Which MCU Supporting Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The MCU has been around since 2008, and as such, it features not only more than 20 movies but also hundreds of characters. Some of them are heroes, others are villains, and some stood somewhere in between and continued on with their lives the best they could while good guys and bad guys ran around and fought. There are many great characters in the movies and depending on who your favorite is, you might be intrigued to know if your personality lines up with theirs on the Chinese zodiac. Let’s take a look at which MCU supporting character you are based on your Chinese zodiac sign.

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12 Rat: Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts‘ personality matches the Rat as individuals born in this sign are quick-witted and clever. Pepper had to be immensely intelligent not only to lead the Stark Industries but also keep up with her boyfriend and later husband Tony, who’s a genius. Rats often welcome challenges, they make good friends, but also lose their temper sometimes. Pepper argued with Tony multiple times, but in the end, their affection always won.

11 Ox: Edwin Jarvis

Edwin Jarvis is Howard Stark’s close friend and employee, and his character traits make him an Ox. Oxes are hard-working individuals who are serious and introverted. At the same time, they take comfort in their family and friends and good relationships are very important to them. Jarvis helped Peggy many times as he considers her one of her closest friends and treats her as such.

10 Tiger: Liz

Like Liz, Tiger signs often possess strong leadership qualities and are ambitious people. Liz takes her future very seriously and she has no problem leading her high school’s Decathlon team.

Tigers tend to be charming, and warm-hearted. Liz is known as the popular girl of her school which means she’s charming enough to have made so many friends, but at the same time, she’s also kind to outsiders like Peter and Ned.

9 Rabbit: Nick Fury

There’d be no Avengers and no MCU if it wasn’t for Nick Fury, putting him in line with the Rabbit. Rabbits are often intelligent people who appreciate quiet.

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They also can have a somewhat reserved demeanor. It’s hard to read Fury on the best of days and that’s just the way he likes it, because if people knew too much about him, they could strike him down more easily.

8 Dragon: Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson is similar to a Dragon. People born in this sign are warm-hearted and charismatic. They’re natural-born leaders and good at giving orders. They’re not afraid to do what’s necessary to achieve their goal. Phil Coulson faked his own death to bring the Avengers closer together. He later showed his leadership skills by working as the leader of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

7 Snake: Bucky Barnes

Born in 1917, Bucky’s sign is the Snake. Snakes are known for being charming, generous, and seductive. They’re smart, can be slightly dangerous, are hard-working, and tend to rely on their gut feeling. Bucky was able to easily charm people and he had success with the ladies. At the same time, however, he worked hard in the war to help his country and his instincts have helped him more than once.

6 Horse: Sam Wilson

Captain America’s good friend Sam, also known as the superhero Falcon, has a Horse personality. Horses are loyal and have a sharp wit. Sam often has a joke at the ready and he helps the usually serious Captain America lighten up. Sam isn’t afraid to go into battle with Steve and joins him during the Civil War, showing his loyalty to his friend even though he knows that he’ll get punished if he’s caught.

5 Goat: Darcy Lewis

Like Darcy, Goats usually more on the introverted side though they enjoy the company of their few close friends. They’re creative thinkers, but can also be insecure and full of anxiety.

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Darcy doesn’t seem like the party type. Instead, she chooses to devote her life to science alongside her close friend, Jane. Darcy sometimes seems unsure of herself, but when the situation calls for it, she’s able to think fast on her feet.

4 Monkey: James Rhodes

Iron Man’s best friend and the superhero War Machine matches the Monkey sign. Monkeys are energetic and good listeners. They like being active and don’t want to just sit around. Rhodey leads a very active life and doesn’t have much free time, but when he does, he makes sure to spend as much of it with his friend as possible. Rhodey also isn’t afraid to joke and have fun, just like Monkeys tend to do.

3 Rooster: Peggy Carter

Roosters are resourceful and observant, skills Peggy had to have to make it as far in the army as she did. She also later used her brilliant mind to solve more than one criminal case and was one of the co-founding members of the S.H.I.E.L.D.. Roosters also tend to be trusting and honest, and Peggy didn’t usually mince words or actions, like when she shot at Steve to test the new shield he got.

2 Dog: Maria Hill

Fury’s right hand Maria Hill best matches the Dog sign. Dogs are excellent at business but they often have trouble finding the right person for them in their personal life. Not much is known about Hill’s life outside the job, which she seems entirely devoted to.

Dogs are also loyal and have strong problem-solving skills. Hill doesn’t lose her head even in the direst of situations, and she and Fury make a great team since they completely trust each other.

1 Pig: Morgan Stark

Pig signs are often intelligent and continue seeking new knowledge. Morgan is still little, but it looks like she could have inherited her father’s intelligence and as mentioned, her mom is also very clever. Pigs are extremely kind and well-mannered, as Morgan proves by saying: “I love you 3000.” She deeply cares about her dad.

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The MCU is known for its brilliant supporting characters with their own unique personalities. Which one best matches your Chinese zodiac sign?

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