Which Fairy Tail Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

With the start of a new cycle in the Chinese calendar, 2020 promises new beginnings and great fortune as the year of the Rat. However, some things cannot begin again, but that does not mean there’s nothing to be taken from them. One such thing is the anime Fairy Tail, which ended its 12-year run late last year with a grand finale. Though spinoff mangas and video games are in production, seeing the main series come to an end marked the end of an era for many. Over the seasons, it has introduced us to a cast of characters in all sorts of shapes and forms, which fans identified with one way or the other.

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Despite its end, the connection fans have made with the characters remains. So, in case you were skeptical about your fortune this year without new Fairy Tail adventures, here’s a list of characters that would represent you according to your Chinese zodiac.

12 Rat: Lisanna Strauss

Starting the list with the current year, those born in the year of the Rat are known to be energetic and likable people, much like the youngest of the Strauss siblings.

What we see of Lisanna’s personality in flashbacks to her childhood is consistent with her current personality, as well as with those under the sign of the Rat. Being able to acclimate to life in Edolas, despite the shock of another world, shows her adaptable nature. Additionally, like many of those born under this zodiac sign, she places great value in family.

11 Ox: Mystogan

While his face and body might be an exact replica of another well-known character in the series, Mystogan’s personality is more fitting for the hard-working Ox.

Like the Ox, Mystogan is not flashy with his talents and powers in the same manner that many of his previous guildmates were. It can be said that this was to keep his identity under wraps, but his general demeanor has always been more reserved. Not to mention, Mystogan is very reliable and loyal, as he fought for Fairy Tail countless of times and singlehandedly defeated some of the strongest wizards who tried to harm the guild by himself.

10 Tiger: Natsu Dragneel

There is no Fairy Tail member who is a better representative of the Tiger sign than Natsu himself. From his best traits to his worst, those born in this year will find themselves reflected in the fiery Fairy Tail member.

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Like Tigers, Natsu is very brave and confident to the point of arrogance, at times. He never fails to deliver on his promises, however, despite how big the challenges ahead of him are – especially if his friends are involved. When it comes to his downfalls, Natsu can be quite impulsive and irritable at times. Of course, we can’t forget about the Tiger’s characteristic overindulgence when it comes to his dining habits, as well.

9 Rabbit: Wendy Marvell

The Wind Dragon Slayer’s shy and gentle nature might make her seem quite weak at first glance, but like the Rabbit, she shouldn’t be underestimated. Rabbits are known for their kindness and polite nature, both of which are attributes clearly displayed by Wendy for as long as she’s been part of the cast. In fact, the young girl goes beyond politeness, as she continues to call guildmates she’s known for years by their honorific title.

However, as previously mentioned, there is more to Wendy than her gentle nature, as she displays persistence in the face of challenges on multiple occasions.

8 Dragon: Erza Scarlet

While Natsu might be the Fire Dragon Slayer of the guild, it’s Erza who embodies the heart and personality of the Dragon throughout the series.

While Dragons may sometimes be regarded as hotheaded and aggressive, like Erza, they also possess bravery and courage fitting for an inspiring leader. This zodiac sign is also hardworking and honest, which gains people’s trust, and we see Erza exhibit these traits consistently throughout the show. Overall, despite how scary she may seem from a distance, Erza is simply as earnest as the Dragon.

7 Snake: Mirajane Strauss

Snakes have a bad reputation in the West, but in Chinese mythology, the creature is representative of wisdom and experience. The characteristics that the Snake symbolizes can be found in Mirajane’s character, as well.

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While her personality was drastically different in her youth, the Mirajane we know is quite calm, with an aura of sophistication. Additionally, in the same manner as the Snake, she is easy to speak to, which provides a comfortable environment for both old and new guild members.

6 Horse: Gildarts Clive

While he was absent for much of the anime and manga’s start, only making consistent appearances starting with the Tenrou Island arc, Gildarts’ personality is as hard to ignore as his reputation. Of what we see, most aspects of his character point to a nature similar to that of the Horse zodiac sign.

Those born under this sign are known to be quite fierce and aggressive, but also quite forgetful and unaware of their surroundings. Such a description fits perfectly with Gildarts, who is one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail but tends to be quite absent-minded about most details. Additionally, just like the Horse, Gildarts seems to prefer independence and has more of a lone-wolf approach to most of his quests.

5 Goat: Lucy Heartfilia

As the narrator and main protagonist of the show (a fact that often forgotten in favor of the more powerful Natsu), Lucy is a great representative of the Goat sign for all the perseverance and resilience she’s shown in over a decade of serialization.

Those born under the Goat sign are characterized by a gentle character that hides strength and unmatched motivation beneath it. Additionally, this zodiac sign is unlikely to act brashly, as they prefer to think their actions through, much like the celestial mage. Not to mention, despite her own strength, Lucy shines best in a group of close friends, which many Goats can relate to.

4 Monkey: Levy McGarden

Like most Monkeys, Levy is well-known in the guild for her intelligence, and we see members of the guild turn to her for information on numerous occasions. However, her intelligence is not the only feature that she shares with this zodiac.

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Levy is calm and rational in times of stress, and she is one of the more mature members of the guild, despite her young age. Another trait she shares with those born under this sign is her competitive nature. While we don’t see her exhibit this nature, it becomes clear in the Tenrou Island arc (which actually shows a lot more of Levy than other arcs), making it perfect for the Monkey’s enjoyment, as well.

3 Rooster: Loke

The best fit for this character is none other than the Rooster. Ever since his introduction, Loke is shown to be popular and charming (mostly with the ladies). Another Rooster quality he possesses is his fierce loyalty, which we see in his sacrifice of staying outside the spirit realm in order to protect Aries.

While he may be sometimes as vain as a Rooster, this lion is has a good heart and is willing to stick his money where his mouth is.

2 Dog: Makarov Dreyar

Who better to represent the loyal Dog than the guild master himself? Despite his old age, Makarov maintains much of the same energy of this zodiac sign. He cares deeply about his guild members and regards them as family – something sacred to most Dogs.

His willingness to risk himself time and time again to protect his guild and family makes Makarov the perfect representation of this zodiac sign, as well as arguably the best guild master in all of Fiore.

1 Pig: Macao Conbolt

While the pig may have a negative connotation, this zodiac is among the most hardworking and are quite diligent. As such, those born under this sign will find it easy to relate to the character of Macao Conbolt.

Following the events of the Tenrou Island arc, Macao was the one to take on the responsibility of carrying the guild as its master. In addition to a Pig’s gravitation towards authoritative positions, Macao has shown that he is more calm and careful in the face of conflict, as can be seen in his endurance of the Twilight Ogre guild’s abuse. Overall, Macao made for a good guild master while he held the position and an even better representation of the Pig zodiac sign.

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Anime classic, Fairy Tail is over, after 12 long years. But the fun hasn't stopped. Find what character you are based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

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