Which Haikyuu!! Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

For a sports anime, the characters in Haikyuu!! are all pretty dynamic and have a number of different qualities that make their relationships as rivals and team members flow wonderfully. They are all extremely unique and react to situations in their own special ways, making their personality traits clear to the viewers of the show. Due to this, it is fairly simple to see which Chinese Lunar zodiac signs the characters fit into.

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Unlike western zodiac symbols that are based on the month you were born, Lunar zodiac is based on the year you were born in. Each sign has a range of different elements that further determine the personality of the sign, for example, a fire rat will be energetic and brave while a wood rat would be more independent and self-confident. Each animal sign has slightly different personality traits, which Haikyuu!! character do you match up with?

12 Rat – Shoyo Hinata

In the Lunar zodiac, Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, smart, and charming, all traits that fit Hinata near perfect. Hinata may not be the best when it comes to actual schoolwork, but he has a certain level of street smart that allows him to excel on the volleyball court. He is extremely friendly and pretty much makes friends on every team he encounters, even if they originally start off as his rivals. Hinata needs to often make extremely quick decisions in the middle of matches in order to score unlikely points and switch up the playstyle against the enemy team.

11 Ox – Daichi Sawamura

Daichi makes the perfect Ox. He is diligent, hard-working, tolerant, and kind. As captain of the team, he constantly has to deal with Karasuno’s shenanigans and better Kageyama, Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tanaka that is an extremely heavy weight to carry. Yet, Daichi does so proudly. He may get a bit frustrated at times, but his scold is always done with love for his team. Daichi is incredibly determined to see Karasuno become one of the greatest high school volleyball teams.

10 Tiger – Tetsuro Kuroo

Besides the fact that he is the team captain of Nekoma, also known as the cats, Kuroo makes a perfect Tiger in the Lunar zodiac for his confident and competitive personality. Kuroo and his team are natural enemies to Karasuno due to their schools’ “garbage dump showdowns.” This is something Kuroo often takes to heart as he always creates an air of friendly rivalry when he sees Daichi. Tigers are known to be very authoritative and great leaders who oftentimes don’t prepare for anything but are ready for everything, a trait that makes Kuroo a fierce captain.

9 Rabbit – Asahi Azumane

Rabbits are the popular, kind, compassionate signs of the Lunar zodiac, something that fits Asahi perfectly. They often joke in the series that his appearance makes him appear to many as a thug, but his personality is totally soft and shy. He is the best-mannered character in Karasuno and is always apologizing when he makes mistakes and cheering for his comrades’ good deeds.

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Rabbits are always quick and alert, something that gives Asahi great advantage on the court. He has great reaction time and is always able to volley the ball back to the other side of the net. Daichi initially wasn’t the best at conveying his feelings and struggles with volleyball, which is one of the negative traits Rabbits display.

8 Dragon – Toru Oikawa

This bold and eccentric creature matches perfectly with his Lunar zodiac counterpart. Oikawa is charismatic and pretty much fear-less. He knows his skills are difficult to beat so he has all the confidence to match. Oikawa, like the Dragon, can sometimes have a silver tongue and knows exactly how to get under Kageyama’s skin, making the boy question his playstyle. Oikawa is also not really open to criticism which is why he takes everything Hajime Iwaizumi says to heart.

7 Snake – Kei Tsukishima

Tsukishima is a bit of a hard nut to crack in Haikyuu!! He oftentimes is pretty cold-hearted and comes off a bit sadistic and angry towards his team. But that aggressive exterior is hiding the truth of how much he cares underneath. He cares about his team succeeding and cares about being good enough on the team to not let them down. Like the Snake, Tsukishima is totally introverted about these thoughts and is an excellent thinker, coming up with strategies while in the middle of a game. Snakes also prefer to work alone, something that is totally impossible in a team game like volleyball, yet somehow Tsukishima still portrays that idea in all of his actions.

6 Horse – Ryunosuke Tanaka

This loud and eccentric goofball of a character makes a perfect horse. Tanaka is proud, energetic, and totally animated in every move he makes. Everything he does feels more like a production than an actual play. He is a bit impatient when it comes to playing volleyball, as he just wants to get better and puts himself down whenever he doesn’t achieve that. This mindset also makes Tanaka somewhat independent. He oftentimes forgets he is playing with a team, instead of just himself.

5 Goat – Kenma Kozume

Like the Goat in Lunar zodiac (or sometimes also called the Sheep), Kenma is extremely shy and mild-mannered but is also very kind. His soft-spoken personality bounced off Hinata’s loud ways perfectly, making the two of them become friends very quickly after meeting each other.

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Kenma is gentle everywhere but on the court, which allows him to be the perfect setter for Nekoma. Goats are known to like being in groups, as long as they’re not the one in the spotlight, a trait in which Kenma displays both on the court and in life.

4 Monkey – Yu Nishinoya

This is probably the most accurate depiction of the Lunar zodiac signs on this list, Nishinoya is the perfect Monkey. He loves fun, is loud, creative, and loves a little mischief. Nishinoya oddly loves the spotlight and is probably the most eccentric member on the team. He is almost always yelling about something and making jokes with the other members. Nishinoya is incredibly smart and gets pretty serious when he’s in-game but is easily able to snap back to his comedic roots.

3 Rooster – Tobio Kageyama

Kageyama started off the series as an extremely independent character. So much so, in fact, that he hated being on a team with anyone he found disappointing (which was everyone other than himself). But over time, Kageyama adjusted to becoming a good team player and focused on being more observant of his own team so he can suggest new methods to help them improve. Like the Rooster as well, Kageyama is extremely hard working, he practices more than pretty much everyone and is always trying to come up with new ways to improve himself for his team.

2 Dog – Kiyoko Shimizu

As manager of the team, Shimizu is the reliable and diligent head on the shoulders of Karasuno. She is often there for the boys whenever they need her, for whatever. She gives moral and literal support to all of them. She is dedicated to the team and tries as much as she can to help them succeed. Shimizu is faithful to Karasuno’s success and believes they all can fly high. She also is extremely patient, something she needs to be when working with Tanaka and Nishinoya who are constantly fanboying over her.

1 Pig – Koshi Sugawara

Sugawara is one of the most two-faced characters in Karasuno but in the best way and his personality suits the Pig wonderfully. He is super wholesome but is also a giant tease and enjoys poking fun at the younger members of the team, but every tease and sarcastic remark is obviously done with love and no malicious intent. He is sometimes brutally honest when the boys need to be told to behave or act accordingly but is always super compassionate with every member on the team, treating them more like family than teammates.

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The characters in Haikyuu!! are all pretty dynamic, with some unique personalities. What would their Chinese Zodiac signs be?

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