Which My Hero Academia Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The year 2020 marks the start of a new cycle in the Chinese zodiac as the year of the Rat. Symbolizing new beginnings, wealth, and prosperity, there is much to look forward to within this year. For many anime fans, one of the more exciting news of new beginnings came with the fourth season of My Hero Academiawhich recently ended its run in early April.

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During the show’s fourth season we were once again introduced to new characters that clearly reflect Horioshi’s skills at creating a world of unique people and personalities. In fact, the show and manga have no shortage of vibrant characters that you may even identify with based on your own Chinese zodiac. Whether you’re a child of the year of the dragon or the goat, here’s a list of MHA characters that match your Chinese horoscope.

12 Year of the Rat: Mirai Sasaki (Sir Nighteye)

Who better to represent our current year than one of the most unforgettable characters of the season? Clever opportunists capable of adapting to most situations, those born in the year of the Rat would find that Sir Nighteye represents many of the prominent characteristics of the zodiac.

He isn’t free of the downfalls of the rat, however, as he too portrays a stubbornness which we see come in between him and All Might.

11 Year of the Ox: Tenya Iida

Diligent, determined, and dependable, the youngest Iida perfectly personifies the characteristics of those that share the Ox zodiac. Those born in this year are known for their honest, hard-working, lawful nature; something which we have seen reflected in the young hero repeatedly ever since his introduction.

It is also believed that those born in the year of the Ox make great leaders, so one must wonder if class 1-A’s representative was the very same Ox of the myths in a past life.

10 Year of the Tiger: Mirio Togata

While tigers come across as vicious creatures especially in Western culture, within Chinese culture the tiger is a guardian of children and represents perseverance and courage. For that reason, there is no one better to represent the Year of the Tiger than the ever-smiling student.

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What we see of Mirio within the Overhaul arc in terms of bravery and positivity is characteristic of those born within this year. Much like them, this young hero also has a radiating charm and confidence which makes him stand out even among UA’s “Big 3.”

9 Year of the Rabbit: Danjuro Tobita (Gentle Criminal)

While his appearance in this season was brief, this criminal gentleman joined the cast as one unforgettable villain. Befittingly, those born in the Year of the Rabbit are known to be chivalrous and kind, much like a gentleman.

Similar to the Rabbit, Gentle Criminal possesses a kindness and patience which leads many into underestimating the villain. Don’t be quick to judge those of the Rabbit zodiac by their demeanor, however, as they are also characterized by a strong persistence in the face of a challenge.

8 Year of the Dragon: Katsuki Bakugou

While the explosive hero was literally depicted as a dragon king in some of Horikoshi’s art, there is much more to Bakugou which makes him the perfect representation of this zodiac. Those born within this year are characterized by courage, tenacity, and intelligence; none of which are traits foreign to the hot-headed blond.

Let’s not forget the less favorable aspects of his personality such as his perceived arrogance and aggressive nature which are all too common features for this zodiac.

7 Year of the Snake: Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head)

The Snake zodiac is known to hold people characterized by a calm nature that carries them through the most stressful of situations, and anyone familiar with the sleep-deprived teacher can tell you of his ability to maintain a cool head in all settings.

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Those born in the Year of the Snake might find themselves represented in Aizawa’s reserved nature and more logical approach to things.

6 Year of the Horse: Eijiro Kirishima

With a vibrant personality and even more vibrant hair, Kirishima is a perfect match for the energetic and animated people of the Horse zodiac. People born in this year tend to be ambitious and resolute in chasing after their dreams, much like Kirishima with his goals of becoming a hero.

The rock-hard hero’s tenacity and evident journey of self-development exhibited in the last season only further proves how similar Kirishima is to the persistent children born into the Year of the Horse.

5 Year of the Goat: Izuku Midoriya

The main protagonist of MHA has undergone many changes since his introduction, slowly growing more confident in himself and his abilities. However, there is much to his character which remains unchanged such as his kind-hearted and sympathetic nature, which is shared by many born in the Year of the Goat.

Not only that, but Izuku’s inner strength and perseverance in the face of hardship make the One for All successor a perfect representation for the Goat zodiac.

4 Year of the Monkey: Minoru Mineta

Often agreed upon to be one of the most hated characters of the series, Mineta may fuel the anger of most fans, but his mischievous and self-centered nature makes the purple-haired boy more representative of some of the worst aspects of this zodiac.

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However, Mineta is also shown to be quite intelligent and capable of utilizing opportunities to his advantage; traits of which those born in the Year of the Monkey should be more proud to relate to with the infamous student.

3 Year of the Rooster: Neito Monoma

While the quirk copycat’s arrogance and loud criticism of class 1-A might reflect prominent features of the Rooster zodiac, there’s much more to Monoma’s character which perfectly encapsulates the zodiac. His intelligence and tactical skills are both strengths of his character which he shares with people born in this year.

Not to mention, the young hero is quite fierce with his goal, though fans hope he might direct them in a more positive direction than taking down the other class.

2 Year of the Dog: Mashirao Ojiro

Kind, honest, and loyal, Ojiro is the perfect representation of this zodiac year. While his habit of wagging his tail in excitement might be a bit on the nose, it’s more likely that those born in this year will relate to his earnest and helpful nature.

Much like the animal, Dog zodiacs are great friends, and Ojiro is no exception in his friendship with fellow classmates.

1 Year of the Pig: Shoto Todoroki

Contrary to any connotation the animal may hold in Western culture, according to Chinese culture, the animal symbolizes hard work, patience, and reliability. Like many of those born in the Year of the Pig, Todorki has a reserved and calm nature that may come across as aloof.

While he may not be the most talkative in class 1-A, he is still one of the most hard-working and responsible students in the class not unlike those born under this zodiac.

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My Hero Academia has a dynamic cast of characters. Here is a list of which characters fall under which Chinese Zodiac sign.

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