Which KonoSuba Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! is one of the breakout anime of the past few years. However, this series isn’t so well-loved for its plot, its action, its animation, or anything else along those lines. The buzz around Konosuba comes from its hilarious cast of well-written characters.

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The series’ cast boasts a variety of different and charming personalities that completely reel in just about any new viewer even the tiniest bit curious about this “blessing on this wonderful world” thing. This list will show just which character you may be associated with according to your Chinese Zodiac sign.

12 Year of the Pig: Wolbach

When it comes to the Chinese Zodiac signs, the pig isn’t associated with the personality traits that many would assume. This animal carries the description of being a goal-oriented creature that is very compassionate and diligent. This is similar to Wolbach, an evil god and a general of the Demon King who actually showed compassion for Megumin. She also constantly shows that she is a patient general with a very calm demeanor.

11 Year of the Dog: Keele

The dog is about what everyone would expect. This animal is man’s best friend and will stay loyal even at the worst of times. They are also constantly full of energy and always outwardly reflect the happiness in their heart.

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This loyalty mirrors Kelee, the former Arch Wizard that became a Lich for no other reason than to save the one that he loved. While he was on the run and fighting an entire kingdom, he remained a very upbeat person and stayed with his beloved princess even though it made a whole kingdom his enemy.

10 Year of the Rooster: Beldia

The rooster is noted to be a hardworking individual according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Those that fall under this title are always focused on the task at hand and never falter despite who or what gets in their way.

These are traits that Beldia showed off throughout his multiple appearances in Konosuba. Although he was annoyed and tested by the heroes and has a bit of a perverted mind, he remained hardworking and dedicated, though he let his temper get the best of him at times.

9 Year of the Tiger: Mitsurugi Kiyouya

Confident, courageous, and, in the case of Mitsurugi “cool,” the year of the tiger marks an age for those who fall under these descriptions, and Mitsurugi perfectly encapsulates all of these traits—at least, in his own eyes.

Mitsurugi tries his best to be the Prince Charming he believes he is. He’s an idealistic and heroic character that ends up coming off as a stereotypical hero. However, in the case of Konosuba, he’s more annoying than anything, even going as far as to think he’s the main character.

8 Year of the Rabbit: Luna

Rabbits are known as the most down-to-earth creatures according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. They always treat others with compassion and always get respect from others, even without commanding them to do so.

This reflects the famous adventure guild’s receptionist, Luna. She does her best to manage the adventurers of Axel and his a big sister-like figure, and she is always very kind and caring, no matter the adventurer that approaches her.

7 Year of the Snake: Eris

Snakes are creatures that fall into the mysterious, clever, and somewhat sneaky category. While these descriptions may make them seem like they’re always up to no good, they aren’t usually as menacing as they’re made out to be.

This is just like Eris, a goddess that is actually very kind and gentle. However, when she first appears, she lets her childish nature get the best of her while in her sneaky thief disguise known as “Chris.”

6 Year of the Sheep: Wiz

Those that are soft, peaceful, and calm fall under the year of the sheep. These people also are also pretty shy most of the time. This description, of course, describes Wiz pretty well. Wiz is a clumsy, shy, gentle, and polite lich that was once known as the Ice Witch.

5 Year of the Monkey: Yunyun

Monkeys are said to be full of energy and very curious, which leads them to get into a whole mess of trouble.

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While Yunyun isn’t seen to be full of energy at first glance, it is shown that she has a tendency to get very excited which makes her eyes glow bright red, especially when she gets a party request.

4 Year of the Horse: Darkness

The freest creatures of the lot, horses love nothing more than being given an open space to run headfirst into whatever they like. This is a lifestyle that Darkness follows, as she isn’t afraid to show exactly who she is and what she wants despite the results that may follow.

3 Year of the Rat: Megumin

Rats may be the smallest creature on the Chinese Zodiac calendar, but that doesn’t stop their clever ways and quick wit from shining through. Megumin is the smallest of the main crew, but she doesn’t let that get in her way. Her lively nature and intelligence make her sharp enough to get out of many situations, albeit with just a little bit of help from her friends.

2 Year of the Ox: Aqua

The ox is known for being the most stubborn of the Chinese Zodiac signs and follows whatever goal motivates them at the time.

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Aqua is a goddess that falls directly under this description, as she is the most pigheaded of all the characters in Konosuba. She also doesn’t usually care about a task unless it somehow benefits her in the end.

1 Year of the Dragon: Satou Kazuma

The year of the dragon is for those who inspire others with the usage of their kind heart. They are nothing short of heroic and often celebrated for their boldness.

Satou may be a bit rough around the edges, but there is no denying that he is an inspiration to those around him. He is the sole reason that the group is so tight-knit and has gotten as far as they have. He has also shown countless acts of bravery despite sometimes being a bit of an annoyance to deal with for his partners.

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Konosuba is known for its tropey, ridiculous cast of characters, and here's how they would be best represented by the signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

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