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The ultimate bastion of law and order in the DC Universe, the Green Lantern Corps patrols the cosmos as an intergalactic police force. Responsible for their own respective sectors and sometimes charged with uniting to defend against a (multi)universal threat, the Corps can affect the destinies of billions of lives across the stars. But how do the stars affect their destinies?

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The Corps is as numerous as the stars in the sky, and each of its members has their own unique personality and view of their peace-keeping role. So the question arises, Which Green Lantern Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?


Technically not a member of the Corps but a Green Lantern nonetheless, Alan Scott was the first DC Earth inhabitant to call himself by that moniker. Setting the standard for heroism for all Earthen Green Lanterns to come, Scott’s career was definitely fueled by his traits as a Leo.

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Determined and courageous, Scott was utterly fearless in his battle against crime, facing down evil villains without batting an eye. Like all Leos, however, he tempered that determination with a gregarious warm-heartedness that made him approachable to all his fans and well-wishers.


Hal Jordan is widely regarded as the best Green Lantern to ever wear a ring and embodies characteristics of bravery, resourcefulness, and steel-will determination. His consistently brash and headlong dives into danger clearly brand him as a Scorpio, as does his ability to get himself out of the scrapes he puts himself into with nothing but resolve and creative imagination. Unfortunately, Hal also carries a major unfavorable Scorpio characteristic, in that he is sometimes temperamental. Able to fly by the seat of his pants when angry or excitable, Hal needs to learn how to control his emotional impulses better at times.


Guy Gardner would have been Abin Sur’s ring’s first choice of replacement had his spacecraft crashed closer to him than Hal Jordan, but Guy’s eventual ascension into the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps has allowed his Aries traits to shine. Courageous, determined, assertive, and competitive, Guy’s brash, in-your-face attitude has allowed him to become one of the Corps’ most effective members.

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However, he also has some detrimental Aries traits in his quick-tempered reflexes and impatience. Moreover, his Aries-type arrogance has led to his alienation from some of his superhero colleagues and love interests.


John Stewart was both a member of the Marine Corps and an architect before becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps, so he’s got no problem being on the battlefield or designing plans. What makes him good at doing both are his analytical, hard-working, and creative traits; characteristics he owes to his status as a Virgo.

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Introspective and observational by nature, John assesses and analyzes everything that comes his way, allowing him to think of creative ways to overcome the problems he encounters. Once he decides on a course of action, John will see it to the very end, making him one of the most reliable Green Lanterns in the Corps.


Kilowog is the Corps’ resident drill sergeant, charged with training new recruits in the art of using a Power Ring. Within that capacity, Kilowog is as tough as nails, pushing his charges as far as their wills will allow it and sometimes beyond.

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With his strict sense of order and discipline, Kilowog best represents the traits of a Capricorn. Prudent and grounded, there’s nothing Kilowog doesn’t take seriously about his job. Thankfully, his disciplined approach to Green Lantern training is offset by his sense of humor, another trait of a Capricorn.


The Green Lantern Corps is comprised of beings from all over the universe, but perhaps the most fantastical is Mogo. A sentient planet, Mogo offers the Corps a refuge from Oa and is also one of the Corps’ most powerful members. Temperate in both attitude and climate, Mogo displays the harmonious balance that is associated with those who fall under the Libra sign. Measured in thought and action, Mogo provides a sense of stability for the Corps when its members need counsel or refuge.


When Kyle Rayner was chosen as a Green Lantern, he was happily going about his business as a freelance artist and not expecting to be thrust into the galactic limelight. Thankfully, his Aquarian traits helped him weather the storm and become one of the best ring-slingers out there.

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Aquarians are nothing if not creative, and Kyle has always had the reputation of being one of the most creative construct-builders in the Corps. Moreover, Aquarians are altruistic and idealistic, which describes Kyle’s tenure as the torch-bearer and as Ion to a tee.


Simon Baz is one of Earth’s newest Green Lanterns. Growing up subject to anti-Islamic hysteria and profiling adversely affected Simon, giving him an inner rage that most born under the Taurus sign can identify with. But along with that anger comes other Taurean traits like determination, practicality, and stubbornness, which have helped Baz in his career as a Green Lantern in multiple instances. Although quelling his anger and hard-headedness in some situations is something Baz still needs to learn, there’s a lot of potential in this Taurean Lantern.


Like most people born under the Pisces sign, Jessica Cruz can oftentimes be overwhelmed by her emotions and suffer from periods of being withdrawn from the outside world. This is mostly due to her suffering from an anxiety disorder, but her ability to overcome her fears in order to function as a Lantern reveals another Pisces trait: adaption. Cruz didn’t really want the ring she was given, but adapted to her situation with courage and conviction, struggling with her condition but excelling at her job. Overcoming great fear, Cruz has the potential to become one of the greatest Lanterns ever!


Sojourner Mullein is the newest Green Lantern to hail from Earth, assigned to patrol the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Being as far removed from the Corps and the Guardians as she is, Sojourner has a no-nonsense attitude in her dealings with the planets in her sector, which is a distinctly Sagittarian trait. With no time for prevarication, Sojourner has a reputation for being extremely straightforward, a trait that Sagittarians exude in spades. Moreover, Sojourner exhibits a Sagittarius-like enthusiasm for her work and keeping order in her sector.

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There are many Green Lanterns defending the universe out there, which one are you based on your Zodiac?

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