Which My Hero Academia Girl Are You Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type?

Over the past four years, My Hero Academia has become one of the most iconic anime of the twenty-first century owing both to its story arcs and characters. The series author, Kohei Horikoshi, has consistently put out fan-favorite characters of both genders over the years which fans of all backgrounds can relate to.

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Unlike other shounen anime and manga that leave their female counterparts lacking in development, the female cast of MHA comes in a wide variety with which one can identify. In appreciation of Horikoshi’s characters, here are some MHA girls that may represent you according to your Myers-Briggs® type.

14 Momo Yaoyorozu – The Architect (INTJ)

If you think of yourself as a problem-solver capable of thinking your way through most problems, then you have much in common with Yaoyorozu. With a quirk requiring her to be studious, Yaoyorozu easily fits into the stereotypical “bookworm” INTJ. While the initial impression of an architect might seem reserved, there is much more depth to them with closer-knit groups as can be seen of Yaoyorozu with her classmates.

13 Melissa Shield – The Logician (INTP)

As a hard-working scientist dedicated to accomplishing her goals through science, Melissa Shield shares many characteristics with the logician MBTI® type. First appearing in the movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the young blonde takes pride in her inventions and is dedicated to helping heroes through her support items. While rather cheerful, her underlying calm aura and intelligent nature mark this American as an INTP through and through.

12 Saiko Intelli – The Commander (ENTJ)

While we have only gotten to see her during the Provisional License Exam arc so far, Saiko quickly demonstrated the qualities calculating leadership of an ENTJ. During the exam, we can also see some of the more common downfalls of a commander in her arrogance and incapacity for understanding the more emotionally motivated faction of people.

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11 Eri – The Mediator (INFP)

One of the most prominent features of Eri’s personality is her constant self-sacrifice whenever others’ safety is on the line. Such altruism in the child is a key characteristic of a mediator personality, which was sadly pushed to extremes in this situation. INFP’s also tend to exhibit similar traits of being shy and reserved though willing to come out of their shell in the right environment.

10 Mei Hatsume – The Debater (ENTP)

The genius inventor is always up for any new design challenge presented to her. If you think of yourself as a visionary or an innovator, then you might share more in common as an ENTP with Mei Hatsume than you think. While the debater wit may not be clear in her personality, it is hard to deny her teasing nature in light of poor Iida’s display in the tournament arc.

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9 Nana Shimura – The Protagonist (ENFJ)

The predecessor of One for All carries on the legacy of ENFJ’s in the quirks history, much like All Might himself. In fact, it is Shimura herself who inspired and allowed All Might to become the bright-smiled hero we all know him as. Her personal values of justice and compassionate nature make this hero a perfect example of a protagonist.

8 Ochaco Uraraka – The Campaigner (ENFP)

Warm, lively, yet also quite laid-back, Ochaco is a character in which ENFP’s can find themselves reflected. Attributes such as her enthusiasm and non-judgemental nature are some of the most prominent traits campaigners share. Additionally, her financial motivations behind becoming a hero to give her parents a comfortable life correspond with an ENFP’s approach towards goals that would bring about both their happiness and that of others.

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7 Tsuyu Asui – The Defender (ISFJ)

Described by Recovery Girl as “the perfect pillar of emotional support,” ISFJ’s can easily find part of themselves in Asui. This frog-like hero’s calm nature, good judgment, and ability to speak her mind when something goes against that judgment is reflective of ISFJ’s analytical aptitude and people-skills despite their reserved nature.

6 Itsuka Kendo – The Executive (ESTJ)

Kendo’s strong-willed nature makes her both an excellent class representative and ESTJ. While she is thoughtful, like many other executives, she does not hesitate to speak her mind and criticize others for their faults. It is her honest communication coupled with her ability to bring everyone in her class together harmoniously which makes Kendo the only one capable fo being class 1-B’s “big sister.”

5 Nijeri Hado – The Consul (ESFJ)

One of UA’s “Big Three,” Nijeri Hado’s energetic and optimistic nature is something ESFJ’s would identify with. The third-year has a childish glee and charismatic air that attracts most people, much like the typical consul. It isn’t only popularity that defines this personality, however, as her dedication to helping others and supportive attitude are all too common in fellow ESFJ’s.

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4 Kyoka Jiro – The Virtuoso (ISTP)

Many ISTP’s find themselves reflected in the versatile Headphone Jack and her many musical talents. Coming from a musical family, Jiro’s desire for a career as a Pro Hero unlike her parents is part of this personality’s tendency to explore new opportunities. Overall, the cool attitude of the teenage hero, alongside her reserved nature, are all characteristics that many Virtuouso’s can be found to exhibit.

3 Manami Aiba (La Brava) – The Adventurer (ISFP)

Despite her short feature in the series, the eccentric villain sidekick shows proficiency in a multitude of skills, much like an ISFP, all in the name of aiding Gentle Criminal. In addition, La Brava exhibits an emotionally sensitive and supportive nature that is satisfied by being helpful to others, all of which only further cements this character as one unforgettable ISFP.

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2 Himiko Toga – The Entrepreneur (ESTP)

Those that identify with the energetic and thrillseeking nature of an ESTP would find this young villain to be an extreme representation of some of the most prominent features of this personality type. Rarely serious and attracted to being at the center of the action, Toga showcases just how scary the manic attributes of an entrepreneur personality can be when coupled with a lack of morality.

1 Mina Ashido – The Entertainer (ESFP)

The acid hero perfectly captures the entertainer’s personality in her confidence, constant enthusiasm, and easy-going nature, all of which make her popularity in middle school and class 1-A only natural, similar to many ESFP’s. Those who share this personality are often the life of the party, but it’s not recommended to attempt to compete with Mina’s dancing at one.

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My Hero Academia's female cast is a diverse group of heroes in training, and we're here to suss out which Myers-Briggs® personality type they fit.

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