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The X-Men are the most complicated group in the Marvel universe. One the one hand, they want to use their mutant abilities for the good of mankind. On the other, they are berated and shunned by those they try to save.

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This might be why there are currently so many of them — it helps to balance their pride and disappointment. As there are a plethora of Merry Mutants, it might be hard to fix your sights on one that relates to you. For help, here is a list of which X-Man you are by zodiac sign.

12 Aires: Charles Xavier

Aires are brave and tenacious. Their goal is to reach the top of the mountain, regardless of the obstacles they encounter. Along the way, they maintain an open-heart for everyone.

Charles Xavier fits this description. When he’s alive, he makes an effort to unite mutants and non-powered individuals. Since this hasn’t been a success, he recently created a nation for all mutants on the living island of Krakoa. It sounds egotistical, but he did it to give them a place to call their own.

11 Taurus: Wolverine

Taureans are bullish and stubborn. Also, they’re resilient to what goes on around them. If threatened, they fiercely protect themselves and others. Yet, they’re gentle as well.

Logan is the right person for this sign. He stops at nothing to achieve his goal. If it means a few cuts or even death, it’s okay. When he’s not in battle, Wolverine is amazingly gentle. Particularly with younger mutants like Kitty or Jubilee. In a way, he becomes their surrogate father.

10 Gemini: Beast

Hank McCoy is a Gemini not simply because he’s charming and humorously tends to prattle. He’s also under this sign because he’s two personalities in one.

On the outside, we see his bestial form, which changes from time to time. An inside is a person that is not only highly intelligent but also tortured from some of the things that have occurred in his lifetime. Hence, the reason why Beast has a nervous energy that keeps him moving at all times.

9 Cancer: Emma Frost

When first introduced, Emma’s personality seemed to be encased in concrete. She didn’t give a darn to anyone except herself. However, once she became an X-Man, we saw her align under the sign of Cancer.

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She certainly has a hard outer shell when it comes to fighting. That’s because she’s dedicated to her “family,” be it the Hellfire Club or the X-Men. Overall, Emma dedicates her powers to defend them to the best of her ability.

8 Leo: Kid Omega

Throughout their history, the X-Men have tried to stay under the radar. But not Quentin Quire, known as Kid Omega. This Leo craves the spotlight. He wants to be number one wherever he goes. Be it on an X-team or as a member of a group like the West Coast Avengers.

Quentin knows he’s an Omega-level mutant, and he thinks the world needs to also know. If it means separating himself from Charles Xavier’s beliefs for a while, so be it. As long as someone knows who he is after a fight is done or before someone dies.

7 Virgo: Kitty Pryde

Since her introduction back in the 1980s, Kitty has carried herself like a Virgo. She’s right up there with Professor X when it comes to pure intentions. She’s also modest, even when she leads an X-team.

On top of those traits, Kitty has developed a keen eye for new mutants and a strong sense of justice. If she sees something wrong within her environment, she’ll let someone know so it can be addressed.

6 Libra: Nightcrawler

Libra is the balancer. Her scales represent both good and bad. Too much of one or another leads to a skewed universe.

Nightcrawler is the Libra of the X-Men. There has rarely been a bad thing said about him — at least not in public. Thus, when conflict emerges, he tends to be the one who helps settle it. Sometimes it’s done with humor. Other times it’s done through experience.

5 Scorpio: Magneto

You shouldn’t be surprised if you look into the sky one evening and find the sign of Scorpio replaced by Magneto. He’s nearly a perfect match for this zodiac, and not because he can strike without warning.

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He’s a being with multiple layers that create contradictions. He can be frighteningly powerful, yet he’ll mourn the death of another mutant, no matter what side they’re on. He’s cold at times, certainly independent, and he always has an agenda within the agenda he’s involved with. Basically, Magneto is a living conundrum.

4 Sagittarius: Gambit

Sagittarians are rogues. They’ll be brutally honest with you at the same time they reveal their emotions. While they always help others, it’s done without thinking of the consequences.

Gambit falls under this sign, even more so than his wife, Rogue. He’s been an X-Man for years. Yet, he’s not afraid to step out on his own from time to time. When he does, events either work out or fail miserably. He’s okay with that, because he knows another adventure is around the corner.

3 Capricorn: Cyclops

Scott Summers is a goat, which is the zodiac sign for Capricorn. When young, he’s adorable and sweet, to the point you want to cuddle with him. As an adult, he’s determined to complete the path created by Charles Xavier.

He takes every advantage he can to reach the peak. It led him to move away from the original X-Men and bring the original group together as X-Factor. It caused a rift between him and Wolverine that lasted years. Eventually, he became a martyr to finish the climb.

2 Aquarius: Iceman

Like other Aquarians, Bobby has felt insecure about his abilities, particularly when he started. It wasn’t fun being called a living snowman. Let alone become the source of the team’s snow cone supply.

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Though he doesn’t feel that way anymore, Iceman is still an Aquarius because he’s the X-Men’s water-bearer. In fact, he’s an Omega-level water-bearer now. To the point, his teammates rarely ask him to top off their snow cones.

1 Pisces: Rogue

Rogue is a Pisces due to her emotional state. It’s hard to maintain stability when she has the mutant ability to absorb other people’s powers. Not only that, but she also takes their memories when things get out of control.

Therefore, she currently swims in opposite directions. In some cases, it leads to her lashing out. In others, it induces depression and anxiety. It’s not the best way to live; however, Rogue makes the best of it.

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With characters and powers as unique as the Zodiac, let's see how all the X-men compare to their signs.

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