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Over the years, Wolverine has sent a lot of his adversaries into the fiery abyss of Hell himself. And given his unnaturally long lifespan, it seemed bewildering to think that one day Wolverine could end up in Hell himself to face his past demons while a demon took hold of his original body and set it off against the X-Men and his loved ones.

However, that very thing happened in 2010 with Jason Aaron, Renato Guedes, Daniel Acuna’s aptly named arc “Wolverine Goes to Hell,” a story where a group that is known as the Red Right Hand manage to ensnare Wolverine’s soul in a Satanic enchantment, casting his spirit into the hands of the Devil while a demon possesses the physical remains of Wolverine.

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The Red Right Hand is an organization comprised of anonymous individuals whose lives have been damaged irrevocably by Wolverine. The berserker mutant has clawed through countless villains worthy of going to Hell, but Logan has also given plenty of others entirely justified reasons for wanting to get revenge.

The group even teamed up with two of Wolverine’s foes, Daken and Mystique, to inflict the maximum amount of damage on Logan’s personal life. Daken, Wolverine’s son, provided the Red Right Hand the multitudes of Wolverine’s children, who became a group of enforcers known as the Mongrels. However, Mystique proved instrumental in the Red Right Hand’s ultimate goals: sending Wolverine’s soul to Hell. With her disguised as Wolverine’s lover, Melita Garner, the group lured Wolverine into the center of a Satanic circle, which ripped Wolverine’s soul from his body and cast it straight into Hell.

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While in Hell, Wolverine is attacked by just about every dead enemy he has ever faced, including Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, Ogun, Lord Shingen, Xorn, and countless miscellaneous enemies from Marvel’s various criminal organizations. However, Wolverine doesn’t have his healing factor or his adamantium skeleton in Hell, and he’s left with only his bone claws and pure determination. Even Mariko Yashida ends up lashing Logan up. He’s left crucified on an x-shaped cross, only to be saved by Puck and a mysterious figure who turned out to be Logan’s own father — Logan’s first kill.

Wolverine ends up picking a fight with the biggest adversary there: a demon who’s posing as Satan. While “Satan” berates and taunts Wolverine, Logan manages to land several good strikes on Satan (who turns out to really be a demon known as the Red Dragon) before chaining him to a wall and leaving him for Sabretooth to devour. Puck starts a riot in Hell while Wolverine comes face-to-face with his dad. They talk a bit before Wolverine just decides to cut his dad up again.

Of course, the Red Right Hand expected to torment Wolverine, but  Wolverine ends up conquering Hell. However, he isn’t interested in ruling Hell, so he leaves Hell’s social hierarchy up to the raging riots tearing up the place — though not before cutting Sabretooth up with an evil sword.

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All of this left Wolverine’s body an empty vessel, which was soon occupied by a demonic entity. The now-possessed Wolverine, named Hellverine, went on a rampage, carving through anyone and everyone in his path. He tried to kill X-23, Amiko Kobayashi, and Yukio, before managing to kill Logan’s old Weapon X pal, John Wraith. Meanwhile, the Red Right Hand’s soldiers executed the Silver Samurai.

However, Mystique had a change of heart after learning that the Red Right Hand intended on butchering any and all earthly remnants of Wolverine, including his offspring. Mystique helped Melita Garner escape before the Mongrels could execute her. Mystique, who knows the full extent of what the Right Red Hand had done, contacts multiple supernatural characters, including both then-current Ghost Riders (Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch) and Daimon Hellstrom, to bring Logan’s soul out from Hell.

All this culminates when Wolverine enters the X-Mansion, prepares to kill Kitty Pryde and Rogue, Logan’s protegees, while their backs are turned, only for Colossus to turn the tables on him. Soon joined by Mystique’s band of demon hunters, Hellverine is subdued and captured long enough for Hellstrom to help Wolverine’s soul escape Hell and re-enter his own body. Hellverine ends up retaining control over Logan’s body for some time, but Wolverine eventually regained command of his body with the help of the X-Men.

Wolverine would later retake his body, kill Mystique, then track down the Red Right Hand. However, before he could take his revenge upon them, they ended up committing mass suicide, leaving Wolverine without any outlet for his rage.

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Wolverine has killed more than a few of the Marvel Universe's worst, and one story took him deep into the afterlife.

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