Which Demon Slayer Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest shonen anime right now. With only one season currently out, it has made such large strives within the anime community. Demon Slayer is currently just as big as hit titles such as Naruto and My Hero Academia, which is truly an impressive feat.

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The show has a wide variety of characters, with all being unique and special in their own ways. Fans haven’t gotten to meet them all extensively in the anime just yet due to the length of the show, but they all seem to have become fan favorites within the anime community overall. Here are the different characters and their lunar zodiac signs based on their personalities. Which are you?

12  Rat – Kanae Kocho

Even with the short time fans had with Kanae in one of Shinobu’s flashbacks, a lot of her personality was shown, making her the perfect candidate for the Rat of the Chinese zodiac. The Rat is quick-witted, smart, charming, and persuasive. These are all qualities Kanae exhibited while rescuing Kanao from the slavers she was imprisoned by. She persuaded her younger sister to help her save the girl, came up with a witty plan to do so quickly, and is overall a very charming person. She is extremely kind-hearted and therefore missed greatly by all in the Butterfly Estate.

11 Ox – Shinobu Kocho

Ox’s are known to be patient, conservative, and kind yet they also come off as extremely stubborn. These are all qualities and traits that Shinobu has expressed throughout her time on the show. In the flashback we see of her, we see how feisty and stubborn she is. Yet, as we know her with Tanjiro and the group, she appears to be very kind-hearted, is always smiling, and is rather conservative. She is a strict instructor but always seems to be there for her students.

10 Tiger – Muzan Kibutsuji

The Tiger, much like its real-life counterpart, is an authoritative, courageous, and intense leader. He is fearsome to many, even those that follow him. Muzan is a perfect example of this. Fans of the anime still don’t know too much about this character, except that he is harboring a secret that could tie him closely to Tanjiro and his ancestors.

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Muzan is feared by all. He is the biggest threat to the Hashira pillars and is sworn loyalty out of fear by all the 12 demon moons.

9 Rabbit – Tanjiro Kamado

Like the Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac, Tanjiro is compassionate and sincere. He always puts others before himself and is kind to everyone, even demons. Tanjiro is doing everything in his power to save the last living relative he has, his sister. He is trying to change her back into a human so she can once again live a normal life. Every struggle he has gone through, every strenuous, near-death battle has been for her.

The rabbits of the zodiac are also quite popular. Maybe it’s his kind manner, but everyone in Demon Slayer seems to flock towards Tanjiro. They want to see him succeed.

8 Dragon – Kyojuro Rengoku

The Dragon of the Chinese zodiac makes the most sense for this character. Not only because of his fiery appearance and persona but also due to the matching personalities of the two. The Dragon is energetic, fear-less, and charismatic. Those are all traits this character exudes. Fans are anticipating the Demon Slayer movie, Mugen Train, in which Rengoku acts as one of the main characters. He is kind to Tanjiro and to all he meets. He is unafraid of conflict if it means he gets to save people in the process. He will do everything in his power, making him a warm-hearted individual, another trait of the Dragon.

7 Snake – Kanao Tsuyuri

Most people assume the Snake would be a sly, mischievous being with a cold-heart, as they often associate the animal. However, in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake represents something totally different. While they are typically charming, it is due to their generous and smart natures which Kanao portrays even with her extremely quiet appearance. Fans learn that the reason for this is because she just can’t decide what exactly to say or when to say it.

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But Kanao wishes she would become more social, already possessing a number of friends within the Butterfly Estate, and quickly making friends with Tanjiro. Snakes are social in the zodiac, and Kanao strives to embody this even more.

6 Horse – Inosuke Hashibira

While Inosuke definitely wants to be the embodiment of the Boar in the Chinese zodiac, he much better fits the role of the Horse. The Horse is energetic and independent. They love to travel on their own and move to their own beat. Inosuke fits this perfectly. He is probably the most energetic character in this show, always screaming about something different. He is also the most impatient, another quality of the Horse. He likes things to happen when he wants them to. Oftentimes, he’d rather jump into action then sit around waiting for Tanjiro, or anyone else.

5 Goat – Nezuko Kamada

The Goat, or Sheep, of the Chinese zodiac, fits Nezuko perfectly. Both are extremely peace-loving creatures, who are kind and a bit shy. Nezuko wants peace between the demons and humans because she wants to protect humans at all cost. As a demon, Nezuko wants to save her brother, Tanjiro, from all harm. She is then hypnotized to see all humans as her family that must be protected from oncoming dangers. She is the strongest demon in the show and often uses it to her advantage to keep humans safe and keep the peace.

4 Monkey – Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is a trip. He is 0ne of the funniest characters in Demon Slayer and bounces off Inosuke wonderfully as another chaotically energetic character. Zenitsu jumps back and forth between courage and fear (oftentimes taking on the latter). He is incredibly powerful, but only when he is actually unaware of what dangers he is putting himself into. He must be asleep to activate his lightning breath and is only ever useful awake if Nezuko is in trouble. But regardless of this, Zenitsu is a truly fun and unique character.

3 Rooster – Giyu Tomioka

The hard-working Rooster of the zodiac matches Giyu perfectly. As the current water Hashira, Giyu works tirelessly to be the best he can be. He is incredibly powerful and has put all his effort into becoming this. Also, like the Rooster, Giyu is extremely independent. He goes off on his own missions all the time and seems to be the least sociable of the bunch.

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Giyu was also the first person to notice Nezuko, as a demon, was trying to protect her human brother and was fighting the urge she had to kill him with all her might. He was the one to give the two a chance instead of just killing her immediately and also led Tanjiro to meet his old master, Sakonji Urokodaki, who performs the hypnosis on Nezuko and trains Tanjiro to become a warrior.

2 Dog – Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Tanroji is the love pillar of the Hashira. She is extremely generous and overall just loves everyone (except harmful demons). She perfectly fits the Dog of the zodiac due to the loyalty she has for her people and her friends. She loves everyone pretty much evenly and is there to encourage them. She is extremely kind to Tanjiro and Nezuko and tries to help them as much as she can. Mitsuri is also extremely patient and diligent. She may seem like the easiest target of the pillars, but she packs a powerful punch and can easily hold her own in battle.

1 Boar – Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui is proud to be as flamboyant as they come. He likes things that are fashionable and tasteful, hence his excessive and elaborate jewelry. The Boar of the zodiac likes expensive things and luxury items to suit their fancy. That immediately calls back to Uzui. The Boar is also very loving, and with three wives, Uzui makes sure to love them all evenly. He was a former shinobi and knows that with each battle, death could be on the horizon. He makes sure his wives know how much he cares for them. He is also extremely honest, almost brutally so, another trait of the Boar. He tells Tanjiro how it is and admits that while he is strong, he has a long way to go before he can defeat the upper moon demons on his own.

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Demon Slayer is currently just as big as hit titles such as Naruto and My Hero Academia. These are each characters Chinese Zodiac Sign.

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