Wolverine: Why Gabby's Personality Is Different From Laura's

Legacy characters are not uncommon in the world of comics, and when Marvel’s famous clawed canuck, Wolverine died and passed his mantle onto his clone X-23 following 2014’s Death of Wolverine story arc, she got her own legacy character alongside it. Enter Gabby Kinney, Laura’s rambunctious little sister.

Gabby debuted in Tom Taylor and David Lopez’s All-New Wolverine (2015), the series which chronicled Laura’s aforementioned take on the Wolverine mantle. Lopez took to Twitter to describe what made Gabby so different from Laura, citing her relationship with her sisters as one major change.

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The tweet reads, “She had to be an innocent girl that you could easily love but at the very same moment, very dangerous.” He continued, writing, “She’s Laura’s clone, she’s got the same brain but with a different education, she’s had her sisters around all her life.”

Since her debut, Gabby has been a popular addition to the Wolverine and X-Men mythos. Most recently, she appeared in the current X-Force run for a brief panel, sitting alongside her fellow Wolverine family members, Daken and Logan in the Green Lagoon.

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All-New Wolverine's artist, David Lopez, talked about the differences between Laura and Gabby Kinney.

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