Which Wonder Woman Villain Are You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac?

Wonder Woman is one of the members of DC’s Trinity–their three flagship heroes. Compared to two members of the Trinity, she is actually quite impressive. She is wiser and a better fighter than Superman, while she is more hopeful and far more powerful than Batman.  However, when it comes to her rogues gallery, Wonder Woman seems to be underrepresented compared to her Trinity counterparts.

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While people often underestimate the amazon’s villains, she has some of the most interesting villains in the DC Universe. Given the divine nature of her character (and many of her villains) it seems only natural to see parallels in astrology. These are Wonder Woman’s villains, as they match the Chinese Zodiac:

11 RAT: Doctor Psycho

The first of the years as ordered in the twelve-year cycle, those born in the Year of the Rat are intelligent, resourceful, and able to think on their feet. They also can be devious and cowardly. Doctor Psycho, perhaps the creepiest of all of Wonder Woman’s villains, uses his telepathic abilities to dominate the minds of others, taking what he wants and using his mind to literally out-think them. He never feels the need to fight his own battles when he can force others to fight for him.

10 OX: Medusa

In the tradition of the Chinese Zodiac, people born under the Year of the Ox are strong and patient. Both of these traits describe Medusa. Not only is she incredibly strong, but she spent millennia waiting to be resurrected by her sisters, and before that, spent years awaiting justice for the wrongs done against her–justice she would never get. She is also honest, and when she acts, nothing will stop her–traits also shared with the Ox.

9 TIGER: Cheetah

This might seem a bit on the nose, but Cheetah has a lot in common with the Tiger. Cheetah is unpredictable, doing whatever her whims lead her to, but doing so with a reckless bravery that knows no fear. This bravery, and this unpredictability, are key aspects of a Tiger’s personality.

8 RABBIT: Veronica Cale

Veronica Cale is a self-made woman, a rich entrepreneur with a mind of her own. She is usually the smartest person in whatever room she is in, not that she would let others know it.

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She would rather be recognized for her stunning good looks, her sense of fashion, her wealth, and her fame. But despite this, never doubt that she is scheming. This sense of patience, quiet, and elegance are all qualities of a Rabbit.

7 DRAGON: Circe

Dragons are powerful creatures and (super)natural leaders, not unlike the Jade Emperor who ordained the Chinese Zodiac. The witch Circe is also a natural leader who wields immense power, not letting anyone–or even the laws of physics–get in the way of her will. Additionally, Circe has had more than her fair share of encounters with dragons over the years.

6 SNAKE: Dr. Poison

There have been a number of incarnations of Dr. Poison over the years, the two most famous recent examples being the interpretation of the character as a WWI weapons designer specializing in poison gas in the 2017 Wonder Woman film and the POISON mercenary squad in the DC: Rebirth comics. Snakes possess great intelligence and are enigmatic. These descriptions apply to every incarnation of Dr. Poison to appear over the years.

5 HORSE: Giganta

Giganta is a classic Wonder Woman villain with the ability to grow to a colossal size. She is also a fairly fun-loving character, being relatively lighthearted. People born in the Year of the Horse are known for being outgoing and active, having animated personalities.

4 SHEEP: Silver Swan

Those born in the Year of the Sheep have difficulty being categorized in English-speaking countries, since the word used for Sheep can also be translated as Ram or Goat. Some people just are hard to pin down. What matters is that these people tend to be both sensitive and kind. The Silver Swan is both incredibly caring and very sensitive. She has a history of struggling with her mental and physical health, which led her to overreact or to be manipulated into lashing out at others. But she–like other Sheep–is still inherently a kind soul.

3 MONKEY: Upside-Down Man

This supernatural villain is one of the creepiest villains, having come from outside of reality to attack magic and all those who wield it. He always outmaneuvers the heroes, predicting what they will do next and beating them to the punch.

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He is quick-witted and adaptable, as he is not confined in his thinking to the patterns of the heroes’ reality. Monkeys are also adaptable and quick-witted.

Roosters are known for being ambitious and honest. Normally, these are seen as positive traits. In the case of Darkseid, his honesty is the result of him having nothing to fear when stating his cruel intentions, while his ambition is to gain possession of the Anti-Life Equation, allowing him to dominate all life in the Multiverse.

2 DOG: First Born

Dogs are incredibly independent, while their loyalty and their decisive nature allow them to operate on pure instinct. The First Born was the first child born to Zeus and Hera in the post-New 52 continuity of DC Comics. His sense of loyalty is twisted by ambition, but he is still committed to his Olympian heritage. Beyond this, his sense of independence and his willingness to act decisively make him a fearsome opponent.

1 PIG: Grail

Grail might have been born among the amazons, but her father is Darkseid, making her as powerful as a god and malicious as the Lord of Apokolips. While she is fiercely independent, she still maintains a sense of loyalty to her family. This sense of responsibility, as much as her independent nature, is what makes Grail representative of the Year of the Pig.

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Wonder Woman has a slew of interesting villains in her rogue's gallery. Which one are you, based on your Chinese Zodiac?

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