Why Dragon Ball's Broly (Not Goku) Represents the Saiyan Race at Its Best

With the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie just over a year old, the film’s big message is still as clear as ever: Broly is the true representative of the infinite potential of the Saiyan race — not Goku or Vegeta anymore.

The crux of this rests on the monstrous and deadly Oozaru transformation that Saiyans undergo whilst under the blissful spell of the full moon. The Oozaru was once the proud symbol of the Saiyan race’s immense strength, there was no other form that the enemies of the Saiyans feared the most. And through it, they were able to conquer whole planets. Broly can somehow harness this great power while maintaining his human form, boosting his already massive battle power.

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What this means is that Broly relies on nothing more than the original source of a Saiyan’s true strength, proving that the concentrated strength of the berserker Oozaru transformation is formidable enough to overcome the power of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Broly’s Super Saiyan transformation also retained the strength of the Oozaru, with the proof being in the wild and animalistic nature of Broly while transformed. That also includes Broly not being able to seize control of his rage, recklessly lashing out and rampaging at everything he saw the same way that a Great Ape has been shown to do.

What makes this so impressive is that after Goku and Vegeta lost their tails they also lost access to the beastly form and its immense power. Broly, on the other hand, lost his tail but was still able to retain all of the Great Ape’s strength in his human body, adding speed and agility that the large creature would otherwise not have. He was essentially able to take the Oozaru’s greatest strengths and eliminate all of its weaknesses by simply using his body as a host to contain the immeasurable power. This was something that not even two of the franchise’s strongest Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, could achieve.

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Another nod to Broly being the true representative of a Saiyan’s potential can be found in his upbringing as a child. The warrior prodigy was raised by his father Paragus on planet Vampa, a barren and desolate world where the only inhabitants were gigantic savage beasts and ravenous spider-like bugs. Broly was trained under the tutelage of his father, who was inherently weak in terms of Saiyan battle power, giving Broly no meaningful experience of real combat. This was evident in the way that Broly brawled with Goku and Vegeta during their respective fights — savagely relying on brute force and talent with no true skill or strategy. The fact that he was able to force Vegeta and Goku into their god forms while remaining in his base form was a phenomenal feat.

Broly, a Saiyan child raised and trained by his lowly father in isolation, was able to brutally batter and best two seasoned warriors who were trained by actual gods.

But though Broly may seem like an unrefined fighter, it is actually quite the opposite. He did start that way in his battle against the Saiyan Prince Vegeta but Broly learned to use his power mid-fight, even though it was his first real fight against a formidable opponent. Broly has a natural feel for combat as he can emulate what he sees during a battle, including movement patterns and even advanced techniques. He showed this when he was able to counter Vegeta and outmaneuver him through nothing more than an exchanging of fierce blows. Broly once again displayed his boundless talent when he countered Goku’s “God Bind” technique with an eerily similar binding move of his own, despite it being the first time that he had ever seen the technique.

The important thing to remember is that this was Broly’s first real fight in his life. Before this clash against his fellow Saiyans, he had never faced enemies that were worthy to stand against him.

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The most terrifying thing about Broly is easily his Super Saiyan transformation. It is in this form that the Saiyan warrior is at his most dangerous and bloodthirsty, wanting nothing more than to kill anyone he encounters. In his epic clash against Gogeta, Broly forced the fused warrior into Super Saiyan Blue, proving to be on equal footing while the two combatants fought in their Super Saiyan forms. The accelerated growth rate of Broly’s powers during his fights throughout the film didn’t stop at his base or Super Saiyan forms, either, as he seemingly transformed once again as a Super Saiyan — going even further beyond the previous transformation. During his first time in the legendary transformation, he was able to push Goku, Vegeta, and even Gogeta to their absolute max.

Broly achieved heights that Goku and Vegeta could only dream of, but not through training under various masters or the gods of the universe. Instead, Broly was able to surpass the limits of his two greatest foes and fellow Saiyan warriors by relying solely on his strength as a Saiyan and nothing more. Through accessing the true essence of the Saiyan’s power from a time long-forgotten after the destruction of their homeworld, Broly proves that the Oozaru is the true and natural measure of a Saiyan’s strength.

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Broly has held his own against the strongest Saiyan warriors in the universe — and he did it using the true essence of a Saiyan's power.

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