Wolverine & Storm: How the X-Men's Most Shocking Couple Got Together

There are few superhero teams in the Marvel Universe that have as convoluted a romantic history as the X-Men, with longtime friends and enemies alike developing surprisingly amorous feelings for one another over the years. One of the most shocking romantic pairings seen amongst Marvel’s Merry Mutants was between Wolverine and Storm, who were implied to have existed behind-the-scenes unseen for some time. And this romance would not be isolated to the main Marvel Universe either; it also surfaced in the Ultimate Universe and briefly alluded to in the X-Men films as well.

After violently parting ways with Cyclops and his loyalists during the event X-Men: Schism, Wolverine relocated back to New York where he founded a new school for young mutants. Fellow X-Men who disagreed with Cyclops’ more hard-lined, brutal agenda for mutant survival followed Logan back to the new X-Mansion, with Storm eventually among them, and they became instructors to a new generation of mutants. At the time, Storm was still apparently happily married to Black Panther and beloved Queen of Wakanda, splitting her time between the African nation and her teaching responsibilities in the United States.

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This marriage would unravel during the events of 2012’s Avengers vs. X-Men, as Storm decided to side with her fellow mutants against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, 3hicih turned Black Panther against her. As the conflict escalated, the Phoenix Force arrived on Earth and split its omnipotent powers across five X-Men, including Namor. As the old kingly grudge between Namor and Black Panther escalated, Namor flooded Wakanda after learning the Avengers had taken refuge there, resulting in the deaths of thousands and massive damage to the entire country. As T’Challa helped his people rebuild, he personally annulled his marriage to Storm.

As Wolverine helped Storm cope with her new status quo, the two entered a romantic relationship despite T’Challa’s vocal misgivings to his ex-wife. As the two gave in to their mutual romantic tension, they alluded to the fact that they had been involved in an on-again/off-again relationship behind-the-scenes whenever they were both single before Storm’s marriage. However, tragedy would strike later when Wolverine suddenly lost his healing factor. As a concerned Storm watched Wolverine grow increasingly reckless while he faced his own mortality, the two decided to end their romance for good, remaining friends and teammates.

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In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Storm entered a romantic relationship with Wolverine years before their main universe counterparts, as Storm processed the grief surrounding the apparent death of her boyfriend Beast. This romance would also prove short-lived, with Storm leaving Wolverine for Beast after the shocking revelation that the latter mutant was still alive. The movies would also insinuate that a romantic relationship between Wolverine and Storm took place in the post-apocalyptic alternate future of 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, however, the timeline where this happened was erased after Wolverine traveled back in time to change history.

It is unknown if the romance between Wolverine and Storm is still intact with the line-wide X-Men relaunch under Dawn of X. Wolverine appears to be in a polyamorous relationship with Jean Grey and Cyclops while Storm appears to be unattached. The dalliance between the two remains an interesting moment for both characters, with some readers vocally disapproving of the pairing while others felt it a natural progression for the two. And while the possibility for both superheroes to find their way into each others’ arms remains open, perhaps the duo make more sense as friends than anything else.

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Wolverine and Storm were revealed to have carried an on-again/off-again relationship that briefly blossomed into a full-on romance.

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