Wonder Woman vs Aquaman: 5 Reasons Why Themyscira Would Win A War With Atlantis (& 5 Why It Wouldn’t)

Out of the entire DC Universe, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are by far two of the most powerful individuals. Both have extremely extensive and complicated backstories deriving from two of the most powerful DC worlds: Themyscira and Atlantis.

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Both magical cities are products of Greek Gods and each have a particular set of skills. Although it may be impossible to fully judge whether Wonder Woman’s home is better than Aquaman’s, the battle is worth analyzing due to their importance within the DCEU.

10 Themyscira: Amazons Are More Powerful

The Amazons are more trained than any of the armies of Atlantis. Although Atlantis may hold some powerful individuals, the widespread geographic of each city would definitely be in favor of  Themyscira.

Like their Greek ancestors, this island of women are trained from birth all the way through their upbringing in hand-to-hand and tactical combat. Having mastered and harnessed historically driven skills, they would perform with the utmost speed and agility on the battle field.

9 Atlantis: Can Drown Themyscira

Themyscira is an island city closed off from the world. Hidden in the middle of the ocean, they are safe from external forces attacking the secret city. However, against the warriors of Atlantis, this would turn into a weakness rather than a strength.

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The fish-people would drown the island with the water surrounding it. Unfortunately, this could be the means of a great defeat for the Amazons.

8 Themyscira: Atlantis Has Already Fallen

The warriors of Themyscira could absolutely devise a way to defeat the fallen city based off of historical background. The city fell in a heap of several theories, one being from the Godly super villain Vandal Savage.

The Amazonian’s could absolutely pull from history and devise a way to defeat the sunken city. Overall, the women of Themyscira are extremely intelligent and would definitely find a way to recreate the city’s broken past.

7 Atlantis: Water Creatures

Although the warriors of Atlantis may be less trained in combat compared to the warriors of the Amazons, they would surely have much more help. If a war were to break out between the two cities, the creatures of the sea would definitely play a huge role in helping the Atlantean army.

If the battle was brought to the land, the sea creatures may not be much help. But, overall if the battle was brought to the sea, it would be Atlantis for the win.

6 Themyscira: The Island Has Magical Abilities

Themyscira is a moving island that can teleport through time and space. As a living, breathing substance, the warriors of the Amazons can utilize the island’s abilities to their advantage by circumnavigating around any wave of Atlantis attacks.

Along with this, they can control the weather patterns around the island which could thwart any oceanic disaster that Atlantis may use on them.

5 Atlantis: Has Powers Of Poseidon

The lost city of Atlantis was at a time the highest functioning, most technologically advanced society in the entire world. With Poseidon as the overseer from Olympus, the city has the ocean God’s elements strewn throughout.

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This would pose to be a major problem because Poseidon may step into this battle on the side of the Atlantean’s making the power shift on the side of the water warriors.

4 Themyscira: Has Powers Of Zeus

Commonly known through every Amazon character in the comics and the historic backstory of the island, Themyscira is a product of Zeus, the lightning God. In Greek Mythology, Zeus and Poseidon are brothers of Olympus and the two might square off if it came down to their most prized Earth creations.

Zeus is arguably one of, if not, the strongest Greek God there is and would absolutely create an unfair advantage if this war ever waged out.

3 Atlantis: Faces Oceanic Armies

Atlantis, as seen cinematically in Aquaman, constantly faces the different tribes of those who reside deep within our ocean. As a result, they are used to battling supremely powered creatures with outlandishly powerful abilities.

This could pose to be a huge problem for the warriors of Themyscira because whether they like it or not, the battle would be fought on the water at one point or another. Ultimately, it’s the Atlantean’s who are trained in water fighting.

2 Themyscira: Wonder Woman – Princess Of The Amazons

Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) is an extremely powerful Demigod who has been seen battling villains as powerful as Ares, the Greek God of War. She is known as one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire DCEU with capabilities ranging from flight to her super-powered bracelets.

Her Godly abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. Coupled with her Amazonian training, she would out-match the large majority of any warrior Atlantis could put in their ranks.

1 Atlantis: Aquaman – King Of The Sea

On the flip side of the coin, the tides would turn in the appearance of Aquaman. The King of the Sea is also a Demigod and would most likely duke it out with Diana if the war waged between the two powerful cities.

In the likely event of Aquaman’s appearance on the battle field, the upper hand would come down to the location of where Aquaman/Wonder Woman would fight – land or sea?

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Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman have extremely extensive backstories deriving from two of the most powerful DC worlds: Themyscira and Atlantis.

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