Wonder Woman: Diana's Ice Cream (& The 9 Other Funniest Scenes)

The 2017 film Wonder Woman was the first truly successful DCEU movie – one that both the fans and the critics enjoyed. The success of the film proved once and for all that the audience is indeed interested in films about female superheroes – they just have to be done right.

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Even though its story took place during the dark times of the First World War, the film managed to combine both romance, drama, action, and humor. It included a lot of funny scenes that made the fans laugh. Let’s take a look at the 10 funniest scenes from the live-action movie Wonder Woman.

10 Diana’s Disguise

When Diana accompanies Steve Trevor to the land of man, Steve is determined that Diana has to fit in. To do that, he takes her shopping but Diana has trouble to find the type of clothes she’d like. Not only that, but she also sees no problem in changing her clothes right out in the open which makes Steve properly horrified.

In a nod to her great comic book friend Superman, Diana dons glasses that are supposed to mask her. But they don’t hide her beauty all that much, and Etta Candy isn’t afraid to call Steve out on it when she notes that even with the glasses and different clothes, Diana is still the most beautiful woman Steve has ever seen.

9 Diana Comes To London

Some of the best moments of the film were those in which Diana first came to the land of man and had to learn how to navigate a whole new world, so greatly different from her own. She and Steve sail from Themyscira to London and when they finally arrive, Steve welcomes her to London.

Diana’s response is hilarious in its simplicity: “It’s hideous,” she says. And Steve tops the exchange with admitting: “It’s not for everyone.” These two have amazing chemistry together and this is only one of the great moments between them that happens in the film.

8 Secretary Or A Slave

When Diana first meets Etta Candy, Etta introduces herself to Diana as Steve’s secretary. Diana, unaware of the common practices in the land of man, asks what a secretary is, to which Etta explains: “I go where he tells me to go, I do what he tells me to do.” Diana replies: “Well, where I’m from that’s called slavery.”

That’s the moment that Etta decides that she really likes Diana and also the moment when Steve realizes that he’s helpless when it comes to the two women combined.

7 Sculpted From Clay

This is one of the film’s moments that made it into the trailer, and for a good reason – it’s hilarious. Wonder Woman’s origin story is complicated enough for the Amazons, let alone outsiders. When Steve doesn’t understand how Diana never could have met another man and asks her about her father, Diana replies: “I had no father. My mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus.”

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Steve’s response? “Well, that’s neat.” Luckily for poor Steve, he later realizes that despite all their differences, he and Diana are a lot similar in the things that truly matter – like their desire to help others.

6 Pleasures Of The Flesh

Diana’s unfamiliarity with the way people live allows her and Steve to discuss even potentially embarrassing topics. Like when the two young people talk about men and women, or at least Steve does, and Diana immediately jumps to the reproductive biology and the pleasures of the flesh, as she calls it.

The whole exchange is awkwardly delicious, and just the type of talk two people in Diana’s and Steve’s unusual circumstances could have.

5 The Corset Issue

Another funny clothing-related moment comes when Diana and Etta are looking at clothes and Diana’s attention is captured by a corset.

She considers it an armor until Etta corrects her presumption and says it’s fashion designed to keep one tummy’s in. Diana wonders why would anyone want to keep their tummy in and Etta responds that only a woman with no tummy could ask that question.

4 Men And Women

When Diana and Steve leave Themyscira and travel on the ship together, just the two of them, hilarity ensues. Diana wonders why Steve pulls away from her at night and he explains that men don’t sleep with women unless they’re married.

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Diana wonders why they get married if so many marriages aren’t filled with love. But it isn’t only until she asks him: “So you cannot sleep with me unless I marry you?” that Steve loses his calm and almost dies in embarrassment, while the audience is laughing aloud at the misunderstanding and a clever word-play.

3 A Typical Example Of Men

Steve Trevor is not only a hero who bravely sacrifices his life to save many people from dying, but he also has a sense of humor, is kind, and a good-looking man.

When Diana asks him whether he’s a typical example of his sex since he’s the first man she has ever met, Steve responds in a hesitant way: “I am  – above average.” That’s an assessment many Steve’s fans, both women and men alike, would disagree with, but it seems to satisfy Diana’s curiosity partially for the time being.

2 Themyscira As A Dream Place

Themyscira may sound like a dream come true for any man – at first, at least. An island filled with women, and only women who are beautiful and brave?

One of Steve’s friends and co-fighters, Sameer, has a clear response to that: “Wait… wait. There is a whole island of women like her? And not a single man among them? How do we get there?” It’s a nice dream but Sameer would most likely be disappointed by the kind of welcome he would receive from the Amazons.

1 Diana’s Ice-Cream

Steve has his hands full when Diana first comes to London. Not only does he need to find other clothes for her, but he also watches her take on a whole new world. He stops her from admiring a baby too closely but even Steve can’t prevent Diana from enjoying her ice-cream – the first ice-cream she has ever tasted.

In her typical fashion, Diana thanks to the vendor and says: “It’s wonderful. You should be very proud.” before Steve and she leaves. It’s a nice nod to the comics where there’s also a scene with Diana and ice-cream in which she tastes the sweet treat for the first time.

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Although Wonder Woman isn't the most humorous of heroes, her first solo movie had a lot of great and funny scenes that made fans laugh out loud.

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