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Everyone loves a good villain. In the Marvel Universe, on the page or on the screen, there is no shortage of great villains. Like in any array, fans always feel they have a closer connection to some characters. That feeling extends as much to villains as it does to their heroic counterparts. Why do fans feel this? Is it written in stars? Well, that could be as a good an explanation as any.

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The question remains, based on your zodiac sign, which Marvel villain could you be?

12 ARIES: Surtar

At the front of the zodiac, we have the ram, affiliated with the classical element of fire. Who could better embody this than the leader of the Fire Giants of Museplheim, Surtar?

Not only is he a walking inferno with horns, but he’s the 4th strongest villain in the whole of the Marvel Universe. And fair enough. When you’re destined to destroy a whole plane of existence, you’ve got to be packing muscle.

11 TAURUS: Juggernaut

 You know the phrase, “Bull in a China Shop?” Many villains could fit this description, but none more so than Juggernaut. With the power of Cyttorak and his mind-guarding helmet, once Juggernaut starts moving, little can stop him.

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In his appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand, viewers receive a front-row seat to what this empowered human can do once he’s on a destructive roll.

10 GEMINI: Onslaught

Gemini, of course, is the twin symbol, a whole composed of two identical halves. Which Marvel villain best embodies this more than the X-Men’s dreaded foe, Onslaught? When Professor X and Magneto’s essences combine, they form one powerful mutant, one who embodies their central conflict.

How should mutants become part of society: by peaceful means or by force? Regardless, when those two combines, the end result is a foe of frightful power. 

9 CANCER: Thanos

Pessimism and an aptitude for manipulation are key characteristics of Cancer, the Crab. As Avengers: Endgame showed, there are few so ruthless in applying these traits than Thanos.

He recites a mopey monologue about how finite the universe is, and he can resort to emotional blackmail when it suits him. On top of that, his willingness to commit filicide proves that Thanos is the ultimate Debbie-downer…and a horrible parent.

8 LEO: Hela

Not only does Hela have the head-gear necessary to be a Leo, the lion but she also displays this sign key characteristic: arrogance. As her portrayal in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok showed, Hela is not someone to mess with–and she knows it.

From when she humiliates the MCUs two favorite Asgardians, viewers everywhere know she’s no ordinary baddie. Even in the face of a certain fire giant, she still had the high enough opinion of her abilities to take him on to no avail.

7 VIRGO: Mystique

Up next comes everyone’s favorite blue-skinned, shape-shifting fem fatal. In all her incarnations, Mystique has always used her ability to alter her appearance to further whatever scheme she has in mind.

Virgos, the maiden, is notable for two traits: pragmatic cleverness and perfectionism. To be able to imitate people in every possible way that matters, Mystique fits the bill.

6 LIBRA: Emma Frost

For the sign called the “masters of compromise,” the best villain to represent this sign would be one who walks the line between good and bad. One such figure in Marvel’s Universe is none other than the White Queen herself, Emma Frost.

Frost began her tenure in the comics as an enemy to the X-Men as one of the two leads of the famed Hellfire Club. Over time though, her characterization changed, from a mutant foe to a spiky ally, the ideal balancing act.

5 SCORPIO: H.y.d.r.a. Captain America

The mascot of Scorpio, as the name suggests, is the scorpion. Many might recall the fable of the scorpion and the frog from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward. As the frog carries the scorpion across the water, the scorpion stings it. It betrayed the frog, despite a promise to refrain. Who better to represent that than America’s greatest champion, turned America’s greatest traitor?

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Though it might be hard for people to people to imagine Chris Evans playing this incarnation, he’s real enough in the comics.

4 SAGITTARIUS: Doctor Doom 

A hallmark of the Centaur sign of the Sagittarius is this great leadership ability. Yet, their tendency to develop Messiah-complexes and their love of risk balances this. Well, whether you picture him from the comics or the Fantastic 4 films, no one fits this like Doctor Doom.

A leader no matter his incarnation, of a country or corporation, this villain has fought every noted hero in the Marvel Comics Universe. If that doesn’t sound like a risk to one’s health, then what does?


Like his sister, Hela, Loki’s headgear more than anything makes him ideal to personify Capricorn. For a sign noted for its ability to be a bit of a know-it-all and for holding a grudge, Loki also fits the bill. That the revelations of Thor lead into the events of the first Avengers film show how embittered truth could make trickster.

That by the end of Thor: Dark World, he thinks he’s finally achieved his personal goal, his smug know-it-all credentials are also on record.


Aquarius can be unpredictable, and no Marvel villain represents that more than Spider-Man‘s foe, Venom. Like Emma Frost, Venom’s role as a villain has undergone shifts in his long existence, to the point where he even got his own movie from SONY.

Whether on the page or on the screen, you never quite know what role this human-symbiote character will play–a true dark horse.

1 PISCES: Killmonger

A central negative trait of the twin fish sign of Pisces is…their negativity. This causes them to hold a grudge and focus on all the bad for obscene amounts of time.

If there’s any character (apart from Loki), who could hold a grudge for a long time, it would be Erik Killmonger. On top of that, he is equal to his cousin, T’Challa, capable of holding his own against him as seen in the MCU’s The Black Panther. He is also his opposite in every way–making the twin fish symbol all the more apt.

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