Wonder Woman: 10 Most Pathetic Villains In Her Rogues' Gallery, Ranked

Greek mythology is full of incredible, miraculous tales of heroic warriors fighting terrifying figures. Just like those warriors, Wonder Woman of Themyscera has fought her share of foes. She has faced the mightest, mystical threats that the DC Universe has to offer and her powers are on par with Superman. You’d think that her enemies would be just as dangerous and cunning.

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Superman and Batman have most of the iconic DC villains as their arch-enemies but Wonder Woman doesn’t have as memorable a roster. Even casual comics fans only know about Cheetah, Giganta, Circes, and Ares. Which is probably for the best considering that she’s had some pretty lame enemies during her expansive comic run. The following are 10 villains from Wonder Woman’s Rogue’s Gallery that can only be described as pathetic.

10 Glop

Normally stories that go with the “it was all a dream” ending can be frustrating, but not when they involve Glop. Back when Wonder Woman’s origin story was that she was made out of clay, she dreamed of what life would be like with her and Steve Trevor as teens. She must have eaten some pizza for bed because how else would she dream up of a cheesy-looking monstrosity like the Glop? It smells awful, it’s messy, it’s fallen in love with her, has a goofy smile, and worst of all it absorbed some rock albums and is constantly singing. Thank goodness it was all just a dream.

9 Blue Snowman

At first glance, the Blue Snowman sounds like just another ice-themed supervillain like Mr. Freeze or Captain Cold. Technically, that is true. The Blue Snowman resorts to using an invention their father made called “blue snow”, which produces precipitation that instantly freezes everything it touches. While the Blue Snowman’s history has gotten muddled over the years from all the reboots and rebirths, what never changes is that the Blue Snowman is actually a woman.

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Her real name is Byrna Brilyant and as unconventional as her persona it is effective since everyone assumes she is a man. Her needlessly complicated costume and gadgets weren’t enough to stop Wonder Woman and at one point she was killed accidentally an alien bug brought to Earth by Vartox.

8 Fireworks Man

At first, The Fireworks Man seemed like a worthy foe for Wonder Woman. A former chemist turned into fireworks…somehow, he had her on the ropes when they fought at an amusement park. His flashy new abilities were enough to stun the Amazon and he came close to killing her. What warrants his entry on this list was his death being one of DC’s most underwhelming. On his way to leave Wonder Woman stranded in space, he boasted so much that he collided into an asteroid and exploded. It’s one thing if Diana had planned this but Fireworks Man only has himself to blame for ending not with a bang, but a whimper.

7 Doctor Domino

The Bronze Age was an interesting time for comic book villains. If they weren’t working for the Nazis they had some kind of ridiculous schtick and have faded into obscurity. Case in point: Dr. Domino. The leader of a criminal organization that tried to steal a toxin with no cure. He’s defeated rather easily when he ties Wonder Woman to a missile and launches her at Manhattan. As soon as she escapes her binds, she aims the missile back at his ship and destroys it. Not only is this a lackluster ending but there’s no reason for him needing a domino persona. It’s almost like he put on a mask just to get attention but it just makes him look desperate.

6 Inside Out Man

Before you ask, no this guy isn’t the victim of that fog that turns people inside out. He’s the victim of a teleporter experiment gone wrong, and you can probably guess what happened from his name alone. Here’s hint: he got turned inside-out.

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Driven mad, he wanted the entire world to suffer the same fate as him but was stopped by Wonder Woman who trapped his being mid-teleport. What makes him pathetic is that he is dumb enough to think he can go up against a demi-god wearing a life-support suit that breaks easily.

5 Angle Man

There are a lot of villains with odd gimmicks: riddles, condiments, eggs, etc. Yet how can you take someone called Angle Man seriously? Maybe if their claim to fame is that they’re a conman that’s always working an angle on a case then it could work. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Angelo Bend. He managed to get acquire a device known as the Angler, which allows him to warp time and space, and used it to commit thefts around the world. Somehow he managed to stay relevant throughout the years but what’s sad is his refusal to change his name. He could have changed his name at any time to something teleportation related or a better angle name like Pythagoras. Instead he remains a one-note, obtuse villain that won’t change with the times.

4 Mayfly

Mayfly is one of the lesser-known Speedsters in DC. An assassin with a rare form of hemophilia, she was hired to take down Wonder Woman and The Flash. She came close to taking them down but failed in the end and met a humiliating end in prison. In a botched attempt at an escape, she collided with a prison wall while using her super-speed in an enclosed area which lead to her bleeding out. Of course her counterpart on Prime Earth didn’t meet the same fate but it’s pretty sad for a speedster to suffer a death like that.

3 Paper-Man

They must have really been digging at the bottom of the barrel for villain ideas when they came up with Paper Man. He is a super-villain who fell in love with Diana Prince, unaware that she is Wonder Woman, and suffered an accident at a chemical plant that turned him into paper.

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He went on a crime spree stealing priceless gifts to give to Diana Prince until he fell into a newspaper press. He would be higher on this list if he hadn’t pulled off successful crimes during his run. It was hinted he might return, but since he’s never made a return it’s fair to say he is gone for good. Although he won’t be on any lists about shocking deaths anytime soon.

2 Mouse Man

What really needs to be said about Mouse Man? He’s a man dressed like a mouse and the size of a mouse. He has all the powers of a mouse along with all of their weaknesses like house cats and cages. It’s a miracle that Wonder Woman didn’t step on him by accident when they first met. When one of your crimes is frightening women into dropping their jewelry, you know that you’re a pretty lousy villain. Still he managed to tie up Wonder Woman in her own lasso at one point. Plus there is one villain worse than him…

1 Cavalier

Say what you will about the other villains but at least there is something special about them. Even the silliest villains on this list had some sort of gadget or superpower to back them up. Mortimer Drake has a fancy rapier and way too much time on his hands. He was at one point a Batman villain but after being mocked by his fellow supervillains, he set up a comeback planned to go after Wonder Woman. Even with mind-control chemicals, she felt nothing and broke his sword with ease. Wonder Woman said it best when she told him, “you epitomize every repulsive, evil thing I’ve dedicated my life to defeating,”. If that doesn’t put him at the top of this list, nothing will.

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Wonder Wonder fought her share of lame villains in her day. Here's a look at the 10 most pathetic villains in her Rogues' Gallery, ranked!

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