Which Doctor Who Character Are You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Birth Year?

The horoscope and the Chinese zodiac are common and popular ways to determine a person’s personality and outlook based on when they were born, and this can apply not only for real people, but for fictional ones, too. In the expansive sci-fi universe of BBC’s Doctor Who, for example, there are characters who represent just about every personality type.

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With thirteen major Doctors, many companions, one-off characters, and villains, it’s easy to find a character who matches your personality based on your Chinese zodiac birth year. There are twelve signs, each based on a different animal, and you may be surprised by which Doctor Who character matches your birth year!

12 Year Of The Rat: The 11th Doctor

We begin with the year of the Rat, and we’ll tour the entire Chinese zodiac in order. So, what does it mean to be born as a Rat? These people are quick-witted, resourceful, flexible in their thinking, and generally kind.

Most incarnations of the Doctor fit this mold, but in the modern era, the 11th Doctor fits it best. He invents some of the coolest contraptions of any Doctor, especially that one in “The Lodger” built from everyday items in a British flat (apartment). So resourceful!

11 Year Of The Ox: The 12th Doctor

Next up is the year of the Ox, and these people are known for being diligent and hard workers, like an ox drawing a plow or a cart. In general, Oxes are also dependable, strong and determined people, no matter what.

The 12th Doctor is an Ox because he’s not the type to rush into things like the 10th and 11th Doctors tend to do. He plays the long game and patiently builds up his solution to a problem, and let’s not forget how patient he was with escaping that castle in “Hell Bent.”

10 Year Of The Tiger: The Master

What does it mean to be a Tiger? Those born with this sign are competitive, brave, and confident, and this means that they have a pretty strong and aggressive personality.

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This fits the Master 100%, who is determined to conquer the universe and prove the Doctor’s peaceful ways wrong. He has the biggest rivalry in all of space and time with the Doctor, and he makes for a formidable opponent.

9 Year Of The Rabbit: Rory Williams

Don’t laugh; there’s a lot to like about Rabbits. These people are not meek or soft. Instead, they are elegant, quiet, kind, and dependable, and that makes for an excellent companion or spouse for anyone.

Rory is indeed a Rabbit, as he is one of the more down-to-earth companions who’s less interested in zapping Daleks and more invested in making a comfortable, safe home for himself and Amy. Amy really struck gold with this Rabbit!

8 Year Of The Dragon: The 10th Doctor

The year of the Dragon sounds impressive indeed, and like the fictional creature, people born as Dragons are intelligent, enthusiastic, and confident. They are fairly similar to Tigers, but less competitive and more proud.

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The 10th Doctor is a fan-favorite, and we see traits of the Dragon in him. He’s a genius, and we love his gung-ho “we can do it!” attitude and self-assured ways. He’s always first to lead the charge.

7 Year Of The Snake: The 9th Doctor

Now we’re up to the year of the Snake, and Snakes are known for being somewhat enigmatic, not to mention quite wise and intelligent. They keep their cards close to the chest.

Cue the 9th Doctor! He’s a sharp one and has a great deal of hard-won wisdom from his many travels, but he’s also not nearly as open as his next two incarnations. We know of him, but we don’t really know him. Such mystery!

6 Year Of The Horse: Amy Pond

Horses are known for being among the more extroverted people out there, unlike Rabbits and Snakes. A Horse is active, energetic, and animated. The life of the party, in short.

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Amy Pond is a fine Horse, being a strong-willed and outspoken young woman who knows what she likes… and what she doesn’t! This is what makes her such a witty and fun companion.

5 Year Of The Goat: Clara Oswald

It’s time for the Goat, and what a lovable birth sign it is. Goats are somewhat like rabbits, being gentle, sympathetic, and calm people. This makes them easy to get along with and trust.

Clara Oswald is quite a Goat, given her agreeable personality, her aversion to fighting, and her job as a teacher at Coal Hill school. No wonder Danny Pink was drawn to her!

4 Year Of The Monkey: The 4th Doctor

This should be a fun one. Who doesn’t like monkeys? Anyone born in the year of the Monkey is witty, sharp-minded, and curious. To an extent, every Doctor is like this, but none more than the 4th.

The most famous Doctor of all, the 4th Doctor set himself apart from the first three with his insatiable and boyish curiosity and love of adventure, and his razor-sharp wit.

3 Year Of The Rooster: Donna Noble

We just have a few signs left to go, and one of them is the Rooster. If you’re born as a Rooster, then you are observant, hardworking, and courageous. Those are some fine traits to have.

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Donna Noble is quite the Rooster. She’s tough and smart, and she saved the Doctor a few times with her sharp eye and her fearless courage in the face of rogue Ood, hostile soldiers, Daleks, and more.

2 Year Of The Dog: Mickey Smith

Our second-to-last sign of the Chinse zodiac is the Dog, and anyone born as a Dog is lovely, prudent (they think about the future), and honest. They’re everything you could want in a friend or partner.

Mickey Smith is Rose Tyler’s boyfriend, and though he gets overwhelmed by all the space and time adventures, he is fully committed to his girlfriend and her safety, and when he met his grandmother in an alternate Earth, he spent a lot of time with her.

1 Year Of The Boar: Martha Jones

We have arrived at the 12th sign of the Chinese zodiac: the sign of the Boar! A Boar is known for being generous, diligent, and compassionate, a sort of combination of the Ox, Dog, and Rabbit.

Who else could fit this description but Martha Jones, the second companion of the 10th Doctor? She cares deeply for her family and for all the wonderful people she meets, and she even quit the TARDIS crew voluntarily to stay with her family before anything bad happened to them. But she’s a hard worker, too, and really made something of herself after leaving the Doctor’s side.

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With thirteen major Doctors, companions, one-off characters, and villains, it's easy to find a character who matches your Chinese zodiac sign.

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