Which Kuroko No Basket Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Just like in every sports anime, Kuroko no Basket (also known as Kuroko’s Basketball) is filled with totally unique characters that make the show what it is. Not only is Kuroko’s team filled with amazing characters who are each different in their own ways, but the enemies they go against, known as the Generation of Miracles, are totally different, making each of their personalities stick out when compared to one another.

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Due to their bold and loud personalities, it’s pretty simple to see which character from Kuroko no Basket fits which Chinese Lunar zodiac symbol based on personality. Chinese zodiac works a little differently than western zodiac, each animal is based on the year the subject was born under. However, like the western zodiac, each animal has a set amount of characteristics that make the animal unique in their own ways as well. Here is a list of the Kuroko characters as the Chinese Lunar zodiac, which do you align with?

12 Rat – Riko Aida

As Seirin’s coach, Riko must constantly come up with new strategies so that her players can defeat their opponents in a way that is suitable to them. She is the mastermind behind the bronze of the team. She can analyze which team member works better with others and come up with strategies to improve their strengths and weaknesses on the court. Rats are very quick-witted and smart, they are able to come up with ideas on the fly and use it their greatest advantage, a trait in which Riko displays in pretty much every episode she’s in.

11 Ox – Teppei Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is a perfect example of the Lunar Ox zodiac sign. With a nickname of “the iron heart,” Kiyoshi rules the court by protecting his teammates (both figuratively and literally at some points in the show). He displays characteristics of dependability, diligence, and strength. He is also totally honest like the Ox. Kiyoshi comes into the series a tiny bit later than the rest of the cast but becomes I vital member with his strong and sweet personality and play style.

10 Tiger – Taiga Kagami

As one of the two main characters in the series, Kagami gets pretty fierce at times and needs time adjusting to the new team he joins when the series first takes off. He shows constant signs of bravery, confidence, and undoubted competitiveness, all personality traits of the fierce Tiger in the Lunar zodiac. Tigers can also be pretty stubborn, another trait Kagami exemplifies to a fault. Over the course of the series, Kagami must learn to be a team player and learn the error of his ways by accepting advice from others and learning to try different strategies.

9 Rabbit – Tetsuya Kuroko

The ever-popular and social Rabbit of the Lunar zodiac is a perfect fit for our main character, Kuroko. The Rabbit is compassionate and sincere, traits that Kuroko shows even with his enemies. Kuroko’s main goal is to play basketball with his friends again and feels that defeating the rest of the Generation of Miracles is the only way to do that (which he is right about).

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Rabbits are said to be gentle yet skillful, and Kuroko’s swift Misdirection Overflow move is the perfect example of his mastery at these skills. When Rabbits encounter tough situations, instead of backing down, they stand true to themselves and remain persistent. This is the main quality in which Kuroko pushes himself and his team to succeed even when things look bleak.

8 Dragon – Seijuro Akashi

Akashi makes for a perfect Dragon. He is intelligent and courageous with the ability to guide people (his team) with sheer encouragement. While Akashi is seen as probably the main antagonist of the series, he is still Kuroko’s friend. Dragons sometimes exhibit signs of dominance and utter ambition, something that Akashi displays more than a few times in his matchup against Seirin, especially when he uses his Emperor Eye to dominate the other team.

7 Snake – Atsushi Murasakibara

Considering Murasakibara is part of the Generation of Miracles, friend to Kuroko, and still on a basketball team without his original friends, he is quite the loner and definitely shows that he prefers to work alone. He is not only the ultimate defense on the court but also shows his enemies how great of an offensive player he can be as well. Snakes tend to be strategic but say little of what their plans are and have an interest in material things, when applied to Murasakibara, think of his obsession with different candies.

6 Horse – Ryota Kise

The Horse is a wild and free spirit with tons of energetic and animated traits. Kise fits these qualities perfectly as he is one of the most eccentric characters in the show. He is often pretty independent and seems to want to be the star of the show with his copycat ability, and can be a little self-centered at times. Kise loves to be part of a team, surrounded by his friends. Kise is probably one of the most loving characters in the show and also supports Kuroko’s attempt to reunite the Generation of Miracles.

5 Goat – Satsuki Momoi

Like the Goat, Satsuki is filled with a sense of justice and kindheartedness. She shares Kuroko’s dream of bringing back together the Generation of Miracles so that they may all be happy friends once again. As the manager of Too Academy’s basketball club, she is extremely passionate about basketball, maybe even more than the players themselves.

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Goats may look gentle on the outside due to their typically shy and kind natures but are strong on the inside, a trait which makes Momoi so relevant to her friends.

4 Monkey – Daiki Aomine

Aomine is a bit of a wild card, the perfect face character for the Lunar Monkey. He is oftentimes shown to be grumpy and comical, goofing around a lot, and not really taking anything seriously. Aomine is incredibly energetic and seemingly never runs out, always ready and pumping to go. He came from streetball, so his skills differ from the rest of the Generation of Miracles, he focuses on speed and agility rather than holding an actual position and is said to have animal instincts.

3 Rooster – Shun Izuki

Izuki is an extremely hardworking character, always working to improve his skills as a Seirin player. They are also quite resourceful and enjoy being in crowds. While Izuki is rather quiet for most Roosters, he constantly displays the fact that he loves being apart of the Seirin team. He may not be as good as the members of the Generation of Miracles or Kagami, but he tries and commits all his efforts into being a good enough player to match. He has a natural talent that does not go unnoticed.

2 Dog – Junpei Hyuga

Hyuga, as captain of the Seirin team, is constantly loyal to his coach and fellow members. Dogs are also pretty cautious around new things, which is a good trait to have when facing new teams all the time. Hyuga is observant of how other teams work and focuses on their strength and weaknesses to best overcome the enemy. Hyuga often has to be patient yet diligent with his team so they can become the best basketball team around.

1 Pig – Shintaro Midorima

Midorima is the most diligent character in the series. The only thing is that his diligence is directed to lucky items and fortune-telling. Like the Pig, Midorima sets all his goals and ambitions based on his daily horoscope, if it says he is going to do well on a certain day, then he makes sure the fortune is correct. He is an excellent shot and can make baskets from anywhere on the court. Pigs stay pretty calm when facing obstacles and can overcome anything by thinking things through, something Midorima (as the stoic character he is) displays all the time.

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Just like in every sports anime, Kuroko no Basket is filled with totally unique characters. Here are their Chinese Zodiac signs.

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