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Ever since 2008, the Marvel movies have brought many of the world’s favorite comic book characters to life, starting with 2008’s Iron Man (and Robert Downey Jr.’s impeccable performance), followed by Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and many more. By now, a huge cast of characters have populated the screen, and they all came together for Infinity War and Endgame to take on Thanos once and for all.

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How do you measure the personality and quality of characters like these? There are a few ways, such as the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignment chart or the Hogwarts sorting method. Not to mention the 12 astrology signs and the 12-animal cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The latter will be used today to describe the MCU’s many colorful characters, major and minor alike. Which one are you?

12 Year Of The Rat: Ant-Man

Ant-Man may be one of the tiniest heroes, but he’s not the weakest by any measure. Scott Lang received a remarkable suit from the scientist Hank Pym that allows him to shrink or expand himself or any other object, and when tiny, he can wreak havoc and prove a difficult target to hit.

But he’s also got a big heart to contrast with his petite form, and the Rat is all about being resourceful, quick-witted, flexible, and kind-hearted. All of that describes Ant-Man perfectly.

11 Year Of The Ox: Maria Hill

She is a supporting character but no less admirable for it. Along with Phil Coulson, Maria Hill is one of the higher-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who helps keep the whole organization running while the mighty Avengers tackle the biggest bad guys.

Such a diligent, hardworking, humble agent is just like the Ox, since any Ox is dependable and work-oriented without asking for any glory or fame in return.

10 Year Of The Tiger: Star Lord

Next up is the Tiger, and this is one of the most exciting animals in the entire Chinese zodiac. Like real-life tigers, these people are competitive, brave, and totally confident in themselves and their abilities.

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Star Lord, or Peter Quill, is just like that too. He struts around like he’s hot stuff and he’s always ready to jump right into the action and solve a problem. He also doesn’t take kindly to anyone who shows him up, like Thor.

9 Year Of The Rabbit: Groot

A rabbit may not sound nearly as impressive as tigers or dragons, but this zodiac animal is an essential part of the cycle, since not everyone is a total show-off. Instead, the Rabbit describes anyone who is quiet, kind, responsible, and elegant.

Groot makes a good case for being a Rabbit since he’s tough and highly protective of his friends. He nearly gave his life to protect the other Guardians during the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. He’s also soft-spoken and not overly aggressive.

8 Year Of The Dragon: Iron Man

Tony Stark, or Iron Man, is one of the first Avengers to join the team, even though Nick Fury once deemed him totally unsuitable for being part of a squad. Why? Tony doesn’t play well with others and he’s a total egomaniac, among other iffy traits.

But this does make him a true Dragon of the Chinese zodiac, since any Dragon is enthusiastic, highly intelligent, and confident in themselves. They’re a slightly less competitive version of the Tiger.

7 Year Of the Snake: Red Skull

The Snake in the Chinese zodiac is not an inherently evil animal; none of them are. But some animals are somewhat predisposed toward villainy, and Snakes are one of them.

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In the zodiac, the Snake is mysterious, intelligent, and rather wise, and this could describe the scheming but enigmatic Red Skull, the leader of HYDRA in Nazi Germany. Later, Red Skull guarded the Soul Stone, and was even more of a Snake as a result.

6 Year Of The Horse: Rocket Raccoon

The Horse is known for being active, animated, extroverted, and generally the life of the party. They’re always doing something or making friends, and they don’t mind being the center of attention.

Rocket Raccoon is certainly rambunctious like a rocket; he’s quick to get into silly arguments or debates and even quicker to start shooting or confronting someone. He’s small, but tough and lively — the quintessential Horse.

5 Year Of The Goat: Frigga

Meet Thor’s mom, Frigga. She is the wife of the almighty Odin, and though she has little screen time, she is a vital part of Asgard. Unlike her son, Frigga puts diplomacy first, and she is a very kind and nurturing woman, a mom anyone would want.

This makes her a Goat, according to the Chinese zodiac, since Goats are gentle, kind, and sympathetic people. It was very touching when Thor met Frigga halfway through Endgame, too.

4 Year Of The Monkey: Hank Pym

Hank Pym is the inventor of the Ant-Man suit and the genius behind Pym Particles, and he played a major role in the Ant-Man movies. He is an enthusiastic researcher, though he’s also been humbled more than once.

His endless pursuit of knowledge and his razor-sharp mind peg him as a Monkey, as Monkeys are defined by their curiosity and wit. Scientists like Hank Pym and Bruce Banner are really what keep the Avengers going.

3 Year Of The Rooster: Captain America

Now it’s time for the famed First Avenger, the skinny Brooklyn kid who became the first super-soldier. Steve Rogers gained a body of muscle to match his brave heart of gold, and he fought in World War II until getting frozen.

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Rooster are brave, observant, and hardworking, and that’s certainly Captain America. He will take on any threat but put in the necessary hard work, and he knows when someone else is having doubts or fears.

2 Year Of The Dog: Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes wasn’t always the ice-cold Winter Soldier. In the 1940s, he and Steve Roger were the best of friends, and he was a loyal fellow, willing to sacrifice himself for a mission or a cause. In his heart, Bucky was not unlike the famed Captain America.

Now, he is trying to redeem himself, and in that regard, he is rather like the Dog. Dogs are known for being lovely, honest people, and they are willing to think about the future, too.

1 Year Of The Boar: Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson’s character was invented for the MCU, and he also served as a main character in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on TV. He’s rather humble but tough and loyal, and he is a kind fellow who looks after the well-being of others.

All this makes Phil a great example of a Boar. Boars are compassionate, generous in spirit, diligent and hardworking.

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Consulting the Chinese zodiac is a fun way of discovering which MCU hero or villain best matches your personality. Are you Iron Man? Groot? Find out!

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