Which Horror Anime Should You Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

What kind of anime you watch depends on many things, but one thing everyone can agree on is that your likelihood of enjoying an anime largely depends on your personal preferences. When it comes to horror, more specifically, choosing what to watch can be a hit or miss most of the time. While some get a kick out pure existential dread, others have a weaker stomach in the face of gore.

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As many believe your zodiac constellation to be indicative of your personality and taste, it is easier to determine what kind of show you would be interested in with some of those determining attributes. So, in order to help you choose your next source of an adrenaline rush, here is a list of horror anime you would enjoy according to your zodiac.

12 Aquarius: The Promised Neverland

A 2020 Crunchyroll Awards winner in both the best fantasy and best antagonist category and nominated for many more, this anime has quickly risen to acclaim in the anime community. The storyline of The Promised Neverland is sure to keep your jaw hanging and adrenaline pumping; especially if you’re an Aquarius.

Due to its heavy emphasis on plot development, we won’t discuss the plot so as to give you a chance to watch this anime and experience every moment for yourself. Without going into any spoilers, however, this is a perfect horror anime for Aquariuses due to their intellectual and philanthropically motivated attitude that is strikingly similar to that of the main protagonist.

11 Pisces: Mononoke

Amongst all the zodiac signs, Pisces is the most well-known for their artistic and creative appreciation. Given that nature, it only seems fit to choose a show that makes use of those values in order to unsettle audiences.

Mononoke takes place in feudal Japan and centers around one occultist’s journey to locate and slay malevolent spirits known as “mononoke.” With a breathtaking art style and a vibrant color palette which stands at odds with the darker themes of the show, this anime is one which a Pisces is sure to enjoy.

10 Aries: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

For the Aries zodiacs who are brimming with energy and prefer something more dynamic, this anime is a perfect fit. Action, horror, drama, and the supernatural invade just about every scene, guaranteeing that there won’t be any room for boredom in this binge-watching session.

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The show takes place in an industrial setting that was invaded by horrifying creatures (“kabane”) after a virus had spread. The anime is similar to Attack on Titan in many ways, but, unfortunately, defeat to these creatures means a fate far worse than death for the characters.

9 Taurus: Madoka Magica

Taurus zodiacs are known for many things of which their patience and resolve are most prominent. That coupled with their appreciation for beauty and hedonistic perspectives make this zodiac the perfect audience for Madoka Magica.

The anime follows middle school student Madoka who encounters a cat-like creature named Kyubey along with her friend. Kyubey offers to grant the two’s wishes and give them magical powers in exchange for fighting witches. Madoka Magica is arguably the best magical girl anime out there, but keep in mind what sort of list this is.

8 Gemini: Elfen Lied

While Geminis receive a lot of grief for their inconsistent nature and polarizing depth of character, Elfen Lied exhibits much of the same nature if albeit pushed into extremes.

The anime introduces the existence of another class of humans known as the “diclonius” who are born with short horns, and telekinetic powers. The main protagonist, Lucy, being a diclonii is subject to inhumane experimentation, and the show starts with her running away from the facility she was captive in. With plot points following split personality and deep insight into character motivations and relations, Elfen Lied is guaranteed to become a favorite of any Gemini.

7 Cancer: Shiki

With their emotional tendencies and deep-rooted loyalty, Cancers value relations with friends and family more than any other zodiac. With such priorities, Shiki is a perfect anime to add to your to-watch list if you want to be unsettled in many ways.

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Based on a novel of the same name by Fuyumi Ono, Shiki has a characteristic slow burn to its horror that is carried over from its original source material. The story revolves around a town in which death slowly starts to spread after a peculiar family moves to the top of the village’s hill. With a haunting soundtrack and an art style that can quickly turn oddly disturbing at times, Shiki is sure to unnerve you further with every episode.

6 Leo: Attack on Titan

Over the past 7 years, Attack on Titan has risen to international acclaim and brought in many viewers outside the anime community. While the anime’s popularity makes it hard to imagine that there are people out there yet to watch it, it is still the perfect selection for Leos who are known for their bravery and subsequent appreciation of the trait.

For those unfamiliar with the plot, Attack on Titan follows a human society confined behind walls in the face of the threat of titans – giant, humanoid creatures that feast on people. While the mere premise of the anime introduces a sense of claustrophobia, it also doesn’t shy from displaying grotesque deaths and grim realities. None of the characters are safe in their life as cattle, as the main protagonist makes it clear time and time again.

5 Virgo: Paranoia Agent

As the only anime to be produced by legendary director Satoshi Kon, it can be said that Paranoia Agent is somewhat of a cult classic within the anime community. While the works of this director enjoy a more niche audience due to their complex themes and symbolism heavy execution, it is right up the alley of the analytical and detail-oriented Virgos.

The anime follows a chain of assaults in Musashino City committees by an unidentified, young assailant with a golden bat known as “Lil’ Slugger” as two detectives attempt to unravel the mystery of the crimes. The show makes use of episodic storytelling by focusing on a new character and victim every episode, allowing insight into both the investigation and the mounting fear created by Lil’ Slugger.

4 Libra: Dorohedoro

Premiering in January of this year, Dorohedoro has already made a name for itself in the anime community with its social commentary and light-hearted tone despite disturbing subject matter. With its dark themes, there is much which makes this anime a good fir for the justice conscious Libra.

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Dorohedro‘s horror is reflective of the original author’s appreciation for Junji Ito in its usage of body horror. The anime follows Kaiman, a man disfigured by magic and suffering from amnesia, on his journey to recover both his face and memories. With its worldwide release scheduled for late May on Netflix, Dorohedoro is sure to end up on many Libras’ to-watch list.

3 Scorpio: Serial Experiments Lain

Scorpios have a formidable fortitude that is aided by their passionate and stubborn nature when it comes to seeking out the truth. That prominent feature of the zodiac makes it one of few that could withstand the convoluted horror of Serial Experiments Lain.

The anime follows the title-featured Lain; a fourteen-year-old girl who slowly uncovers her true nature as she forms a unique connection to a virtual reality network known as The Wired. The show has left many fans confused after a first viewing in the past, but a Scorpio’s analytical nature gives us faith in their ability to enjoy the unique anime.

2 Sagittarius: Deadman Wonderland

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is known to value freedom and seeking answers; which makes the zodiac all too perfect for this horror anime which exploits those very same values.

The anime begins with Igarashi being sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and subsequently being sent to the very same jail featured in the title: Deadman Wonderland. From there Ginta meets his childhood best friend Shino and quickly starts to find out that this is no regular prison. If you’re a Sagittarius, you’ll likely find yourself at the edge of your seat as the mystery and action within this show unravels.

1 Capricorn: Happy Sugar Life

Capricorns are often misunderstood to be emotionally detached due to their calm and calculating nature. Being acquainted first hand with the reality of being judged incorrectly from a distance, Happy Sugar Life is the perfect choice for this zodiac.

The anime follows high school student Sato Matsuzaka who quickly forms a close connection with a young girl named Shio. From that point onwards, Sato vows to protect her previous Shio and the “happy sugar life” which they share together. Be warned, though, the happy sugar life here is probably too sweet to handle for more sensitive Capricorns.

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What horror anime you'd enjoy really depends on your personality. use this guide to find your perfect show.

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