represent the Taurus zodiac with her relentless determination and stoicism.

Additionally, Mia’s romantic history may be another factor the more ill-fated of this zodiac would relate to.

8 Gemini: Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

As the cousin of everyone’s favorite Man of Steel, Supergirl posses many of the same powers as Superman which set her as a superhero in her own right. If you’re a Gemini then you’ll find the young Kryptonian relatable in her dual nature.

More than just her two different personas between a regular girl and a crime-fighting hero, Kara has a gentle and awkward nature that can transform into a serious and confident heroic front. Kara Danvers or Supergirl, those are just two sides of the same coin.

7 Cancer: Sanderson Hawkins (Sandy the Golden Boy)

Sidekick to superhero Sandman (not to be confused with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman), the Golden Boy is one hero which often slips by the radar of even the most dedicated DC fans. However, just because he is underrated that doesn’t mean Sandy is any less of a relatable personality to Cancers.

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Intuitive and extremely loyal, Hawkins brings out prominent Cancer attributes without the overly sentimental nature. While he exhibits a calm and polite demeanor like many cancers, he also doesn’t shy away from being an occasional smart-ass; all of which adds to his depth of character and a rather humorous personality not unlike that of this zodiac.

6 Leo: Dick Grayson (Robin)

The original Robin, the future Nightwing, and Batman’s successor in numerous comics, Dick Grayson has a sanguine personality which many Leos can identify with. The youngest Grayson has this zodiac’s signature charismatic and good-humored nature which can be offset by their arrogant and temperamental tendencies.

While he would rather not lead, his natural affinity for leadership makes it so that he does a good job when asked to assume the role of whether or not he prefers it. Additionally, Grayson’s ability to move past most hardships and struggles – some of which his mentor and guardian spent years brooding over – further sets him up as the perfect representative of the king of the jungle zodiac in his unchallenged demeanor.

5 Virgo: Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)

Barbara may be the second Batgirl on this list, but the commissioner Gordon‘s daughter is the original female sidekick and has had many roles within Gotham ever since her inception. From the sidekick to Oracle, and all the way to her role as Gotham City Police’s commissioner, Barbara has always maintained a methodical and diligent approach with most things in life much like a Virgo.

In every role she’s been given, she has always been reliable if a little stubborn at times; which has led to uncharacteristically reckless behavior or long-held grudges in some cases.

4 Libra: Donna Troy (Wonder Girl)

Originally meant to be the teenage version of Wonder Woman, the sidekick quickly grew into her own character and soon joined the Teen Titans to make up one of the original 5. Given her origin, it comes as no surprise that Donna shares many features with both the Amazonian Goddess and the Libra zodiac.

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Just like Diana, Donna is charming, loving, and caring. However, the Teen Titan’s Earthly origins make her a better representative of Libras because she is more capable of forming close connections with others and far more liable to fall in love that the Goddess. Additionally, unlike the later rendition of Wonder Girl, Donna prefers to forge her own path rather than aspire to be more like Dianna.

3 Scorpio: Eddie Bloomberg (Kid Devil)

Currently more well-known as Red Devil, Eddie Bloomberg was originally the sidekick of the superhero Blue Devil. While the superhero’s fixation on his mentor and stubborn determination to become a sidekick should reflect traits all too familiar to Scorpios, there is more that sets Eddie a character with which Scorpios can relate.

Kid Devil has always displayed great bravery in his heroic journey. From his search for powers to his final battle, the devilish hero is never one to shy away from a challenge – especially when others’ lives are on the line. Additionally, he shares his loyalty and honest friendships with Scorpios as can be seen of his relationship with Rose Wilson.

2 Sagittarius: Wally West (Kid Flash)

Wally West was, as the name may indicate, the original Flash sidekick but later became the third Flash. The young hero was additionally one of the original Teen Titans which allowed fans more insight into his character as an independent hero over the years.

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Humorous, confident, and good-natured like his predecessor, West also brings back some of the more negative aspects of a Sagittarius in his impatience and short temper. Let’s not forget about the energetic and optimistic nature shared by all renditions of the fast hero and members of this zodiac.

1 Capricorn: Jason Todd (Robin)

Last but not least, we have yet another one of the Dark Knight‘s sidekicks. Jason Todd is the second person to assume the role of Robin and would later become Red Hood after some misadventures with dying.

What makes the future anti-hero the perfect representation of a Capricorn is his sense of responsibility that is coupled with a vengeful and pessimistic attitude. That nature is expected with all that Todd had gone through in his days as Robin. Overall, the second Robin exhibits great independence which allows him to pursue his own moral philosophy in ridding the streets of Gotham from some all too prevalent threats.

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Although they don't get the spotlight their heroes get, sidekicks are just as important to the plot. Which sidekick do you feel most relatable to?

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