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Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery features some of the most colorful villains of all time. With the earliest ones introduced at the start of the Wall-Crawler’s run, the list of baddies has grown significantly over the last half-century.

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Thus, it’s hard for fans to connect with just one favorite evil-doer. They don’t know if they’re a Green Goblin or a Carnage. To help out, here’s a list of which Spider-Man villain you are, based on your Zodiac.

12 Capricorn: Kraven The Hunter

Capricorns are both intelligent and patient individuals. They’re willing to bide their time, no matter how long it takes, to reach their reward. This matches the profile of Kraven the Hunter.

Take the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline as an example. Feeling death upon him, Kraven painstakingly plans his last days through a series of rituals. Eventually, he captures Spider-Man, dons his costume, and tries to play the hero for the last hunt. This is not something done on a moment’s notice

11 Aquarius: Black Cat

Black Cat is to Spider-Man as Catwoman is to Batman. They’re both intelligent and have an independent streak. That connects them to the Zodiac sign of Aquarius.

In Black Cat’s situation, she’s not a true villain. Instead, she’s a modern-day Robin Hood. This allows her to switch from the good to bad sides of the law whenever she wants. It also allows Spidey some room to team-up with her on several missions.

10 Pisces: The Tinkerer

A majority of villains that constantly harass Spider-Man like the spotlight. However, there are a few who exhibit traits of Pisces. They live quiet and secretive lives while they torment the Wall-Crawler. The Tinkerer is one of these.

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Like others under that zodiac sign, the Tinkerer works alone. For the most part, he’s happy when developing an invention to bother Spidey. However, he doesn’t want anyone to know. He’s a small business owner who wants to destroy the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

9 Aries: Kingpin

Aires have incredible drive and ambition. They are in it to win it, and they’ll do whatever they can to make it happen. This is a perfect match for Kingpin.

Like Aires, Wilson Fisk is the most comfortable when he’s in charge and gathers a receptive audience around him. Should that be broken by Spidey, Daredevil, or any other street-level hero in Manhattan, he redoubles his efforts to regain control.

8 Taurus: Rhino

Those under Taurus are the figurative bulls in the china shop. They’re stubborn and strike when their anger reaches a tipping point. However, they also like to be motionless and relaxed.

The Rhino is a match for this sign. He barrels through anyone and anything when he gets royally ticked. Yet, when not looking for the next score, he wants to be left alone. Now, the only thing Spidey needs to do is catch the Rhino while his eyes are closed.

7 Gemini: Venom

“I’m a villain. No, I’m a hero. I’m a villain again. All right, I’m an anti-hero.” This is Eddie Brock and the Zodiac sign of Gemini. They keep changing sides without any warning.

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There are numerous examples of this characteristic. When Eddie first bonded with the symbiote, he was all for destroying Spider-Man. Then, he and Spidey grudgingly paired up for a mutual effort. When Carnage was born, Venom was like, “Help me, Spider-Man. You’re my only hope.” Though he’s settled down into an anti-hero profile, there’s no telling when he’ll turn again.

6 Cancer: Doctor Octopus

Cancer’s hard shell protects its feelings for its family. This is why Doc Ock falls under this astrological sign. Though not blood relatives, he has two families.

The first is the Sinister Six, the group he got together to defeat Spider-Man once and for all … at some point. The second was formed when Otto took over Peter Parker’s body for several months. From that point on, the Parkers and their friends were forever under his protective shell.

5 Leo: Mysterio

Leo is the showman. They want the red carpet, limo ride, and flashing lights of the paparazzi. They’ll pose for anyone who looks their way. This is Mysterio in a nutshell.

When introduced, Quentin Beck was out to make a name for himself. When he was ignored, he decided to create his own spotlight by becoming Mysterio. Since then, he has tried to turn everything back his way, even when Spidey defeats him.

4 Virgo: Norman Osborn

Are you mild-mannered on the outside but constantly diabolical and calculating on the inside? Then you’re Virgo. You’re also Norman Osborn.

Not the Green Goblin, mind you. That’s Norman’s crazy side. We’re talking about the business leader who looked to be doing good after Civil War but manipulated the government to allow him to create a new version of the Avengers. When he’s not hearing voices, the hamsters in his brain are doing complex equations.

3 Libra: J. Jonah Jameson

Jameson is not an outright villain. He’s more of a nuisance to Spider-Man. For most of his life, Jonah has wanted nothing more than to see the Wall-Crawler on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. For him, this restores balance. This is why he is considered a Libra.

When no one likes Spidey, J.J.J. feels a sense of peace. He also believes that all is right in the world. When the public loves the Wall-Crawler, the scale shifts and Jonah loses his patience. This is when he gets the Spider-Slayers in motion.

2 Scorpio: Scorpion

This one is pretty obvious. Scorpios lie in hiding, then strike when it’s unexpected. As a super-villain, the Scorpion does the same thing. When he does hit, he’ll do it over and over again.

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This is especially true when he bonded with the Venom symbiote. That alien being enhanced his powers so he could hide in daylight and strike with surprise. It was something Spider-Man dreaded but had to address before more people were injured or killed.

1 Sagittarius: Sandman

Flint Marko is a good example of a Sagittarius. You are as well if you get easily bored and look for new adventures. So, you try something else, then move forward if it doesn’t work.

The Marvel version of Sandman did this after a few decades of being an unsuccessful villain. He ended up as a reserve member of the Avengers when they got U.N. sanctioning. However, he didn’t last in the hero life for long. Eventually, he went back to his criminal ways. Though, not as angry.

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Spider-Man has an impressive collection of villains, and they can correspond with the individual personalities ascribed to the Zodiac signs.

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